Message # 20, May 8, 2009

 TC Douglas   ‘Kicking it up a Notch’

Received through Zilanthrah


Tommy C. Douglas


Tommy C. Douglas
Past Member of Canadian Parliament

“The Greatest Canadian”

Greetings, friends of this great and magnificent country.  I am thrilled to be of service.  This is the time when many of us walk beside you and more of us will be walking with you.  Possibilities of the future are endless.

I do not recognize the illusion of the dark, I do not acknowledge them or their practices.  Their time is over, even though there are seemingly obvious examples that this is not so.    It is merely the dust settling from what they have kicked up for their malicious purposes.  You would do well to ignore anything that you see as manipulation or ways of the old times.  Your planet has also kicked, however she has kicked up a notch and continues to.  See yourself as having kicked up a notch along with her so you can remember that you are on the same wavelength.  Your wavelength is one of honor, one of doing what you know is right, not only for you but for all the terrific folks who are working in tandem to promote a brotherhood of unity. Walk in integrity for it is a great attribute.

Unity is on the rise, community is on the rise.  Notice that the word unity is also part of the word community.  Now here is something that should make everyone sit up and take notice.  It is pretty self explanatory, correct?  In my good old days, community was everything.  It was neighbor helping neighbor.  I grew up knowing and living this way.  It was brilliant.  Supporting and helping one another was the only way of life there was then.  It is time to get back to basics.  Make an effort with your neighbor.  Leave any previous experiences that might have left a not so pleasant taste in your mouth behind you.  It simply does not matter anymore, nor does it fit in with who you are.  It is also an excellent example to set and shows the forgiveness you are capable of.  In times ahead, does it not make sense that one may need to turn to a neighbor or that a neighbor may turn to you?  Be prepared.  Open that part of you that is good and right.

There are a lot of bright and swirling energies in your realm as a lot is occurring.  The pace has also kicked up a notch.  This is raising everyone’s energy and a lot are feeling it in their bodies.  We say to you all, “Great job, keep up the good work.  You are all citizens of the universe and learning to become good citizens locally and globally will re introduce you to the remembrance of what you can really do.”

You are aware of the possibility of deceased loved ones participating with your Amiable Contact project.  Many of these ones have specific talents that they used while in the flesh.  Their former knowledge coupled with the knowledge and wisdom gained in the upper realm might be a magnificent addition for the Amiable Contact group.  For example, there might be a Contact who is well versed in agriculture or botany.  And so, there might be a Celestial Amiable Contact knowledgeable in the same field.  Why not combine these brothers and sisters so that they may work together to promote a higher and better way of agriculture and botany?  They may act as a guide to provide information and technology that will help to bring a new and better way of growing plants.  That, in turn, will assure healthier humans, as they will be ingesting whole and natural foods that will maintain health and well being.

There might be someone well versed in stewardship with divine guidance in the field of guiding the populations of all countries on your planet.  Of course, you will be different after Amiable Contact.  There will be preparation and events that will affect you positively before Amiable Contact, but Amiable Contact will serve to ‘kick you up a notch’ as far as doing your job and doing it with the highest of pleasure and satisfaction.  Everyone and everything will have become more than amiable by this stage, as all who come to greet you come for more reasons.  We are ready to come, greet you and get busy together.

I am humbled to be part of this Amiable Contact project and agree that my picture on our website will serve your and our purposes well.  Build the website.  There will be divine guidance during the task.

There is another who wishes to speak, a good friend of mine and a proud Canadian who served his country exceptionally well.  I bid you good day.  I am Tommy Douglas.


Pierre Trudeau – Our Energies are Intertwined

Greetings from our realm.  I greet you in this manner, but know that I am very close to all of you.  I am a member of the team who are here to provide stewardship with divine guidance for the new consciousness that is born on beautiful mother earth.  I love the earth dearly and had deep connection with her during my sojourn as a human.  I still do and I am honored to remain in this realm so that I may serve.

I, as well as my colleagues here, see the brilliant changes sweeping the planet.  We gather continuously to discuss happenings and the challenges faced on earth.  When we are able to, we assist to help the changes occur with as much ease as is possible, for this is part of our mission.  We see those who carry the energy of service and we recognize those who are designed to serve in a capacity of leadership.  We follow these ones closely and convey guidance continuously so that they will continue to walk in the direction that will help to make the most difference for the strong and capable citizens of this country.  It is time for all Canadians to come into their glory and to leave behind the subtle brainwashing you have all received that created a mindset that is now outdated.

There are many in our group who work together.  The one known as Mahatma Ghandi is among us, Abraham Lincoln and others who were leaders, both spiritual, governmental and even religious – the ones whose aim was peace and brotherhood among all peoples and all nations.  There were many of us throughout the lifetime of earth.  All are combining their energies and guiding people in each country, which all have specific needs at this time.  The plan is to have each country’s intent become one of unity and peace, first within themselves and then within the community of countries.  Even now, they are reaching out to their brothers in other countries.  The planetary consciousness has turned to one that desires peace.  Peace and quiet is something all humans pray for.  It is time.

We want you to know that we all work together.  Our energies are intertwined with one another, as they are with yours, as they are with Buddha, with Christ, with the avatars and with the Creator.  Those of us who worked with specific countries desire to continue to work with our beloved countries.  In a way, we are working to continue where we left off when we walked on earth.                                                                                                              

 I am Pierre Trudeau.  Walk in your light.