Message # 35, June 1, 2009

THERA of PLEIADES  on Amiable Contact

Received through Zilanthrah


We greet you in peace.  Welcome and thank you for the offer to be the conduit so that we may relay our message to Amiable Contacts. We too, look forward to meeting and greeting one another eye to eye, heart to heart and soul to soul.

We are a group of beings who oversee educational events of a galactic nature.  We are members in good standing of the Galactic Federation of Planets.  When we meet, it will be with great joy, for you are close to our hearts.  And we have been communicating with you for some time now.

We took part at one time in a grand experiment ages ago in assisting to seed your planet. It was part of a grand plan that we carried out a mission with the intent of assisting the evolution of those who inhabited earth at that time.

Many of us walk among you.  Unbeknownst to these ones, they forgot who they are and why they volunteered to come.  As you, they were pre programmed by themselves to awaken at a specific time in their evolution so that they would begin to remember.  And they who have awakened are doing brilliantly.  Be aware that there are other species  doing the same.  It is all part of the Grand Plan that many come from many places to earth, all to awaken to the remembrance of who they are and why they are here.

You are kin and we have deep connections between us.  Not so long ago, we traversed our experiences much as you are doing.  We turned on the karmic wheel until we were ready to embrace the music of Divinity.  We remembered and we evolved to the point where we were ready to ascend.  We ascended emotionally first, we ascended mentally and then we ascended physically into the 5th dimension.  As there are levels in each dimension, some of us are at different levels and it is all part and parcel of our growth.

We are in touch with numerous others.  In our planetary system we have much to offer.  We have the Melchizedek University. At our University, we have medical centers where we research and study biology of other civilizations.  We are very keen to share all that we know.  We look forward to guiding you in many facets of Earth’s restoration.  We anticipate with great joy guiding you.

There is more than one planet in our system and each planet varies from one to another.  This is part of the information that we wish to share.

Many times we work with you to assist to bring concepts and ideas to fruition.  Some of those who we assist are inventors, scientists, teachers, healers, those who author books and some who direct films.  We are what you might call “inspirational” as we are adept at conveying thought to you.  When you choose to follow your “inspiration” it allows us to continue to inspire.  And there are leaps made for both of us as you learn more and we learn more.  If you could see how this works, imagine how it can be when we are able to freely communicate and participate together on projects.

When we are aware of what you truly wish to do as your missions, we will create wonders together.  We refer to post AC when the doors will be flung wide open and there will e multi tiered opportunities for all.

You carry bits and bobs of us in your DNA as you carry bits and bobs of all that is loving in our universe.

We are tall and slim with fair hair and blue eyes and are of humanoid features.  We love color and use it in a variety of ways.  Our dwellings are crystalline in structure and we choose beautiful settings such as hillsides and mountains as places to dwell.  Of course, all this varies greatly, as we are able to manifest what we wish.

When achieving ascension status, there is great joy in being able to manifest instantaneously.  It is a fun filled and playful ability.  Something that we do when we have a party is to play at manifesting.  We allow our imaginations to run wild as we attempt to out manifest one another.  There is no such thing as competition here on Pleiades, it is just something that we play with.  And there is no end to the creations that we come up with.  The young ones enjoy playing at the art of manifesting and it pleases us immensely to witness their games.

We are aware of Fleck and Captain Helena.  All Pleiadians understand AC and are thrilled with the prospect of landing at least one of our shuttles at AC Landing Sites.  One of our shuttles is called Astara and is 55’ in diameter.

Some of us can be a bit flamboyant and others prefer to be a little more down to Pleiades (as you say, down to Earth)  We enjoy humor very much and share jokes with one another on a regular basis.  We love to be jovial in every of our moments.

When we step out of our shuttles, those human AC’s attending will immediately discern the connection.  It will be like greeting a long lost relative. Your DNA will be activated in a way that will enable you to aces memories and abilities.

We are well versed in many topics and offer to share a plethora of knowledge with you.  Our highly advanced technology will be shared.

For now, we wish you to know of our great anticipation for Amiable Contact.  It will be like a Welcome Home Party.

I am Thera of Pleiades.  We leave you in peace.