Message # 21 – May 12, 2009

Encouragement from The Watchers (regarding the Amiable Contact Project )

Received through Zilanthrah


How sweet to breathe in the fragrance of the sweet season.  And to hear the songbird expressing the beauty of Creator!  This is surely a time of renewal for the lovely planet and for humanity who are blessed to dwell upon her.

I come with salutations from a great many beings.  We are The Watchers.  We watch what transpires on your planet.  And we delight in all that has transpired.  We wait in anticipation for what will yet transpire.

We are a group who has been selected to keep a record on your Amiable Contact Project.    This is a first in earth’s history and we keep records of each event as it occurs.

It has been an uplifting observation for us.  We thank all who have chosen to participate, for it is certainly a part of your divine make-up.  In future, due to Amiable Contact, you shall all be able to extol the virtues that you have within yourselves.  You learned much along your journey on earth and there are also many virtues and attributes stored within your cells from past experiences not on earth. You all bring with you attributes from your home places.  You will all sing merrily and rejoice happily as your hidden virtues, skills and talents begin to come forth.  And they already are.

What you have been doing of late, putting your ideas and your heads together is admirable.  We encourage you to continue in this manner.  When you are uncertain of a term that might be used, continue to put your heads together.  If you cannot reach consensus, let it be. It will come to you at the appropriate time.  Remember that at times it can be difficult to choose what kind of terminology to utilize, as this is a first for you and your planet.  There will be new terminology in the new era of consciousness and much of the old vocabulary will be completely obliterated from use.  You might come up with more new terms that shall be used in the new era of consciousness.  Your ideas are very creative!  Dream on and let your imaginations soar.

When one idea has seen completed, you will move to the next and then the next, as you have been.  It is coming to you and shall continue to come to you.

Alas, your “little” project is growing into an amazing and very important project.  As your group grows, when you need a volunteer for a specific task, one will step forward.  For those who may be shy or think that they might have nothing to offer, here is a blessed time for you to jump in and let if flow.  And you will be surprised with yourselves.  One must put their toe in to test the water, but sometimes one must plunge right in.  Please remember who you are, that you have everything within yourselves.

We are a group of individuals from many different places, both near and far from your planet. We come to experience in great joy with the transition of earth and with humanity.  You might say that we are tickled pink to be a part of this grand plan.

When you might be uncertain about something, know that we are close to you to guide you.  We are speaking through your intuition.    We might put a small suggestion around your energy and when combined with your own ideas, there will be a solution for you.  This is how it has worked for some time and will continue in this way.  Remember that you have guides, angels, ministering angels and a host of others.  All who walk with your group are more than available for assistance, as all are honored to be involved with such an endeavor.

You have all been chosen for those attributes that you carry.  Mostly, the attribute of love, brotherhood, and peace, for this is what Amiable Contact is mostly about.  And this is from where you came.  Your brothers from another realm seek to greet their earth brothers in love, peace and brotherhood.  It is a milestone in the history of the Galaxy.

Rejoice in who you are and celebrate what you are doing.

We are known simply as The Watchers.  We take our leave in a swirl of cosmic colors.