Message # 23, May 20, 2009

Athena:  Urim and Thummim & The Divine Feminine

Received through Zilanthrah


 I am Athena. I wish to speak with regards to Helen’s latest suggestion regarding knowledge of the Urim and Thummim.  To post this important information on your new website is advised.  You are correct in your thoughts that it will assist many to acknowledge that there are celestials and ETs who are benign, loving and here to assist in only positive ways.    Allaying fear of human beings is a necessity.   Acknowledging the gift of Urim and Thummim  is not seen in any way as bragging.  Be sure to word the information in such a way that it sounds scientific.   And it is scientific fact, just as in the science of Ascension or the general sciences.  If you make the connection between the sciences, it will be well received.

This may serve to capture the interest of those interested in accessing their own telepathic abilities.  There is a group with all who are contributing to your new website who will guide and provide insight.  Your website will be infused with the language of love and light so that all who see it will be affected in positive ways.  This group will do all that they can to assist energetically for the success of Amiable Contact.

When I was Athena in Greek times, I was most surely not recognized as the male gods were.  You are aware that among the males, there was more than one wife and concubine and many children.  The Greek times were indeed a strong hold of the male dominated reality.  Although we were capable as women, we were reprimanded and even punished for practicing that which our male counterparts did not like.  It was distasteful to their egos that a woman might be an equal.  Or be as powerful.  And when we rebelled or stepped out of line as they perceived, that is when punishment was doled out.  We soon learned to be secretive and only practiced our god given talents when we knew that it was safe.  We did get away with some things and it kept our hearts lighter than if we had not, but there were some things that we had to do.  As you know, some things are indeed worth doing.  We were no different in that way.

This control affected some of us in the way that we became bitter and even mean.  This was truly a time of repression amongst the feminine.  We knew better and it took a toll on us.  We fought amongst ourselves also and this only led to the further demise of the divine feminine.  Repression and abuse was part of reality in the times of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.  Many liberties were taken by men against women and children.  Dominance and control was the name of the game.  There was much infighting amongst the men.  Alas, they wanted to prove who was the strongest and the most virile.  Intelligence, integrity and kindness fell by the wayside and was not to be remembered.  It is cause for celebration that these times are changing from the strong headed dominant male to the gentleness and understanding of the male.  There is much to be done as far as the coming of balance and regaining of the divine feminine in the male.

I Am Athena and I am of the divine feminine.  I work for the balance and harmony; the nurturing of the feminine energy in all beings.  I am part of Mother Mary.  I am as Kwan Yin and as White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I see all and I am aware of all that is transpiring.  It is my mission and my honor to carry the aspect of the Divine Mother.

I live in the souls of all women and girls.  My deepest desire is to dwell in the souls of all men and boys.  And that time is coming.  It has been a long journey and I am happy to say that the fruits of our labor is acknowledged.  The evolution of imbalance into balance is underway.  The evolution of disharmony into harmony is under way.  I am here for this purpose and I wish you to know that you may call upon me at any time.  I will serve in any capacity that is required.

I am your sister and your colleague.  The Sisters of the Divine Mother are very dear to me.  I acknowledge each and every one of you for your efforts and your faith.  Onward and upward, my gallant Sisters of Light.  Know that I am with you and I am within you.