Message # 30, May 26, 2009

Greetings from Shorr of Plador

Received through Zilanthrah


Greetings Amiable Contacts.  You may refer to me as Shorr.  We are a race from your cosmos who wish to participate in your Amiable Contact Project.

We are short in stature.  Our heads are bigger in proportion to our bodies.  They are spherical and slightly elongated horizontally.  We have short legs and our bodies are rounder than a human.  We have appendages on our heads that would appear to you as short rounded antennae.  These antennae or protruberances, enable our senses.  We have highly developed senses, including telepathy as our form of communication, as is the way with extraterrestrials.

We are able to translate all Earth languages through our cranial appendages, so you can see how developed our senses are.

We are an androgynous species.  There is no differentiation in the sexes as there is for human beings.  Our bodily features are identical to one another.  However, we do have the option with the proliferation of our species if we so choose.

We have many choices as to our individual missions.  You might see what I am referring to as more like careers.  We are born with much knowledge and at an early age and we are guided toward learning about our civilizations history.  This makes us better able to choose to specialize in where our interests lie.  For example, I liked physics and it was my choice to study physics.  At a young age, I learned the basics. I found quantum physics interesting, then moved into an advanced study.  One aspect of my early study of physics includes manifesting with subatomic particles.  On our planet, we are highly advanced technologically.

This is a very brief description that only touches on one of many subjects.

We have made application with the council who is overseeing Amiable Contact and are being considered.  There is a high chance that we will be added to the growing list of others who wish to participate.  You should know that news of your project has become known in the far reaches of the universe.  That is where our home planet of Plador is.

We are an amiable civilization who are interested in the furtherance of your planets induction into the Universal Worlds of Peace.  There are countless civilizations who have much to offer as they are all very capable in many specialties that will allow growth in the education of your planetary inhabitants.

We come to you in peace. We wish planetary sovereignty for Earth and for the people of Earth.

I am Shorr.  Over and out.