Methusaleh Announces Stillness

Received through Heralder Helen Engel

October 20,  2009


Above Earth there is a stillness. Stillness is as perceptible as violence. Stillness has many characteristics. Just before a thunder storm, there is a stillness as cold air descends. Just before sunrise there is a stillness as the night keepers are replaced by the keepers of the dawn. Just before death, the volunteers from the other side take their positions at the head and foot of the one making transition.


We are at a moment of stillness on Earth. During the next few hours, pending silence is upon us. In a few moments the period of silence will begin.


[Note from Helen: We are not told the exact day that this will begin.]


Wrap yourself in stillness, peace, an attitude of subjection to the powers of Nature and the powers of Creator. Within the realm of all devic forces, from the greatest to the smallest, there is submission.


 I am Methusaleh and you are my herald. You will tell your personal group that the stillness is to begin. You may ask Zilanthra to address me, so that this can be confirmed.


I am Methusaleh, one with He Who Comes. I have been elevated. Peace be to you, precious little one. . [He Who Comes is Sananda, who has recently taken on this title.]



Archangel Gabriel Confirms Methusaleh’s Message

Immediately after completion of the above, I heard …..


We are the Angelic Forces who serve. Our period of service is as endless as time. We graciously do the bidding of Creator and those who do the will of Creator. The vast relay of commands, of requests, of questions, of decisions, is also as endless as time. Every major decision is the result of the participation of thousands, whose main purpose in existing is to be at the call of the great hosts.


I am your principal guide, Gabriel. I also am a heralder. I heralded the coming of the infant Jesus. Now I herald the coming of the stillness.


Do not be afraid. Do not prepare, except to prepare for stillness, as if you are retiring for the night. You will be wrapped in timelessness, while time moves on. You will be enshrouded in change, during a period of NO CHANGE. The conundrum is one of Time and Space, which can be manipulated.


When you see the sun reaching the western horizon, you know that soon it will be dusk, to be followed by dark. This is how it will be. I shall be with you when you reawaken.


I am Gabriel, Heralder of the Heralds.


Epiphany (Telepath): Last week, I received a message that during the time at the end of October through Nov 2nd the final time would begin.


Milson Macleod: The last clue that Aton gave was that DAYLIGHT would be extended by FOUR HOURS before the moment that “stasis” was implemented., so dusk would be delayed.



Second Confirmation…


Methuselah on the Stillness


Received through Zilanthrah

October 20,  2009


Yes, it is in your best interest that you receive this message, for we areon a brink of sorts. Wondering if we are relaying information to you with Universal Time or earthly time seems to be a prominent thought among you during these times.


As usual, we do not delineate between the two, however we are acutely aware of the difference between the two. Our reality refers that we utilize space/time. As space/time shifts naturally and goes hand in hand with energy changes both on earth and universally, there is a timeline that adheres and requires to be followed. The extreme but gradual changes in the time and space continuum was set into motion times ago. The expansion of the space/time continuum has quickened. When this occurs, all realities and experiences Universally quickens. We are One; all are included in this experience of the ascension of earth and humanity. Remember, as above, so below. All; and every thing are affected by your sacred experience on earth in physical body.


There is to be an occurrence of great magnitude shortly. Prepare and believe as you prepare for sleep, as your consciousness is very important to the occurrence. Lend as much energy as possible to joy; to the belief that this is indeed occurring shortly; this will quicken manifestation of the event.


We are lending all our energies to this reality of the occurrence. Let us combine our thoughts toward this event. Let us co create together an occurrence that hastens all that you and we have strived for. Know in your heart that your energy, both human and that divine part of you are very powerful. Know that you will be different after the occurrence.


There will be a very important shift occur within Earth herself. Not a molecule in the Universe will be unaffected; all planetary bodies, stars, pulsars, quasars, entities both ET and Celestial will experience a quickening.


This quickening will serve to enable your thoughts to become more powerful, as each cell will be different; all within your bodies will be quickened including your subtle bodies. Even your vision will be affected, both inner and outer. Your visions will become more clear, your words will become more refined. In other words, you will exist as more of the Divinity that you are.


We ask that as you live the stillness, that your thoughts be pure and of joy and celebration. We ask that you feel the Love of Creation in the deepest recesses. This will assist not only you, but the quickening that is to come. Enjoy your day with a sense of serenity and know that All is Well.


I am Methuselah and I will speak again soon.

Message # 42


METHUSELAH… ‘Cataclysm and the Grand Plan’



Received through Zilanthrah

June 15, 2009


Can you feel the charge in every atom?  The air is full of charged energy.  It is the energy of the Grand Shift; the Grand Shift that has started and is unstoppable.  We of the other realms brim with Joy for our dear human angels.  This is a time for rejoicing.


You are on the cusp, dear ones, of remembering who you truly are.  You are teetering on the verge.  Allow yourselves to fall and to fly into the Light of Creator with an open heart that will fill with the Love that is you.


You wonder about the cataclysms predicted.  Please do not allow yourselves to see catastrophe or cataclysm as that perspective.  We ask that you see these things as part of the Grand Divine Plan.  Know that Mother Earth must shift to rearrange herself; to align herself with the energy that surrounds her and the energy that dwells within her.  For the Grand Shift to occur, she must harmonize with the matrix of All That Is.


The energy of the Grand Plan contains cataclysm occurring on Earth as a possibility.  This event we see as potentially occurring soon.  From our perspective, we do not transmit numbers as we cannot do so with complete conviction.  So we tell you to continue to hold peace, Love, Brotherhood in your hearts and minds.  If and when the cataclysm occurs, all sentient beings on this dear planet will benefit from a mass consciousness that anchors Love and Light; it shall be no other way.  After the event, walk your pathway with courage and conviction, for there will be multitudes in great need of understanding and accepting.


A cataclysmic event world wide shall solidify humankind as never before.  The debris of negativity shall be swept from every human being, however it is their choice to hold fast to old thoughts or to begin to live a life anew.  And this is where you come in.


It will be a time for each individual to create a brand new reality.  You may set the example for others by creating a reality that is of a new level.  You learned to drop everything that you learned up to the point where you knew there was a better way to be.  Now you can form a new reality that will serve you and all beings on earth.  Soar with your thoughts, let your imaginations run wild.  See sunshine and rainbows in each of your days.  See brotherly love, neighbor helping neighbor.  See what will uplift all.


The light in each one’s eyes will be sparkling anew and each one will recognize the other for the truth that lies within them.


This is the time you know as separating the wheat from the chaff.  Know that in whatever form this takes that it is a necessity and will transform all things.


Behold – for a new world is birthing; one that will glow as a jewel in the Heavens.  We are reaching out with both hands extended and our embrace is for you.


Father/Mother God is closer to you than ever.  We are in your heart of hearts.  You have nurtured yourselves and are blooming in exquisite beauty.


Helen has been selected to be the messenger of Creator.  Each of you who communicate our messages are chosen for specific tasks.  Know that when you walk your path to console, guide and heal that we are within you, guiding your every move.  Know that for those who feel un telepathic, we will be within and guiding your every move.  Our voice will be your voice.  We have been matched up with our perfect human.  Together we will walk our path and create miracles with our combined co creative abilities.


I Am Methuselah.

Message # 36, June 2, 2009

METHUSELAH  ~ “You are Pillars of Light”

Received through Zilanthrah


There is a flurry of activity occurring. The Divine Plan is moving ahead.  It is important, dear ones, at this time to take care.  Take a deep breath every so often and feel the change in the air.  Feel the charged particles of energy around you.  The cells of humans are pulsing, some in anticipation of change, and for some who are unaware of the Grand Plan.  These ones are not able to integrate this pure energy and feel scattered and confused.  We ask that you hold a space in your hearts for these stray sheep.

With the knowledge that you have gleaned throughout your time as Bearers of Light and with the love that has expanded within you, you are strong pillars of Light rooted deep into the earth.  Your pillars are of the Light and serve as anchors of the new foundation that has been established throughout Earth.  As you receive more energetic vibrations coming through, the pillars become more Light filled and grow even stronger.  A connection throughout Earth has been created to solidify the foundation of Light that you have anchored.  Earth is integrating the Light.

You are the conduits from the heart of Source to the heart of Earth.  As this light energy reaches the core of Earth, it bursts into pulses of Light outward throughout all of Earth into the atmosphere and the ethers.

It is a great service that you do.  This is the pulse of Gaia radiating from her heart in a pulse of starburst.  You are feeling the Love of Spirit anchoring into your heart, just as the Light anchors into Earth.

To us you bring joy, just as a warm summers day brings you joy.  We honor your capabilities and your faith.  Enjoy this time, for you have earned it.  It is yours to do as you wish.  You have walked the good road to becoming enlightened masters.

I am Methuselah.  Peace be with you.

Message # 34, May 31, 2009

Methuselah  –  We Are One

Received through Zilanthrah


I Am Methuselah.  I am here to discourse some simple information regarding Celestials, Extraterrrestrials and human beings.  I speak for both Celestial and Extraterrestrial.

In our transmissions, we acknowledge that We Are One.  We remind you of this on a regular basis so that you will know without a doubt that you are we and that we are you.  Remember from whence you came – Creator Source.  Creator Source is from whence we came.  This is the tie that binds all who dwell in all of Creation.

We are all simply different realities that we have created with the gift of Free Will that Creator has blessed us with.  There are variances in the gift of Free Will, as some entities who are very high up the evolutionary ladder do only the Will of God.  Some have experienced Free Will in other experiences and some have not.  It depends on their individual Divine Mission.  The study of the spiritual hierarchy is a lengthy one.  You do not require the awareness of how it all works, unless it is something that you wish to do to satisfy your own yearning for knowledge.

All of creation is intertwined and interwoven.  We are all part of the integration of the vast mind and heart of Creator.  You, as human beings left the Heart of God to experience life on Earth.  We, as Celestials did the same to experience life as what you know as etheric beings with our mission being to work individually and collectively with our human brethren.  So, we all come from the same Source carrying all levels of individual evolution.  We are all part of the makeup of the Divine Design of God.  We all left with the divine blueprint of god that has always been and will always be an innate part of ourselves.

Just as Sananda, White Buffalo Calf Woman, St. Germain, Angel Leia and the others are an individual expression of Creator, they are also Creator.  Extraterrestrials are expressions of Creator and they are mighty ones who have furthered the evolution of the universe.  They dwell in different frequencies so that they, like you, may experience the various levels of frequencies.  And there are many levels of each dimensional experience.  Extraterrestrials help many other civilizations with their knowledge, wisdom and creations.  Could it be that you are perceived as the extraterrestrials to those who dwell on other planets?

The mechanics of the Divine Plan ensures the highest and utmost of possibilities for all in the Earth experience.  And you are included in the way that each and every one of you is also part of Sananda, White Buffalo Calf Woman, St. Germain, Angel Leia and the other celestials.  You are an angel, you are an ET, you are a celestial, you are an ascended Master.  In your divine blueprint this is carried. You could call it Divine Genetics.  You are an aspect, or a part of us.  We are an aspect, or a part of you.  This is a reason why it is easy for us to accommodate you and you us.  This is a Divine connection that allows for us all to be in constant association.

Some of us have merged collectively.  Some of you have and are merging both individually and collectively with us.  You, as a group have and are merging collectively.  You all individually have divine guides who walk with you in every moment.  Is this not a divine connection that allows you to reach the highest possibilities that a human can?  Perhaps there are connections with your personal guides from other lives, both planetary and off planet.  Perhaps you have the same divine DNA.  Remember that all is interrelated.

This is not to be taken lightly, as it is all in divine order and is something that prepares you for loftier heights in your individual and collective evolution.  The merging allows for us and for you to bring in more energies of the Love, Life and Light of Creator.  It allows each and every being to specialize, so to speak, to become finely honed in order to carry out our individual and collective missions.  And this allows for evolution to further in all aspects of life on earth and life in the universe.  Is it not a grand experience for us all?  It is something to rejoice in for it brings all the gift of the experience of Joy.  You are rising to higher and higher experiences of Joy.  And so are we.  And in this, Unity is created.  Unity Consciousness is created.  It all connects together beautifully in the upcoming Era of Consciousness.  And you are the forerunners in the new Era of Consciousness.

As individuals, we and you carry an innate specific talent to utilize during the Co Creation of Heaven on Earth.  You are aware of how individual Celestials carry certain attributes that enable them to be involved with specific missions on Earth.  It is the same with humans.  The Celestials that you are closely connected with through Divine Design are the ones that most humans are drawn to, so you might say that through being related, they carry the same divine DNA that allows them to work together to achieve a certain goal.  And because of the gift of Free Will and the profound power of thought, we are co creating together Heaven on Earth.

We appear as either a masculine or a feminine energy, however we are all One with God and God is neither feminine or masculine.  God is feminine and masculine and androgynous.  When you are resting in bliss in the bosom of Creator, you are neither masculine nor feminine.  You are All That Is, just as you are All That Is in human form.

This is something that every sentient being in the Universe volunteered for.  Remember the message “Many are Called, Few Are Chosen?”  See all life everywhere as those brave, loving and courageous beings as sthe ones who were called and who volunteered.  A seemingly complicated but glorious plan, is it not?

You may be an Ascended Master who volunteered to become human, so as to awaken after experiencing the limitation of being human and then begin to remember slowly that you are so much more.  Expressing yourselves and Being yourselves is what counts, for you are truly expressing and being the Divinity that you really are.  You are morphing into more of your wholeness.

Indeed, there is much to be said about how this structure works.  And indeed, you do not require to understand the science of it all.  Know that we are all connected in Love, for Love is the highest vibration that there is.  It is the infinitesimal Love of Creator that allows us to be extraterrestrial, human, Ascended Master,  snail,  fairy or a herd of cows.  We truly are ONE.  We are brothers and sisters experiencing different levels and realities of existence.  This is what makes the Grand Plan so honorable and magnificent.

An extraterrestrial as you understand, does not live on Earth.  A celestial, as you understand it lives in the invisible realms.  As difficult as it is to perceive, the invisible realms are within your realm.  All the realms are One in this experience.  This is another topic that will take much time to comprehend and at this stage, is difficult to comprehend.  This knowledge will be presented at the appropriate time, presented with ease and understood with ease.  Your vibrations will have been raised and thus it will become easier to grasp.  And remember that you have this knowledge within you already waiting to be tapped into at the appropriate time, as you are experiencing already.

Extraterrestrials have a great and fond affinity for the human being, as you are bound by the ties of living on a planetary body with the consciousness that desires the best for her inhabitants.  Many ET’s have experienced what you are experiencing and their thoughts to you are always of the highest of blessings and energies.  Their belief system is one that desires that you experience the blessed gifts that they have, right from the experience of limitation to the experience of expression, for they understand that the rewards are great.

Part of you is celestial, part of you is extraterrestrial, part of you is angel.  Part of being an extraterrestrial is celestial and angelic.  Part of being a celestial is extraterrestrial, human, angelic.  We are all aspects of All That Is.  We are all part of Creator experiencing what we have chosen to experience.  We are One.

Let us rejoice in the magnificence and profundity that we are blessed with.  We are all co creators, together working with the same intention.  Your Journeys are headed for Bliss.  And you are the most capable and deserving who will most certainly attain Bliss.  Let us rejoice together!  I Am Methuselah and I bid you a blissful day.

Message # 29, May 25, 2009

Methuselah…  “Many are Called, Few are Chosen”

Received through Zilanthrah


And here we are.  Good day.  The breeze showers all with blessings from on high.

We are here today to clarify some questions.    Firstly, there is the matter of what Helen’s work entails at this time.  We will continue to inspire this grand one through thought communication.  If it is a thought that she feels is worthy of sharing, she may share her thought with Amiable Contacts.  Certain thoughts may be transmitted for a certain individual.  If the individual picks up on the idea presented, this might become a part of this individual’s pre and post Amiable Contact mission.

Helen may write to the individual, if she has a firm grasp who the individual is.  If not, the idea presented might suit more than one who has the possibilities that we are concerned with.

It is akin to being called, volunteering and being chosen.  “Many are called, few are chosen” is a statement that some of you may have heard already.

This is also a lesson on group stewardship.  It is presented once again to the group of Amiable Contacts.  The plan is for these ones to learn how to function in a group that is divinely guided.

This will serve to assist individuals to realize where their skills truly lie.  They might have no idea at this time.  It may stir some remembrance of times past where specific skills and talents were used.  Hopefully there will be a reawakening that will fall into place with their mission now and post Amiable Contact.

Remember that we presented you with the fact that Amiable Contact is much more than greeting one another.  There will be incredible future possibilities for all who participate.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime and we encourage all Amiable Contacts to take the time to ponder what it is that they wish to do as part of creating changes in the Era of New Consciousness.

This plan is designed to reawaken the possibilities that await individuals where they will be able to attain their highest potential in the transition of a planet and those who transition with her.  We present the idea through the little one, who presents to the individual, or individuals, depending upon the little one’s discernment.  Those who are stirred to action will experience a future unlike anything imaginable.

The little one is well versed in communicating with individuals that awakens their truths, for this she is divinely designed and has had much experience with this.  So, we ask that you take this on.

We are also doing what we are asking you to do.  We are presenting an idea to you.  If there is good feedback, we will run with it.  We are a group of divine stewards who work with a group who operate with divine stewardship.

We are aware of the way your group is working and we commend you for your honesty, your suggestions and most of all, for your integrity.  You have learned how to communicate with one another without ego.  When you function in this way, with respect for your peers, you cannot fail.  We are with you in Amiable Contact in a way that you cannot imagine, for it is in our best interests that this be successful.

When the time comes when we are able to assist to make your world a better place, our world will become a better place also.  All who are working toward Amiable Contact, as well as the ascension of humanity, hold the deepest of respect for your realities that are bringing the 5th dimension to planet earth.  To remain in a body, yet carry the attributes of Heaven will be a truly exceptional way of existence.  Imagine the beings you are becoming; to still carry all of your best human attributes that will combine with the attributes of Spirit.  There will be a universal celebration that has never been before.  Your experience of a transitioning human being is like no other.

I Am Methuselah.

Message # 28, May 23, 2009


Received through Zilanthrah


I greet you with Love and with Light.  Welcome to our realm.  Welcome to my thoughts that I relay to you,   with gratitude, humility, joy and love in your heart.

What a fine day to greet one another.  I come upon feet of silver wings as I embrace earth and her beings.  This is an official commemoration, as we have much discourse for you.

I welcome you to the fold, dear one.  I wish to have a long and fruitful relationship with you.  I desire to impart personal and collective insight, information and guidance for and through you.  It is in the surrendering and acceptance of your being that you have come down this road.

Indeed, we have heard your thoughts and your words.  Receiving messages from our realms is something that you desire to do.  And so it is done.    We ask that you bring messages regarding our Amiable Contact Project.  We have come to an agreement and have decided that you will do very nicely for the purpose of receiving and disseminating our information.

There are many who wish to relay through you.  And it is all part of the project that your group has been so diligently working upon.    You are all aware by now that this project is no small thing.  We ask that you record all that you feel is important, for there will be in future a compilation of this story.  It will contain  information of the inception of this admirable project and all pertinent details.  You may be the one who will compile all information into the form of a book or other media so that others may become aware of how it transpired.  Indeed, there will be much excitement throughout earth when Amiable Contact occurs.  People will want to know all a bout it. People will want to know how they too might meet and be in the presence of those whom they have been thinking about throughout their lives and whom they have been brainwashed into  the belief that extraterrestrials are of a malevolent nature.  You know that this is as far from the truth as one can hold in their belief system.  Know that the history recorded about AC will become a permanent book on the shelves of universal libraries.  Besides humans, an unfathomable number of et’s will be looking to borrow that book from the library shelf.

This mission will be of ease and it makes sense practically that one who is deeply involved with the project might be the one who keeps the records.

You will be provided with what you require to accomplish this task physically as well as provided with all the guidance and insight that you will require.

For now, we ask that you be principal contact with Captain Helena and others who wish to impart information regarding AC.  This is not to say that others will not also receive information, it is all part of the plan.

You will receive answers to questions and will receive pertinent information that you will require for Amiable Contact to occur successfully.    We see AC as the opportunity of a lifetime for those who participate.

We ask that you clear your schedule for this task so that you may be well rested and surrounded by an energy that allows you to maintain the higher perspective.  We ask that you look after yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is your responsibility to heal the physical ailments you carry.  Know that it is all mostly a matter of the body being in distress.  Once your cells carry stress for too long, it is a climb uphill to regain and maintain well being.  Cells tighten up and are not able to receive all the sustenance of life; it is a hindrance to well being.  The healing method that you are studying we highly recommend.  We also recommend that you do that which soothes and uplifts you.

We are aware that you love to spend your time outdoors.  And now is the time for you to get your hands in the dirt of earth.  As you hum close to the earth, you will become aware when we wish to impart a message.  Perhaps a tiny bird will land near you or you will sense something that lets you know that we are near and wish to relay to you.  Being close to nature is a wonderful and natural way to be connected with us and works well for you.  Surrounded by the beauty of nature is something that you love and it relaxes you.  Is there not a better way than to hear the knock on your door and know that it is time to go indoors, wash your hands and make your way to the keyboard?  We think so.

There have been contacts for you during your sleep time.  You are aware of some of these.  Know that these beings come to you in love and peace. In a way, you are being prepared for what is to come.  Your abode was once an illumined energy in the cosmos and in this state, you were aware of many universal things, including knowledge of the many civilizations who call this universe their home.  You observed much and became aware of the different energies of the Universe.  Therefore, you are well suited for the task ahead.

Following AC, you will have been prepared for your next mission, which you will truly delight in.  You will be utilizing your telepathic abilities on a grander scale.  It will become second nature for you and you will be in your element.  All the so called waiting will have been worth it.

Please look after yourself.  As much relaxation and fun as you can handle will assist to ease the high blood pressure.  This is an effect of stress and being a regular receiver of our transmissions must not be taken lightly.  Resting often will serve to relieve feelings of tiredness, as receiving communications can tend to burn one out if they do not take serious care to maintain balance and harmony of the emotional and physical.  If you see a need to remove yourself from stressful situations, so be it.  We will assist in all the ways that we can to bring more ease into your life.

We are aware that it is a difficult time physically as far as hormonal levels.  Consume and drink that which is healthy for you.  Know that an upliftment and lightening up of the emotional body is essential and will ease all symptoms.  Laugh and include in your lifestyle anything that makes you laugh.  Use that sense of humor, do not engage in any drama; just simply remove yourself from it if you must.

These things you already know but I wish to remind you that you are a valuable asset to our project and we wish you to be in top form.  It is in both your and our best interests.

You may allow the others to do the website work, the editing, all those other details.  There are more details that will come up and require working out.  We will put a bug in the ears of those who we know will be an asset to become involved in working toward AC Project.  They do not understand as you ones who are working tirelessly.  They see that someone else is handling things and their reasoning is that everything is as it should be.  If they would but put one foot in front of the other, they would experience a great blessing through assisting.  It is the way of things among humans.  We will try to put a fire under them, but in the end, it is their decision.  We do as much as we can to prod humans.  We light a flame and many times we see the flame falter and die.  No harm, things will change.  Remember that we do not give you more than you are able to handle. We are aware that you have no doubts, no fear and that this feels right within your being.  It is this part of you that makes you a great candidate, for your ego does not enter the picture.  Your humility and intuition knows what is right and what is not right for you and you try to follow this always.  There are many of you who carry this attribute and we see this as a human in top form; ones who carry and live this attribute of Creator.  Integrity and honesty and a disdain for those who do not practice these attributes are part of your makeup, yet you do not judge. Know that part of what you are feeling is also old ways that are peeling away.  You have much to learn and your journey down the path to ascension has at times not been a pretty one, as is life on planet earth.  But your faith has carried you thus far and continues to do so. I agree that the information about the Urim and Thummin requires to be made known.  Athena is one who will assist with recording the information.  You will know when the time is appropriate.  What has already been recorded by Helen is commended.  There is always the possibility that others may be blessed with this gift from Creator.  It is all in their intention and is a matter of divine timing. It is now time for rest, as your energy is waning.  Take this opportunity to begin to look after yourself.  You have earned it.  En Joy your life, laugh a lot and spend time around those whose energy fits with yours.  Do what you love .

I leave you in gratitude and blessings.  I desire to transmit to you on a daily basis.  At times it will be myself, at times it will be Helena, at times it will be others.  You might be meeting some very interesting beings with interesting information for you very soon.

I Am Methuselah and I am on a mission of Joy, Life and Light.  Peace be with you, my child.

Message # 16, April 4, 2009


Received through Helen Engel


Methusaleh:  I am Methuselah and I come at your call. The energies have changed.  There has been a merging of the one you know as Lord Sananda with the energies of Methuselah.  With this merging, we are able to carry energies that are a combination and magnification of both entities.  We are able to do more, as you might understand it, as we work hand in hand with you for the ascension of Earth and humanity.  There has been a merging of divine attributes that allows us to become more than we were.

You are able to speak and receive from Sananda, if you wish.  If you call on him, he is here.  If you wish to speak to Methuselah, I am here.  We have become One through the auspices of the Most Holy One.  It is an honor for both of us and we deem to offer the highest of service in all ways that we can.  It is like a new order.  There have been changes for other energies in the higher realms.  Of this we are joyous and carry heavenly humility and pride because of it.  It is similar, in a way, to the celestial energies that combine or merge with you at times.  Great heavenly experiences are underway.  It is just a matter of time in your realm before you are aware of these.  Our plans continue to be in constant flux.  This is the way of things.  Allow this to be your reality, it will serve you well.  Know that all is well.  The company of Heaven works diligently on our Divine mission.  All is well.  We are with you.

Message # 12, January 9, 2009


Received through Zilanthrah


To be among some of the first humans

to receive Galactic visitors is a great honor.

There are many craft showing themselves around your planet.

Flyovers are scheduled and Amiable Contact

is to follow that event.

We represent many planetary systems

and are varied in species.

However, we will be human featured to most of you.


Methusaleh:  I am Methuselah and I speak for those who are involved with our Amiable Contact Project.  It is once again time to move along with the project.  We ask that each of you put your thoughts into bringing another Amiable Contact aboard.  There are enough of you that if you were to find one contact each, we will be well pleased with the number of Amiable Contacts.  This is our advice to you.

Many of you know Light Workers and it takes but a few minutes to ask if they are interested in becoming a participant.  From our vantage point, we are aware of a multitude of folks across the planet who will show interest.  To be among some of the first humans to receive Galactic visitors is a great honor.

Know that the timetable has sped up, events are quickly unfolding and it is indeed time to resume the project.  Please do all that you can to follow our request.  We are behind your efforts and you will find ease with our request.

There are many craft showing themselves around your planet.  This is part of the plan.  Flyovers are scheduled and Amiable Contact is to follow that event.  The Company of Heaven is with you.  We sit in Council regarding Amiable Contact.  It is our delight that you honor our request.  We are excited about greeting our human Brothers and Sisters and look forward to the day when this occurs.  There are a multitude wishing to greet you and the more there are of you, more of us will attend.

We represent many planetary systems and are varied in species, however we will be human featured to most of you.  Please continue to envision our landing and greeting one another in the name of Love and Unity.  There is a chance that many of you may be asked to work with us following Amiable Contact. Remember to dream and think big.

I Am Methuselah and I speak for the Amiable Contact Project.

Message # 1


Methusaleh and Fleck


Received through Helen Engel

October 29, 2008


“There are a band of discarnate souls

who would like to converse with relatives,

and they are wondering whether you would reach them.

The destinations that the ships will seek

will be ones of peace and tranquility.

We ask you to find those spots on earth.”


Helen: In October 2008 I received the following request from Methusaleh, an Ascended Master who is serving as a teacher and guide for the Brothers and Sisters of the Light:  


“There are a band of discarnate souls who would like to converse with relatives, and they are wondering whether you would reach them.”


I asked Alie Marie (an expert telepath in Australia) to confirm that the messenger was in truth Methusaleh, and whether I should continue contacting this messenger.


Alie Marie received the following message:  

“There is something in assisting these beings that will bring some enlightenment to that which you are currently doing and will not take up much of your precious time.” 


In view of what Alie Marie’s guides suggested, I contacted Methusaleh and received the following message:


Methusaleh:  There are a group of us who have volunteered to be your mentors.  We work more or less in tandem.  We know of this request.  It is a legitimate one.


Helen:  Will you kindly give me instructions, as this is new to me.


M:  A vast enterprise is about to be launched.  The beings who are with us and elsewhere wish to contact their living relatives.  By doing so, our project will be validated, and once connections are made, liaison will go forward in a smooth fashion.  


We are on the cusp of a great breakthrough.  Others with abilities similar to yours have already agreed or acquiesced to assist.  Others who lived during your various lifetimes will be quickened, so that they will be on your vibratory wavelength and will add strength and momentum to this very short project.


H:  May I get a glimpse of what is involved?


M:  It will concern landings.


H:  That is fine.  You may begin.


H:  [ I allow Ascended Masters to guide me to the vibratory level of intercommunication with the higher planes of consciousness.  When there is a brightness, stillness, and spaciousness, I am aware that I am at that high level.  This level is such a level.]


M:  You are with us at the level at which we wait to land.  Such a state of consciousness permits activity, travel, communication, joy, and diversity.  We do not lounge about looking out of UFO windows.  Welcome aboard.  On this occasion you are at a greater expanse of your consciousness.



Fleck:  I am called Fleck.  I will be your host.


H:  I greet you with love and a feeling of wonderment.  Why did you volunteer for this post, and why were you chosen?


Fleck:  I was a guard when you were once a queen.  I am your guard again.


H:  I am most honored.  Truly I am.


Fleck:  And I am also honored to serve you again.  Would you like to meet those who made the request?


H:  I would be grateful.  [I am escorted to a room, where many are seated.  Some are moving about, talking casually.]


Fleck:  Please sit here.


H:  [I wonder what this is all about.]




Methusaleh:  There will be a flag ship and you will be on it.  You will direct the flag ship to the proper destinations.  The destinations that the ships will seek will be ones of peace and tranquility.  We ask you to find those spots on earth. 


Begin with a quiet island, next locate a small country.  Next locate a people who have not been disturbed by the present situation on earth.  It is to those people that we wish to come first, so that they will become acquainted with us, and we will get to know them.  I am Methusaleh.


H:  I ought to have known.  Thank you, kind Master.


M:  We shall be in touch.


H:  I thank you for having confidence in us.  We shall do our best.