Amiable Holiday in Canada!

July 2009


In memory of Jerry Morrison  1935 – 2009


 Eight Lightworkers gathered together at our Sanctuary in Alberta, Canada in July of 2009.


Our main intention was to manifest a shuttle landing. In a previous message, Captain Helena assured us that if it was in our reality, it could happen and encouraged us to gather together with this intention.


Our gathering blessed us all with wonderful companionship and humor through Spirit and through our mutual beliefs. There was great respect for, and acceptance of, one another. The majority of us had never met before in person.


It was a perfect balance with canine and human family.  The frogs croaked most of the time and we were blessed with no mosquitoes, (except for a couple of fifth dimensional ones!)


There was the feeling of higher energies being present. The birds sang every day and were highly vocal during our meditation…we had gathered to welcome a craft to land. Our Elder, Helen, went for a walk and came across a cougar paw print.


Some of our canine family – Boomer, Duke and Shonti 

Food replicator worked just fine for him!



             Boomer trying to ignore puppy Zoe


Marge and her buddy Zoe   

                           Native Tiger Lily


  Darlene, Don and Helen picking up Alie Marie

Some came by bus, some by air …. and some by auto.                   Alie Marie traveled from Washington, where she was visiting from Australia.  Marje came from British Columbia, Helen came from Manitoba, Michael from Colorado and Darlene and Don from Alberta.



Cabbie Zoltair


Don, Darlene and Zoltair obliged all by sharing in picking up folks in the city…arriving and departing from the Edmonton Bus Depot and the Edmonton International Airport.   










              Helen and Michael


Alie Marie



Everyone contributed to our wonderful food cache. We laughed a lot, and as the food replicator was not in service, we cooked together and then ate well together.  Our meals were mostly enjoyed outdoors around our beloved campfire, which kept us toasty in the cool temperatures and cloudy days.


 Crystals were utilized in different ways and there was discussion and sharing regarding the different spiritual techniques practiced for balancing the physical, emotional and mental bodies.


                                                     Don        Helen          Alie                   Marje



  Darlene, Don & Duke walking the path to the creek


   Look to the skies!


On the night of the lunar eclipse, we walked to the creek to view the moon.  Alie pointed out what appeared to be a craft moving inthe sky from west to east. It was followed by another craft moving in the same direction.  And then a third! We were overjoyed! We knew we had followed our inner guidance, were on the right track, and that Spirit had brought us together for many reasons.


Don brought his guitar and music which we enjoyed outdoors by our fire. Darlene brought drums and an amazing array of musical instruments…most we had never seen before!


The instruments were enjoyed by all in a lively and highly rhythmic drumcircle!

The highlight of our drumming experience was the healing we each received during a Trance Drumming Ceremony facilitated by Darlene.


During our time together, Darlene taught us about the Drumming Circle which we all participated in.


The Drumming Circle taught us that drumming is a form of healing meditation that brings great rewards;


that drumming is a wonderful mode of expression…

and that…

the rhythm and beat of the drums is in vibrational alignment to our heartbeat…

and to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


 What great fun we all had!

Drumming is something that Zilanthrah and Zoltair continue to do,

and were gifted with beautiful individual drums by Darlene.



                                                                                             Marje and Light Being



On the day set aside for the craft landing, we gathered in a large circle.


Darlene led us in a Drumming Ceremony.

Then we meditated as directed by Captain Helena.

Alie Marie blessed us with her Rainbow Bridge Healing Ceremony.

We stood and together sang the “ET Anthem.”


As we sat quietly, both Zilanthrah and Darlene saw two Beings of Light within the circle who were moving around.  When Zilanthrah became excited she was no longer able to see them…(having a tape recorder nearby would have been a good idea for a message that may have explained what was happening).


                        Excerpts from Captain Helena’s message regarding the landing of their craft:


“My dear ones, rejoice and celebrate, for you have earned it, and truly we see group unity.


We wish you to know that indeed, we were in your presence from the very beginning and there are still many all around you.


There was a gift given each of you. There were specific individuals who chose to bequeath these gifts to you, as you were all gathered around in unity consciousness.


Each one received a unique gift, unique in

the way that it is specifically suited for each individual.

They are an activation of codes that include the

Star Languages and the adjustment of the pineal to allow your visual scope to open.”



In the days preceding our gathering, Zoltair had begun plans for the building of a Sweat Lodge. Everyone contributed to the construction. Helen, Michael, Alie, Zoltair and Zilanthrah expressed gratitude to the willows chosen to be the foundation of the Lodge. Zoltair cut them down and we hauled them to the yard.

   Off to a good start!


Once at our sacred spot, they were set up and bound together.

We made a trip to town to purchase tarps to use as the major component of the covering for the Lodge…they were on sale!

Thank you angels!


We rounded up old blankets and any material we could find to complete the covering.


Construction of the Sweat Lodge by Don and Zoltair


A carved walking stick was used as part of the construction of the door to enter into the Lodge.


A special staff was placed upright in the ground near the Lodge in recognition of the sacredness of the Lodge and as a central focal point.



Darlene brought her chainsaw to cut spruce for heating the fieldstone rocks.  They represent our ancestors.









Don dug the round hole in the center of the Sweat Lodge for the rocks and removed the sacred soil. The sacred soil was gifted to any who were able to take it home with them.


A ceremony to call in and honor the four directions and elements was performed.


Four colored strips of cloth were tied on the willow branches inside the Lodge to represent the sacredness of the directions.

 Don digging


                         Zee and Don

                                                                                                                                                              Firekeeper Zoltair        

Upon entering the Lodge that evening, each person was cleansed with sage using a sacred eagle feather before entering.


Zoltair was our Fire Keeper and Zilanthah led the Sweat Lodge Ceremony inside. 

The inside of the Lodge represents the sacred womb of Mother Earth.


With each new round, more hot rocks were brought in from the fire. Each round centered on a theme…Gratitude, Forgiveness and Manifestation. The fourth round was spent in Contemplation.

After completing the four rounds, we departed the Lodge.


Later that night sitting around the campfire, Alie saw a very bright object in the night sky to the south and moving from west to east. With the video camera recording,


we videoed a craft, which pulsed at us!


It was a breathtaking and joyous experience.


 Captain Helena came through with a message shortly after the craft disappeared behind the trees.


 (The video of the craft and an excerpt from Captain Helena’s message can be viewed by clicking here.)



 A Message About The First Amiable Holiday

from Helen Engel

The First Amiable Group


The first Amiable Holiday was held from July 5 to July 13 at Zoltair and Zilanthra’s wild life sanctuary and healing center, with seven participants coming from Australia, U.S. and Canada. 

The sanctuary consists of 160 acres of virgin land graced by tall pines, with a natural creek, and numerous wild animals, birds and flowers. 

We saw a beaver dam, watched a couple of deer come out to feed in the evening, and saw a cougar footprint. 

We ate outdoors, enjoyed a nightly campfire, and watched a shuttle from Starship Capricorn acknowledge us with a golden light that burst into many colors as it slowly travelled across the sky.

The purpose of our meeting was to get acquainted and to have a short holiday.  It was a resounding success. 

There was another purpose, and Sananda introduced it on the first day.  That was to initiate the movement from becoming singly holy, to becoming a holy group.

In his message on July 5, as “the Messiah, the one who comes”, Sananda stated:

“When the leaves bust forth on a twig, you know that summer is nigh.


When my people begin to come together in groups, you may know that great changes are upon us. 


The formation of groups is the next important step in your evolvement as people of God.   This is a peaceful progression from single holiness to group holiness. 


Group holiness begins with a desire to be together and to work together.  This is also the time of surrender of self to the combined good of all.


I am aware of your growth as a team and I am pleased.  I have asked the entire Angelic Kingdom to make the path clear for you, to remove whatever debris remains and to bring you all into the ONENESS. 


Oneness means oneness of purpose, oneness of intent.  What is your intent?  If your intent is to serve the Universal Oneness, through the Oneness of your group, you will achieve all of your goals.


In the next few days many will come forth on my behalf to guide you on this, your next step to Divine Achievement.  Be at peace daily and know that we are with you.


“I am the one who comes, I AM the Messiah.”


A message from Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn, on the importance of all of humanity to experience the pulsing energies sent to lightworkers gathered at the first Amiable Holiday held in Alberta, Canada in July of 2009.  


The pulsing energy beam was recorded by Zilanthrah and Zoltair, and we invite all to share in the gift of the codes given to us from our galactic family.



“We suggest that the video of our craft pulsing to you be included on your website so that the world can see.  And remember, there are encodings for all who view this, so please do what is necessary to bring this to completion”.



Methuselah:  “This craft that is pulsing, as did the small craft of the Starship Capricorn at Amiable Holiday, is the same craft.


  This was an opportunity to photograph again, however this video is of a more stable nature.  The pulsing action that folks will be viewing is designed with the same intention,


to present you with gifts that activate the higher senses of the human. 



 For those who view and are not yet awakened, it is designed to set in motion their awakening to the truth of what exists beyond their third dimensional perception and realities


There will be no fear for those who view the craft.  All energies sent through the pulsing craft are of the highest intention of Love, Harmony, Brotherhood, Abundance and Peace for all humankind.


For those who are preparing their own Amiable Gathering, please be aware that you also will be presented with gifts.  


Our intention is to provide a consciousness energy that furthers your individual evolution as well as to bring Unity for all Amiable Contacts and the world.


We are pleased with your efforts and delight in the fact that soon, many will be able to watch the small craft who comes to assist with the evolution of mankind. 


Remember that with each energy that you absorb as humans, Earth’s energy is also raised.  



We see your efforts, your preparation for more Amiable Holidays and it brings us great Joy.  


Remember to plan for your time together to be filled with play, with fun and laughter, for there are great energetic gifts in

these actions.  And allow your plans and your Gatherings to be of ease. 


It is with ease that we participate and celebrate.



With each Amiable Gathering that occurs, more will be learned.  These experiences will allow your ideas and plans  to grow and expand, thereby creating Gatherings that will leave you joyous and fulfilled. 


And as you celebrate by holding or attending an Amiable Gathering, we celebrate your intention.  


Allow your creativity to bloom within your ideas and planning.



There will be many of us participating in such Gatherings.  Rejoice and celebrate, for an Amiable Gathering is magnificent reason for celebration.


Have your video and photography equipment at the ready.  Please spread the word by posting Amiable Gathering stories on your website.


Know that as we stated previously, there will be special gifts of our energies blending with your energies allowing for clarity of guidance and insight on your part.


We look forward to observing the various reactions of folks who will be viewing the video on your wonderful website.


What a truly divine way to further our Amiable Contact Project.  Unity is a divine energy that all will experience within the group who attend and participate.


How small communities of like minded folks might evolve shall be an astounding way for your evolution and expanded consciousness to grow!


We are with you.  Call on us for insight, guidance and direction and it shall be provided. 


We look forward to our futures together. 


Praises be with you.  


And praises to the One who guides us all.



I Am Methuselah.”