Message # 24, May 20, 2009

From the Sixth Dimension  …  ” Expression”

Received through Zilanthrah


On clouds from Heaven and waves of color we come.  Greetings, our dearly beloved family of Earth.  We reside above the fifth and carry the harmonics and amplitude of music.  Our realm is of purity of heart and purity of soul.  The colors of the vibrations in our realm are brilliant and breathtaking to behold.  There is only pure Joy where we abide.

Those of you with artistic qualities visit often here.  This is where you receive your true inspiration.  You receive inspiration also through us when you are in your body.  We are able to pinpoint those who are doing the Lord’s work through their artistic abilities.  We recognize your brilliance.  We direct a thought or idea to you.  Most of you act upon these ideas and away you go.  With a swirl of excitement, you carry out your idea in some way.  Some of you let it simmer for a while.  There are others who do nothing with their ideas.  We wish to light a fire under you to let you know that your God given talents require to be expressed.

It might come in the form of feeling like dancing or singing.  It maybe painting or drawing.  It may be in the form of song writing, writing poetry or making music.    You are aware of the many talented musicians and artists on your planet. These are the ones who have taken our ideas in the form of intuitive abilities and transformed them into the expression that they are most capable of.

This is a gift from Creator.   It is our job to carry out the wishes of our Creator.  We do this with the greatest of humility and Joy.  It quickens our hearts when we see you expressing.  Expression is also in the way that you articulate.  Articulation includes words of kindness, compassion, empathy, support and Love.  So you see, there are many forms of expression.  Building something with your hands is a form of expression.  Sowing and tending to plants is another form.  God gave you powerful thoughts so that you may decipher for yourselves what your form of creativity is.  And if you look around you, you will see that everything is a form of creation or expression.

The energy of your thoughts, expressions and actions is sent back to us.  We are then able to relay more thought to you.  Then you carry on with a higher form of expression.  And all that you do creatively through expression is received by Creator, who is then able to come up with more ideas for your creativity and growth.  This is relayed to us and we begin again.  It is a most delightful and joyous thing that we do.  It encompasses and surrounds our hearts and souls.  The plan is that it encompasses and surrounds your hearts and souls.  It is all about growth.

There is no end to what can be done with a bit of paint, a pencil, a website, or the notes of the musical scale.  It is an infinitesimal gift.  The thoughts, words and actions of your love for yourselves and for one another in itself is a form of expression and this skyrockets us into realms of joy and celebration.  There is so much love within and among you, so much promise and so much potential that it makes our hearts sing. The fact that we are able to communicate with you is an astounding one.  When humankind understands that this is also a natural part of their makeup, there will be much communicating amongst all in this universe.

When you observe with your senses and recognize the beauty upon your planet that is waiting to be expressed through you, your awareness is raised.  These inspirations propel you higher and you are able to draw upon your higher brain, or higher senses.  Your expression is a step to accessing and utilizing another level of yourself.  And there is so much more that awaits you.  Soon you will be expressing in a new way.  You will have better and easier access to higher ways of being, learning and expressing as you evolve.

You have no idea how the energy upon earth is raised by a simple hum coming from a human as they water the plants, wash the car or go for a walk.  It is so important, this little thing that you can do at any time.  It puts a hum in the hearts of all of us in our realm.    It is like poetry, as it carries the energy of harmony and balance.  For those of you who like to whistle, this also carries an important energy.  Any sound of love emanating from a human being is important to us all, and to Creator. And if it is an uplifting form of expression, it is worth sharing.  For he has blessed you all as co creators with the ability of creativity, expression and artistry.

Seek that which makes your heart sing and express it outward as it stirs the passion within you.  It is this passion that stirs the co creator within you.  If the world of human beings collectively wrote a song, it would certainly be about Love.  And that is what you are; the pure love of Creator.