Message # 11, November 17, 2008


Received through Zoltair


The co-creation of Heaven on Earth is moving forward,

and it is gaining momentum in every moment.

It is an honor to be co creating Heaven on Earth with you.


Fleck:  You are asked to stay focused on your vision of how it will be for all of us when we meet n every moment, whenever Spirit brings your attention to the adjustments being made cellularly, give acknowledgement and allow yourselves to feel the colors and the change that is occurring within your bodies.

It is as though you are given the opportunity to live outside of time.  It is through Grace and fulfillment that you no longer are bound by time.  Everything is perfect.  There are many others who are going through this process, and their focus is turning toward all possibilities.  As their bodies change, so does their perspective and vice versa.  All of this is leading in the direction of those path-cutters who are manifesting new possibilities.  It will increase in velocity and intensity along with the increase in vibration.

It is an honor to be co creating Heaven on Earth with you.  Go gently, take time to enjoy yourselves.  All is perfect.  We are here for you.  All you need do is keep the faith, and all will unfold in divine timing.  Ease and Grace is in the fore.

Zoltair:  Thank you, Fleck.

Message # 9, November 13, 2008

Captain Helena and Fleck

Received through Zoltair


  You are offering a safe haven to all of us here,

to come and be warmed by your hearth.

It is the responsibility of those who wish to participate

to give their names, to make the declaration, so to speak.


Zoltair:   [I called our Recording Angel Violet, and I held her energy during both messages.  Fleck has instructed that when it will be time to relay information that Amiable Contact members have provided.  As I looking at a Google image and speak the name chosen for each landing site, it is received by Fleck.  As I speak the coordinates, he receives them.  As I look at a photo and speak the name and address of the Contactee, it is received.  He recommends that each Contactee do this themselves first, while in meditation.]

Helena:  Yes, beloved, how are you on this day.

Zoltair:  I feel very uplifted, just to be in your presence.

H:  You have many questions for me.

Z:  Yes, my loving friends.  We would like to know how it appears from your perspective.  Do you see what appears on our computer screen regarding Amiable Contact?

H:  We have a perspective that may seem to you as slightly more than you are familiar with.  By this I mean that we are in a position to express loving energy to the planet. The planet sends this back as colors and magnetic pulses, creating a dance of loving exchange. It is the Universal Language of Love.

Z:  Is it a declaration of sorts to offer up our positions here on Mother Earth?

H:  Yes, in that you are saying, ‘ I am open to your presence and will remain so.’ You are offering a safe haven to all of us here, to come and be warmed by your hearth.


Zoltair:  [A powerful green beam flows into my crown chakra.  I feel very fulfilled.  As this beam flows into physical body and my outer bodies, I begin to understand that it is encoded with Grace.  It is a familiar energy of the Kumara lineage from Vector Three.]

Z:  I thank you Helena, and your crew.

H:  This encodement allows for a new start.  Each member of your group will experience this.  In the future, we will be offering many similar exchanges of energy. This will be a precursor to the landings.

Z:  I am very excited.  I am fulfilled as never before.  Thank you, I really needed that.

H:  It seems that you can wrap yourselves in a blanket of discomfort and somehow you forget what it really feels like to be free and able to express your fullness.  It comes to a certain point before one asks for release, does it not?

Z:  You are absolutely correct. It’s akin to the old dream where something is pursuing me and I can’t run, move or crawl.  So I go into myself and brace for the inevitable, whatever that might be.  I think you are saying that expression of love would be perfect at this point.

H:  You have it.  Now, go forth and express.  Bye for now, all my love and admiration.

Z:  Thank you.

Fleck:  It is Fleck, how are you?

Zoltair:  I am just perfect, thank you.

F:  Please be that way in every moment.

Z:  I will do my best.

F:  You are the best, my beloved telepath!  We here are feeling the love that you wield as strongly as your sword.  Please, be aware that this love precedes you wherever you go, and in this awareness you can feel it for yourself.

Z:  Will I be able to share this with others?

F:  You are doing it as we speak.  You cannot help yourself.  It is everyone’s divine right, a gift from your soul group, your very lineage.  Also, it is a gift to all who happen to be in your presence.

Z:  My, I’m just, what’s the word –

F:  There are many words for what you are experiencing, but this is a difficult language to express fully in.  It is a linear language designed to weigh and measure, not designed for expression. However, for the most part, you all do very well.

Z:  Thank you for the rescue!  I know that you are aware of the questions we have for you.  Can you respond to them, please?

F:  As for the names of Contactees, it is the responsibility of those who wish to participate to give their names, to make the declaration, so to speak.  This is  required, and can be done in meditation or in a conference call format.  Giving coordinates is also beneficial in that it marks the spot where we and you know where to rendezvous.  Giving your location name and satellite image, your name, address and photo will serve to give it life and start the energy moving through to the universe.  As you are all aware, a picture in the mind’s eye serves to bring whatever it is into full manifestation.  It works that way here as well.  Hurray for you, it has begun.  So, the answer to all the questions is yes, yes, yes!

We have worked through the transition of planets many times before.  This one, and her inhabitants, we would like you to know, have made unachievable leaps and LANDED ON THEIR COORDINATES PERFECTLY!  (jokingly)

Speaking to you all has been a delight.  We will be speaking again.

Z:  This has been with complete ease and grace.   We thank you, until we speak again.

Message # 8, November 11, 2008


Received through Zoltair

Together, the group bring their entire lineage

and their manifestation powers together,

creating this powerful ability to manifest.


Fleck:  I am the Universe arranging itself to accommodate your picture of reality, and you are the Universe arranging itself to accommodate my picture of reality.

Zoltair: Why me?

Fleck:  It is because you are perfectly designed to do this work.  You are perfect Love. And Zilanthrah is also perfect Love.  Helen is a Master of manifestation, she not only envisions how it will work, but is a Master at soliciting manifestation from others to assist in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.  Together, the group bring their entire lineage and their manifestation powers together, creating this powerful ability to manifest.

Zoltair:  I have reservations regarding my abilities.

Fleck:  Ease and Grace is the most important factor in this process.  If you stick to what creates ease and grace for you, it will unfold perfectly.  I look forward to each and every opportunity to exchange knowledge and information on a cellular level.  You are required to allow this process to grow and expand.  Your personal thoughts and images will become clearer as we proceed and interact; as we become one.  I send love.  We are with you and are ecstatic with the powerful new tools you have taken up and are beginning to utilize.  Thank you for your steadfast efforts.

Message # 7, November 11, 2008


Received through Helen Engel

We will sort the coordinates,

arrange a flight plan,

contact your principal contactee,

and take it from there.


Fleck:  Yes I am on board, awaiting your call.

H:  Thank you.  Are you an angelic being?

F:  I am the one called Fleck.  I am usually in charge of liaison between shuttles and their Contactees.

H:  Have you been doing this for a long time?

F:  Previous to Earthlings becoming telepathic, we landed silently and tried to not frighten people.

H:  I hope that other telepaths will soon do what you are teaching us to do.

F:  Yes it is much more pleasurable to be welcomed when we land.

H:  We have the coordinates, and a telepath named Zoltair will be reading them to your representative, or to yourself, when we receive the final coordinate.  Please tell me what you have planned next.

F:  We will sort the coordinates, arrange a flight plan, contact your principal contactee, and take it from there.

H:  Do you represent Helena or Ashtar?

F:  Our networks cross and interchange, although I am on Pleiades.  Please have one of your group contact me when your information is complete.

H:  Thank you very much.  It is an exciting adventure for all of us, and we thank you for being our host.

F:  Farewell.

Message # 6,  November 8, 2008


Received through Helen Engel


Fleck Requests Satellite Maps


H:  [To Fleck] Thank you for giving me some of your time.  May I report please?

Fleck:  Please do.

H:  There are 13 Scouts available to greet a shuttle at a suitable location.  Each of these Scouts will invite suitable Light Workers.  Most of us have located our residence on a satellite map, have provided the coordinates of the residence and of the landing site.  Some have forwarded a photograph of the landing site as viewed on a Google satellite map.  I will need assistance to present the above information to you.  We are excited and enthusiastic.  Arrangements are being made whereby digital cameras will photograph the shuttles, and two of our members will forward them to an internet YouTube for the world to see.  Some of our Contactees are employed, meaning that visitations will need to be made when they are available.  That is my summary.

Fleck:  Good work.  I am aware of the excitement and enthusiasm.  As we begin, let me also assure you that your free will be held uppermost in all plans made.  You will not be forced to undertake any project, or to in any way transgress your high ideals.  We come as your brothers in love.  Please collect all of the coordinates, and forward them to a member of your crew to assemble them with coordinates .  Allow for one shuttle to cover Australia, and one shuttle to cover North America.  We will examine your route map and advise whether we will recommend any changes, or whether we can arrange a flight pattern that is compatible with the plan you have laid out.  When this is completed, I will contact you again.  I am your host in this endeavor, and I greet all the Contactees with great respect and love.  I am Fleck.

Message # 2, November 2, 2008


Received through Helen Engel


“Fleck has been designated as your host.

He will make the arrangements with us

for whatever needs to be done.”


H:  [Fleck is a powerful being, of the stature of guardian angels.]

Fleck:  I am here.

H:  Thank you for coming.  I wish to report that I have advised approximately 23 Light Workers for the Amiable Contact project .  Are you able to discern what has been accomplished to date?

Fleck:  There is great turmoil on earth at the moment.  Although where you are located it is reasonably peaceful, yet the “smoke” spreads about.  It is very calm and clear where we are.

H:  Are you able to observe happenings on earth?

F:  We would need to come closer.

H:  The responses to my messages are excellent.  I am not certain at the moment how to proceed.  Do you ever connect with Helena, commander of Starship Capricorn?

F:  I do not, but others do.

H: What do you wish that I should do?

F:  Some of the turmoil will need to diminish.  In the meantime, continue as you are.  The Contactees will require some instructions, and we will supply that at the proper time.  Contact me again in five days.

H:  Thank you, I will.

Message # 1


Methusaleh and Fleck


Received through Helen Engel

October 29, 2008


“There are a band of discarnate souls

who would like to converse with relatives,

and they are wondering whether you would reach them.

The destinations that the ships will seek

will be ones of peace and tranquility.

We ask you to find those spots on earth.”


Helen: In October 2008 I received the following request from Methusaleh, an Ascended Master who is serving as a teacher and guide for the Brothers and Sisters of the Light:  


“There are a band of discarnate souls who would like to converse with relatives, and they are wondering whether you would reach them.”


I asked Alie Marie (an expert telepath in Australia) to confirm that the messenger was in truth Methusaleh, and whether I should continue contacting this messenger.


Alie Marie received the following message:  

“There is something in assisting these beings that will bring some enlightenment to that which you are currently doing and will not take up much of your precious time.” 


In view of what Alie Marie’s guides suggested, I contacted Methusaleh and received the following message:


Methusaleh:  There are a group of us who have volunteered to be your mentors.  We work more or less in tandem.  We know of this request.  It is a legitimate one.


Helen:  Will you kindly give me instructions, as this is new to me.


M:  A vast enterprise is about to be launched.  The beings who are with us and elsewhere wish to contact their living relatives.  By doing so, our project will be validated, and once connections are made, liaison will go forward in a smooth fashion.  


We are on the cusp of a great breakthrough.  Others with abilities similar to yours have already agreed or acquiesced to assist.  Others who lived during your various lifetimes will be quickened, so that they will be on your vibratory wavelength and will add strength and momentum to this very short project.


H:  May I get a glimpse of what is involved?


M:  It will concern landings.


H:  That is fine.  You may begin.


H:  [ I allow Ascended Masters to guide me to the vibratory level of intercommunication with the higher planes of consciousness.  When there is a brightness, stillness, and spaciousness, I am aware that I am at that high level.  This level is such a level.]


M:  You are with us at the level at which we wait to land.  Such a state of consciousness permits activity, travel, communication, joy, and diversity.  We do not lounge about looking out of UFO windows.  Welcome aboard.  On this occasion you are at a greater expanse of your consciousness.



Fleck:  I am called Fleck.  I will be your host.


H:  I greet you with love and a feeling of wonderment.  Why did you volunteer for this post, and why were you chosen?


Fleck:  I was a guard when you were once a queen.  I am your guard again.


H:  I am most honored.  Truly I am.


Fleck:  And I am also honored to serve you again.  Would you like to meet those who made the request?


H:  I would be grateful.  [I am escorted to a room, where many are seated.  Some are moving about, talking casually.]


Fleck:  Please sit here.


H:  [I wonder what this is all about.]




Methusaleh:  There will be a flag ship and you will be on it.  You will direct the flag ship to the proper destinations.  The destinations that the ships will seek will be ones of peace and tranquility.  We ask you to find those spots on earth. 


Begin with a quiet island, next locate a small country.  Next locate a people who have not been disturbed by the present situation on earth.  It is to those people that we wish to come first, so that they will become acquainted with us, and we will get to know them.  I am Methusaleh.


H:  I ought to have known.  Thank you, kind Master.


M:  We shall be in touch.


H:  I thank you for having confidence in us.  We shall do our best.