Message # 37, June 4, 2009

Endrew of Arcturus

Received through Zilanthrah


Ah yes my dear, we are the Arcturians. It pleases us to inform you of our participation in Amiable Contact. We are very involved with the Federations of civilizations and the various Brotherhoods who work collectively toward the liberation of planet Earth.

We have observed the scenario on earth and are happy as well as relieved that you are pulling yourselves out of a dire situation. We applaud your efforts and your undying loyalty to the Light.

Although it is policy that we do not intervene or interfere, we have been saddened by your plight. We have watched you stumble and we have watched you grow. You are considered brave and courageous. We very much look forward to greeting you. Know that we admire you.

I am Endrew. I am a commander in the Arcturian Fleet. My planet is Arcturus. Our planet and our civilization are highly evolved. We are taller than you. We are known for our distinctive eyes. We wear white. Many of us are very old.

We have a high council who have been involved in working openly with humans for the past two decades in a specific program and in some cases, much longer. As is our way, when called upon, we assist.

We have worked in troubled spots on Earth for some time, most recently in areas of war. At times, we have halted or neutralized events of a catastrophic nature. It has become part of a new directive that we are allowed to shift energy in order to avoid events that might place such a burden on humanity and earth of a horrific nature. One of our acts in past includes creating energy that disallows the finger to push the red button. These are orders from very high up and we consider our directive very seriously.

One of the things that we enjoy is what you call sacred geometry and on our planet it is a highly advanced science. We are able to travel to the far reaches of the universe for many different reasons. If we choose to do so for enjoyment, we do so.

Know that we look forward to our collective AC project. We bow in love and respect to our human brothers and sisters. Our time draws nigh.