Message # 33, May 29, 2009

Emmanuel, the Harbinger of Truth

Received through Helen Engel


I am Emmanuel, the Harbinger of Truth. I am the Morning Star, I am the All.

Be prepared for lift-off. Teach the people that if shuttles land in their vicinity, they are invited to approach them.

Be mindful that we are aware of the auras of human beings. Be not afraid. If you are in fear, your aura will take on a different hue.

When you see our shuttles, wave to us, jump for joy.

We will open our doors, and you may approach us. Hopefully at least one of you will be able to converse with us telepathically.

We will beckon. Feel free to enter. We will bring those of us who appear to be most like you in appearance, so that you will not be afraid.

Please send this to Europe, and to the East, and everywhere. We are coming all over the earth, to lift our people up.

While you are with us, you will learn many things. We shall tell you more another time.

I am Immanuel, the Healer, the Lamb of God.

Blessed be my steady Workers this day.