Message # 32, May 28, 2009


Received through Zilanthrah


Salutations.  We are from Antares.  We are amongst an infinite number of worlds in your Milky Way Galaxy.

We wish to present information to you.  Our Mothership, Antares, is here on a mission of peace.  We are one of over a million ships involved with the Divine Plan of ascension for planet Earth.

We have great faith in our earthly brothers.  When you achieve ascension status, your world will be open to new and exciting ways of being.  Even now, the changes occurring are of monumental proportions.  Your standing with all of us who are assisting is grandly acceptable.

Please know that ages ago, we experienced much of what is occurring for you.  For your physical and subtle bodies to experience such a shift is nothing to sneeze at.  Your path of transcending all that does not serve a crumbling system has not been an easy one.  However, if you look at where you came from and who you were before you entered Earth, you will know unerringly that you are the most capable beings who are transcending beautifully.  And in the twinkling of an eye, you will be eternally grateful and blissful for your journeys that led you to your higher state of being.

We wish you to know that we will be part of your Amiable Contact project.  In our mission, we bring knowledge about other worlds and civilizations.  We carry this knowledge and offer a sweeping history of these many planets.  You can see it as an Introduction to the Cosmos and the splendiferous life she carries within her bosom.  All the planetary bodies are her children and all are dear to her heart.

On our home planet of Antares we have a great library.  This library contains knowledge and records of the history of the cosmos from time immemorial.  The information that will be presented to you contains everything that there is to know about each planet and the inhabitants who dwell there.

Our education and information systems deal with holographic technology.  You have words, images and numbers in your records.  When information is transmitted to us, it is sent as a beam of light energy and received by our higher brain.  All the information is received simultaneously and integrated instantly.  So, you can see that we are quick learners!  We are also able to view a holographic image and all the information contained within the image is received and immediately integrated.  In other words, we understand instantly.  We are able to utilize all of our brain capacity.

It will be some time before you are ready to function in this way, however you are aware that your DNA is changing.  It helps for you to know this.  Be aware that as you lighten up and release old paradigms, your DNA is able to more readily change and adapt to your new reality, which is one of a higher vibration.  As you drop the old ways, this enables your RNA/DNA to bring in the new ways.  The energy that you are taking on allows you to change and evolve.

Your original divine blueprint lies within you and has always been within you.  It carries the answers to everything.  Yes, everything is within.  You are the answers to your questions.  And you helped to design the Grand Plan that you find yourselves in.

Part of our job is to visit different planets.  Part of our recording information about home planets involves field work, where we experience the ways of the inhabitants of a planet.  In this way, we benefit through our learning.  We learn new things that we have the option of applying to our planet and our experiences.  At times, delegates from these planets gather on our planet.  New technology might be a topic of discussion.  New species on a planet might be another topic.  The quality of an atmosphere might be another.  And certainly, the evolution of planet Earth might be one!

We have been traveling to your planet for millennia.  We have lived among you an experienced life through your eyes. We honor you so for your experiences.  We honor the fact that we will one day soon be able to greet you openly.  There will be much to discuss and learn through our cooperative efforts.

Our species is very tall and we have a lean body structure.  Our craniums are larger than yours.  We have large eyes and very small mouths.  We do not have ears but have small indents in our skulls where your ears are.  Since we communicate without speech, our bodies have adapted to a point where we require none.  We have small narrow nostrils although we have no nose.  We do not have bodily hair and our skin is very light.  Our skulls have bony appearing ridges on either side.  We wear body suits of varying colors, mostly to identify our work status.

The light quotient on our planet is very high during part of an orbit and our clothing also protects us from high temperatures.  We are able to simulate environmental requirements on our Mothership and in our shuttles.  We are well equipped to carry our environment around us when we come to earth so that we are not affected by earth’s climate and air.  We find your planet much different than ours in the way that ours is a dry climate while yours offers a wide variety of climates, temperatures, vegetation and a richness of birds, animals and those who dwell in water.  Our planet is not as diverse or verdant in beauty although we do have water and some vegetation.

We have a family structure and our lifespan can be thousands of years.  The female of our species work alongside the males in their chosen profession.  There are educators for the children and they are housed together.  We have a deep family bond and spend time together when we are not working.  The family unit is very strong.  We travel to other planets for vacation and sometimes take a working vacation while our family engages in sightseeing or recreational activities.  Knowing about how other civilizations live, we are blessed with choices when we take vacation time.

If we wish to witness the birth of a new space anomaly, we can occupy a lofty view.  It is events like these that excite us, as to be witness to the formation of a new planet causes great excitement as it is what we do.  We are able to record and witness pre birth as the swirling energies of creation never cease to amaze us.  We love to observe the birth of a planet and record every step of evolution as it occurs.

This is plenty of information.  We wished to introduce ourselves so that you may become aware of what lies in store for you.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge, our history and the history of other planetary bodies with you.

I am Damur of Antares.  I am chief officer of Recorded History of the Cosmos.  Farewell.