Message # 40




Received through Zilanthrah

June 17, 2009


Let us begin and allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are of Polaris that you see in your northern hemisphere and are located in the northern quadrant of the cosmos.


We recently journeyed to Earth during your Harmonic Convergence period.  We walked into a human body with the intention of working together to open the human mind and heart to the evolution of humanity that had begun.  There was an agreement of both human entity and Extraterrestrial that this occur.  We came to guide those who were open and drawn to listen to us.  There were others who were a collective from various planets who also walked in to merge with humans.  We considered this to be a great honor and still do.  We honor those humans who allowed this integration.


It was a great pleasure to be involved in such an important undertaking.  Imagine our Joy when our intent manifested as reality for a group of people, who took our teachings and the energy of enlightenment and spread the Word.


This was the beginning. The wake up Clarion Call was heard by enough who followed their intuition and guided them on their spiritual path to spread the Word.  It was a slow start indeed but from then until present day the number of Workers of the Light has grown and there are now millions who actively shine their Light on the ascension pathway.


We have requested that we be involved with Amiable Contact.  We have been granted permission to participate.  We are very pleased to be making cosmic history with you, our dear planetary neighbors.


Polaris, also known as the North Star is different than it appears to your scientists of Astronomy, as are all planets who vibrate very high.


Our planet sustains us and a variety of other kingdoms.  For example, we have our own Elemental Kingdom on Polaris.


We have something akin here to your water that nourishes you.  It is comprised of Crystalline Light and is a fully conscious entity.  As it is crystalline, it has a molecular structure of a high vibration and is comprised of individual cells that collectively make it a Whole mass.  The energy of our Crystalline Light has life sustaining qualities.


You may compare it with your radionic energy that sustains life on planet Earth but it is more than that.


When our biology takes in the Crystalline Light, it is taken not through nostrils but through where our spinal area would be.  Our physicalness is also partially comprised of crystalline, therefore our relationship with the Crystalline Light is a symbiotic one as we are part of the Crystalline Light.  It nourishes and sustains us.  We are able to glean information or data through this conscious entity that is our environment.  We are able to draw color and sound from it, as it shares willingly.


As individuals or collectively as a group, we are able to move anywhere on our planet very swiftly.  With thought, we move from one place to another within the Crystalline Light.  So you may say that the Crystalline Light is our mode of travel.


The Crystalline Light is highly intelligent and carries the wisdom and truth that sustains all who dwell here.  We are able to learn at will through this Divine Consciousness.


This is the simplest way to convey this information to you, as it is a difficult concept to comprehend.  However, it will serve as interesting information regarding how we exist.


We carry out research throughout the Universe as we are capable of space travel.  We are a well advanced civilization who co-exist with our space brethren in harmony, peace and brotherhood.


In eons past, many planets engaged in interplanetary war.  Although our planet wished to remain neutral, we were overruled by warring factions who battled for control.  These wars caused chaos and disruption in the cosmic balance.  There were misalignments in many, many beings.  Many were driven out where they became renegades who came to eventually dwell on other planets and were only accepted by agreeing to change by becoming aligned with the intention of peace.  This history was not in vain, as it was a mass lesson in limitation.  The greatest teaching was that control is not the Will of Creator.  Our arduous journeys allowed us to grow, evolve and reach enlightenment.


We are unlike humans, therefore our true appearance will be altered to the extent that we will be acceptable to human eyes.


Our intention is to welcome human as our brethren so that we may work together in Unity and Peace. Our prime directive is to do no harm to any living consciousness and to always act for the greater good of all.


We salute earthlings and welcome you from your deep slumber.  You have risen to the Call and victory is yours.


We are the Council of Polaris.