Message # 41


Connection between Creator and Inner Earth

Jonah of Aldebaron


Received through Helen Engel

June 18, 2009



H:  Helen Engel calling Euclid.


E:  Come in Helen Engel.


H:  Are you aware that distant planets and stars are currently communicating with a group called Amiable Contact?


E:  I am the dispenser of many of their messages.


H:  Does this mean that as soon as Zilanthrah is sent a message, that the same message is also available to you, and through you to me?


E:  The messages from other locations that communicate with Zilanthrah have their own circuitry.  However, upon request, and if request is granted, that circuitry can be relayed to your circuitry.


H:  Will you determine whether the circuitry through which an entity, Jonah of Aldebaron, uses to contact Zilanthrah can also be routed to my circuitry, either simultaneously or at a later time?


Euclid:  This is allowed.


H:  Please connect me with Jonah of Aldebaron.


E:  One moment please.


Unknown:  All the world is a stage and we are merely the players.


H:  Is this St. Germain?


H:  [I am being overshadowed.  The Urim and Thummim is being energized by the generator quartz crystal in my skull cap.]


Unknown:  When we are connected with unknown or undisclosed destinations, the circuitry of the destination is checked and observed.  The circuitry to which I am now attached [connected] has been approved.[meaning Helen]


H: I greet this entity.  Will this entity please introduce himself.


Unknown:  Greetings.  Allow a moment of silence please.  You will be protected.  We have waited for this moment. Be at peace.



Your Urim and Thummim is now permanently connected to us on standby, as it is with Pleiades.  Our circuitry now matches yours.  Please be aware that this is a special dispensation.


H:  What specific activities will this special dispensation allow?


Unknown:  This dispensation will allow you to seek guidance.


H:  Will this special dispensation allow me to seek guidance on universal matters, spiritual matters, earthly matters, personal emotional matters, physical matters?


Unknown:  You have been connected to a Wisdom Center.


H:  How will I be trained to access the Wisdom Center?


Unknown:  The technique involves thought projection using the Language of Light.


H:  I am familiar with that method.  May I now practise by sending you an inquiry?


Unknown:  It is approved.


H:  I inquire about a matter before me at this instant, regarding a Holocaust Museum in the U.S.  Is there an activity (spiritual or otherwise) that I am capable of performing that will resolve the situation as it is perceived by humans at this time?


(I had earlier asked the Divine Mother for assistance.)


Unknown:  We perceive it as resolved.


H:  Please send an energy that will bring balance to my electrical circuitry at this time. [The above was a bit unnerving or whatever.]


Unknown:  You are being overshadowed.


H: I allow it to be done.


[Very long pause.]


Unknown:  Your electrical circuitry is now balanced with the core of the earth.  This will prevent overcharge to your electrical circuitry. [The “overcharge” was probably what was causing blood pressure problems.]


H:  Please explain what changes have been made.


Unknown:   You now have the capacity to communicate with Inner Earth and with Creator.


H:  Simultaneously or during separate moments of intercommunication?


Unknown:  As you will.


H:  What do you advise that I do when a signal is sent, that an entity wishes to communicate with me?


Unknown:  Open your sensors.


H:  I am familiar with that.  Following opening my sensors, is it appropriate that I open to Inner Earth and to Creator simultaneously?


Unknown:  The connection is made with both automatically.


H:  I believe that I comprehend.  From now on I can converse with Creator at what I would call the highest dimension, and also with Creator installation at the core of the Earth.


Unknown:  Yes.  Heretofore you had not felt that you could intercommunicate with Inner Earth.  Henceforth you will be aware that Inner Earth is also on standby .


H:  It is as if my scope of awareness has increased.


Unknown:  It has.


H:  Is it now possible for me to be connected with Jonah of Aldebaron?


Unknown:  I am Jonah of Aldebaron.


H:  I greet you with great respect.  I am without words.


Jonah:  We will become acquainted over time, if you so desire.  It is appropriate to end the communication at this time.


H:  I am grateful to you for your patience with me.


Jonah:  You have made a step forward.  The future lies before you.   Farewell.


H:  Farewell.