Message # 4, November 4, 2008

Commander Andromedan Starship

Received through Helen Engel


Introducing Thought/Light Beam Technology

or “The Language of Light”.

There are a fleet of Angels who accompany

the Starships and the shuttles.

It will be wise to have advanced Light Workers greet the shuttles.


Helen:  [The space brothers and sisters advise that the Central Communication Center for planetary communication is located on Pleiades.  Telepaths on Earth can connect with Sirius, Andromeda, Jupiter, Arcturius, etc. from those headquarters.  I ask to be connected with the Pleiades Central Communication Center

Unknown:    We greet you with love and joy.  I am Commander of a Starship.  Usually we do not communicate directly with telepaths because of the resistance [impedance] between our transmitting device and the receivers.  Light Beam Technology or the Language of Light will improve intercommunication.

H:  [Light Beam Technology is described in subsequent messages].H:  Do you wish me to bring my crystal transmitter to the computer, in order to receive your messages more efficiently?

Unknown:  You may attempt that at this time.

H: [I hold a quartz crystal transmitter in my right hand and place another on my crown.]   The transmitters are in position.  Is there any way that I can use Dodeca energy to enhance our hookup?  [Dodeca energy is a new form of energy that will replace electricity.  It came to Earth in May, 2008.]  For further information on Dodeca energy, please contact us at

Unknown:  Yes, we will teach you.  Place your left hand on the generating station [quartz crystal cluster that I use in Light Beam technology.]  Energize the quartz emitter on top of your head.  Energize the two massive crystals at your feet.   Hold your hands on the transmitters.  Now declare, “I call Andromeda.”

H:  I call Andromeda.

Unknown:  Type what you receive.

THE MESSAGE:  “Be aware that you can communicate with Angels.  The sole task of a certain group of Angels is to serve humans.  When they achieve, they move higher.  There are a fleet of Angels who accompany the Starships and the shuttles.  When the shuttles land, the Angels approach all visitors and fill the visitors with heavenly grace.  It is much easier for an Angel to dispense graces than for a human to do so.  Angels also assist to cleanse the environment.  They merely change the vibratory rate of particles.  Earth beings are beginning to learn this at the present time.  When shuttles land from Andromeda they will be an advanced crew.  It will be wise to have advanced Light Workers greet them.  There are many degrees of intelligence in human beings at this time. Many souls have deteriorated to very low levels, as a result of the influence of the dark forces. Therefore messengers from the skies must make contact with advanced souls, in order to be of assistance to all the people.  There will be a strategy explained, and when it is executed, the visitors from space will be able to transfer much new knowledge to scientists, health workers, those devoted to agriculture, and industry.

“We encourage the new technique of amiable landings and will send forth as much assistance as possible.  It is by raising the frequency of Light Workers that much is accomplished. Some of this is done without your assistance, as with the sun’s energizing light.  However, Light Workers can raise their own frequency by meditating in groups, meditating in nature, doing acts of mercy, and expressing love.   Earthlings match the Angels when it comes to expressing love.  This is because since the time that human beings were formed, this particular trait has not been removed.  The tendency to hate was instilled, but the capability to love is innate in all human beings.  To remove the desire to kill will also remove the tendency to hate.  We shall close at this time.  Join with us in three days and another will address you.  We are pleased with your skills.  Over and out.”