Message # 5, November 7, 2008

Commander Andromedan Fleet

Received through Helen Engel


You are at the forefront of this most magnificent step.

Fleck has been designated as your host.


 Unknown:  The Commander of the Fleet will address you.

H:  Helen Engel greeting the Commander of the Fleet.  Come in, my station is open.  What is your pleasure?

Unknown:  You are at the forefront of a great movement.  Because of your telepathic abilities, you will be our principal contact.  You are on our wavelength.  We direct your mind.  Let the others wait until we give you directives.

When the waves of craft appear, that will be the time to be diligent.  This is when we will land among you, and you will publicize us.  Take more time, and gather another 25 landing spots, if you can.

This is my message to all:

Dear Leaders,  because you have agreed to come forth, you will be rewarded.  However, in exchange, you will be expected to devote a portion of your life in the joint work that has been planned for such a forefront group.  You will receive many communications from us through our principal contact.  Follow them to the letter.  If you are prepared to only half follow them, you may hold the project back somewhat.  If you cannot and are not prepared to acquiesce to what we will be asking you to do, make a decision early on to decline to continue.  There will be no harm done.  You will be given an opportunity to assist in the next enterprise.  Free will always comes first.

Now to the details.  Fleck has been designated as your host.  He will make the arrangements with us for whatever needs to be done.  He will communicate with our principal contact, and she will communicate with each of you.  She will direst Fleck’s directives to you.   May I tell each of you how proud I am of your bravery and enthusiasm.  The rewards that will come to you will be beyond your imagination and beyond your fondest dreams.  We leave you now, and will speak again soon.

H: Thank you.  Do you wish to identify yourself?

Unknown:  I am from Andromeda, however there are other Starships in contact with us.  We are ONE.  Adieu, peace, love and joy to all.