A message from Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn, on the importance of all of humanity to experience the pulsing energies sent to lightworkers gathered at the first Amiable Holiday held in Alberta, Canada in July of 2009.  


The pulsing energy beam was recorded by Zilanthrah and Zoltair, and we invite all to share in the gift of the codes given to us from our galactic family.



“We suggest that the video of our craft pulsing to you be included on your website so that the world can see.  And remember, there are encodings for all who view this, so please do what is necessary to bring this to completion”.



Methuselah:  “This craft that is pulsing, as did the small craft of the Starship Capricorn at Amiable Holiday, is the same craft.


  This was an opportunity to photograph again, however this video is of a more stable nature.  The pulsing action that folks will be viewing is designed with the same intention,


to present you with gifts that activate the higher senses of the human. 



 For those who view and are not yet awakened, it is designed to set in motion their awakening to the truth of what exists beyond their third dimensional perception and realities


There will be no fear for those who view the craft.  All energies sent through the pulsing craft are of the highest intention of Love, Harmony, Brotherhood, Abundance and Peace for all humankind.


For those who are preparing their own Amiable Gathering, please be aware that you also will be presented with gifts.  


Our intention is to provide a consciousness energy that furthers your individual evolution as well as to bring Unity for all Amiable Contacts and the world.


We are pleased with your efforts and delight in the fact that soon, many will be able to watch the small craft who comes to assist with the evolution of mankind. 


Remember that with each energy that you absorb as humans, Earth’s energy is also raised.  



We see your efforts, your preparation for more Amiable Holidays and it brings us great Joy.  


Remember to plan for your time together to be filled with play, with fun and laughter, for there are great energetic gifts in

these actions.  And allow your plans and your Gatherings to be of ease. 


It is with ease that we participate and celebrate.



With each Amiable Gathering that occurs, more will be learned.  These experiences will allow your ideas and plans  to grow and expand, thereby creating Gatherings that will leave you joyous and fulfilled. 


And as you celebrate by holding or attending an Amiable Gathering, we celebrate your intention.  


Allow your creativity to bloom within your ideas and planning.



There will be many of us participating in such Gatherings.  Rejoice and celebrate, for an Amiable Gathering is magnificent reason for celebration.


Have your video and photography equipment at the ready.  Please spread the word by posting Amiable Gathering stories on your website.


Know that as we stated previously, there will be special gifts of our energies blending with your energies allowing for clarity of guidance and insight on your part.


We look forward to observing the various reactions of folks who will be viewing the video on your wonderful website.


What a truly divine way to further our Amiable Contact Project.  Unity is a divine energy that all will experience within the group who attend and participate.


How small communities of like minded folks might evolve shall be an astounding way for your evolution and expanded consciousness to grow!


We are with you.  Call on us for insight, guidance and direction and it shall be provided. 


We look forward to our futures together. 


Praises be with you.  


And praises to the One who guides us all.



I Am Methuselah.”


Thank you for your visit to StarPortEarth!

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