Captain Helena   Q & A


Through Zilanthrah   


Helena:  I greet you, Zilanthrah.  I am prepared to answer your questions.  Please begin.


Z:  Thank you, Captain Helena.  Can you please speak about landing gear and if there is anything that we need to know about it?


H:  I would be pleased to let you know that our landing gear that is part of our craft operates consciously with the craft.  They are one and the same. 


Our landing gear is of a consciousness that it is aware when it requires to operate.  When the time is appropriate , it becomes operational. 


There is no need to be concerned about this.  You will see it when we land.  You will see things that will uplift, amaze and excite you.


Z:  Thank you kindly.  Can you advise us on our constructing a circular landing pad for each site?


H:  Yes, there seems to be pondering regarding the building of landing sites.  At present, we wish you to know that this is not truly necessary. 


 What is necessary, however, is that your chosen landing sites be flat.


This assists our craft to land in balance.  Honestly, we prefer a natural area to land on.  Grass or plain firm ground is appropriate.  Even sand will work, as long as it is not too deep. 


Our craft are light.  Our craft are aware and consciousness of their surrounding environment.  Our craft are excited about participating in this historical event.  You might say that our family of craft have bonded together in anticipation of this new experience.


Be aware that this experience is an evolutionary step for our shuttles. 


Is this something anyone has thought about?  I think perhaps not, it is an interesting tidbit of information for you to ponder. 


In future, ports will be constructed to accommodate different craft.  At the appropriate time, there will be transmissions regarding how this might be done.  There will be areas on the planet that will accommodate different kinds of craft that are designed for different purposes. 


Some will carry beings, some will transport technology. 


These craft vary in size, therefore more space will be required.  There will be earth shuttles to carry individuals, groups, instruments and tools to and from various venues where events will be set up for various learning experiences. Next question, please.


Z:  Can you clarify the size of individual landing pads, please?


H:  The figure that I transmitted to Zoltair will suffice.  It is better to have extra space than not enough space and this is the case. 


Be aware of the possibility that there may be more beings in one craft than another and this is for specific purposes. 


We wish you to know that plans are already decided as to who will land where.  This is a specific, meaning that beings well versed in a certain field have been designated or have volunteered to meet with those humans who are of the same abilities or might volunteer to learn. 


In this way, this will begin the work that each of you have been selected for or have volunteered unconsciously for, at this point.  Our meeting and greeting one another carries much more oomph! when landing to say hello to you and to the world. 


The many aspects or layers of Amiable Contact have been carefully researched, analyzed, decided upon and confirmed.  Amiable Contact will be the beginning of a carefully structured and planned future. 


Of course, this is not to say that things cannot be changed at any time, as which is most likely the case, but these would be considered last minute changes.  This is nothing that you need concern yourselves with. 


We are ever growing, ever changing in our decisions as to what best suits this momentous occasion.  It is our plan to get as much out of it, for you and for us. 

As a collective, we will pack a lot of power! 


So, in answer to this question, an area of 7850 sq ft will suffice and give plenty of room surrounding our craft for movement.  Was it not something the way I gave Zoltair these figures?  We were aware of your converting square feet to radius and diameter.  We enjoy giving your minds a work out. 

And we enjoy humor immensely.  

What is your next question?


Z:  Will you please clarify your information about the Merkabah surrounding our landing sites.  What is its purpose for yourselves and for us?  Please describe the process of your craft coming to Earth.


H:  I am happy to do so, in fact, it is necessary that you understand this as well as you can.  This will relieve concerns and bring more ease for all.


We are able to, and our craft are able to create different energy fields.  This creation we use for different purposes.  Space travel is the main purpose.  We create a specific energy for leaving one dimension and entering into another. 


It is not something new to us, it has existed in the higher dimensions always.  We create it with thought.  There is a specific being who does this.  He is a spaceflight engineer and it is his job.  All of us are able to do this when we need to, but each being here has a specific job.


It is done consciously between the engineer and the craft, they work together in unison. 

 They are quite the team! 


To travel from our dimension to yours, an energy is created that allows the craft to gear down, so to speak. 


It is possible for one of our craft to retain the higher perspective and vibration while slowing down and shifting into a denser form, although it is not something we do on a regular basis. 


Know that we also have ways to remain 5th dimensional, yet appear as density.  We have choices, there is not one specific way that this is done.  By activating the Merkabah around us, we are able to shift into another form.  The energy of the Merkabah activates something in us that enables this process without doing any harm to our energy. 


It is almost like putting on a magic cloak that is designed specifically for the process of protecting or allowing us to remain truly as we are while we shift into a reality that makes us look different.  We still carry our original energies and attributes while appearing human or close to human.


We advise every Amiable Contact to spend time at their landing site. 


Activate a sphere of light around your site in the way that works best for you and that you practice the most.  Once you do this, you no longer require to do it again. 


We are aware of when you will do this and we will assist, infusing our energies with yours to build a safe area.  Have it in your intention as you prepare to do this and we will be made aware. 


Remember that we are aware of these kinds of things that you do on an ongoing basis.


This area, once activated, holds the space of an energy that will allow us to enter that space. 


It will be as the cloak I mentioned earlier.  There is no harm in entering it, as a matter of fact, it will be an advantage to your well being that you spend time in it. 


When your intuition tells you that it is time to leave, follow your intuition.  The energies are elevated and a space is created for our craft and ourselves.  We will be able to tweak the energy into what we require. 


This is your job and we ask you to do this with gratitude and humility.  We will do our part with the same.


The word Merkabah is different than what we use to describe our process of changing dimensions, yet it is a good description.  It is all about angles and degrees, it is sacred geometry.  We merely think the numbers or the formula and it is done.


You could say that our craft is our Merkabah.  Does this make it easier to comprehend?


Z:  It surely does, thank you.


H:  I have explained the purpose of the Merkabah for us and for you.  Is this sufficient? 


Z:  It is for me.  There may be more questions later.


H:  That is fine.  You may ask at any time.  That is why we are here, to work together on Amiable Contact.


I will describe the process of our coming to Earth simply.  In future, you will learn and understand more about how this works.  It is all thought, my dear ones.  Yes, those powerful thoughts that Creator bestowed upon all sentient beings! 


Our intention is the same, we know that we are about to enter your dimension for Amiable Contact.  We are prepared, everyone has been briefed.  There will really be no need for briefing, as everyone is up on what is happening on a moment to moment basis. 


However, it is protocol that we will follow.  When the time is right, all craft will work in harmony simultaneously.  All distances and times have already been taken into consideration and allowed for.  The word is given that it is time to leave our dimension and enter yours. 


This is really not the correct description, as all dimensions exist simultaneously.  It is only that we are of a higher vibration.  I will give an order to our crew to stand by.  I will give the order to prepare for the shift into the 3rd dimension. 


We have our cloaks on that we activate with our thoughts.  This cloak allows us to shift into a form that will appear dense to you when we step out of our craft.  We have done all we can so that your experience will not be too far out of reach to comprehend. 


Our craft cooperates simultaneously with my thoughts, the engineers and others thoughts.  Basically, you will see a descending shiny looking craft.  Each craft bears an insignia where you will see the name of the craft.  The craft will be silent. 


The craft will emit an energy and we ask you to stand back at first.  When the door opens and we step out, we will beckon you to come close.  And the rest is history.  The mechanics of how we come to your dimension will suffice for now. 


You will be in a bit of a different state, how can you help it when such a magnificent event is before you? 


Do not worry, our energy will be a calming one for all involved. 


Remember that we have a great multitude of technologies at hand and that our energies consist of Love and Light.  Of this you can be sure. 


Indeed, our directive is one of Peace and Brotherhood. 


I can tell you that the waiting list of those who volunteered for this occasion was lengthy and those chosen leap with excitement.  Even their families are exuberant about this upcoming mission.  We are not unlike you in some ways.  Do you have more questions?


Z:  Yes, thank you, Helena for your wonderful transmission.


Can you please clarify for us regarding our individual perspectives on how Amiable Landings might look for us, in other words, must we all visualize the same experience?


H:  What I just transmitted to you seems to be the collective perspective, from our point of view.  You know how your varying thoughts create your varying realities, correct?  As I said, you can visualize our landing on the head of a pin if you like. 


I wish you to know that the majority of Amiable Contacts see the perspective that I described.  And for a first Amiable Landing, this will serve all well.  We wish it to be as easy and worry free as possible.  So it will happen simply and worry free. 


The excitement might be all that some of you can handle!  Do not worry, it will be a calm and loving experience for all involved. 


If your individual perspectives vary, that is how Amiable Contact will occur for you.  Keep in mind to see it happening with the greatest of ease and comfort and we will all do just fine.


Z:  I have one more question, Helena.


H: Fire away, dear girl.


Z:  Will we see you as third dimensional beings?


H:  It seems as though this question is an ongoing one, and so it should be.  Because this is a first, all questions are acknowledged and all questions are intelligent ones.  We appreciate each and every one. 


Yes, you will see us as you see one another. 


Some might see something different about us, for instance, someone might see a glow about someone, or see a skin color as being somewhat different from yours.  We will try to get it just right and appear as human as we can. 


Be advised that in some cases, depending on the host of the landing site, they might see someone somewhat unlike a human.


Remember that we Amiable Contacts from our side are usually not human appearing.  Someone’s ears may be a little on the Vulcan appearing side. 


This can be part of your individual perspective, so you can work on manifesting a being that you would like to see.  If we are definitely aware that it will not scare the pants off you, we may accommodate you.


There will be a group with each craft whom you will not see, unless you have the gift of clairsentience. 


If you are able to see when you are in a higher state what surrounds you, you may have a chance to see those Celestials who will accompany us.  It depends on how much you are able to handle and more importantly, if it is appropriate for you.


Their presence will alter the energy in the environment forever more. 


The energy that they will carry will be transferred to your environment and from there will spread and be carried world wide. It is a way to up the consciousness and vibration of the planet and the human being. 


Who knows, you may be surprised at a face that you might see peering out at you from a port on a craft.  We are as curious about you as you are about us. 


This coming Amiable Contact will be one of the most monumental experiences and events to ever take place.


 You are moving along with your preparations well.  Our website expert has relayed to me that it is looking good.  Please keep at it so that you will be prepared for newcomers who will be coming on board with the Amiable Contact project. 


You have the blessings of all of the commanders of all the craft who will come to greet you, all the Motherships and the blessings of Creator.


Is this not a fun project for you all?  For those who are working tirelessly, there will be rewards.  Please, all who read my transmission, it will be more than worth your while to assist the small group with our Amiable Contact Project.  You will learn much and the experience will be a gift that lasts forever.


I am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn.

I bid you a fond farewell and I take my leave.  I thank you for your admirable questions.  I hope that my answers help to further you along.


Z:  Most definitely, Cpt Helena.  I think this information is awesome.  Thank you very much.


Message # 73




Received through Zoltair

November 4th, 2009


When you connect with us, it is not important that you call out a name as much as it is an energetic frequency sent out by you and received by us.

  We are as One with all Light Beings and all Light Workers.


Amiable Contact shall be unbelievable, huge and profound and will affect many millions of people as it balances and achieves its ultimate goal.

It is the premier pathway being cut at this time by Light Workers on Earth.


It is not as new a thought as you may think it is, it has been building and growing in the minds of many.  We have in fact, created a center for all Light Workers of similar consciousness to reach out to others from. 


It is not solely confined to the Earth reality, it is now being experienced in other realities on other planets in other galaxies and other universes.


There are those who have read the Welcome Letter and had a powerful …

“Aha, this is what I have been waiting for!”



It has begun and it is powerful.

We are extremely proud of your efforts.

We thank you for all that you do.


  We wish you to know that We are One.


Message # 69




Received through Zilanthrah

September 16, 2009



Ah yes, dear one, and so it is time.  We appreciate and approve of your intuition regarding Divine Timing.  There is no rush; remember Ease.  Remember Grace, every one of you.


We commend the work that you have done.  We observe the building of your website and we acknowledge your drive and your belief in Amiable Contact and all things of the etheric realms. 


Is it not wondrous that there are folks like you who continue on, no matter how you are feeling or what your life circumstances may be. 


Please remember that there is no point nor any requirement that any of you feel or become overwhelmed, for this project has a life and a consciousness of its own. 


And remember that we are providing guidance and insight for you all.  This is indeed good training and good lessons learned in all aspects of your lives.  We acknowledge that you appreciate this.  And so it is.


When there are folks in your midst connected with Amiable Contact and your website who wish to disengage, know that it is alright for them to do so, as there are a variety of reasons for this.  Someone will be brought to you; which as you are already aware, does occur. 


Interested newcomers will begin to come forth slowly and it will not become overwhelming for any of you as we will continue to assist. 


Know that we have our eyes upon those humans who are important to our Project and we have been whispering into their ears, prompting them, if they so choose, to discover StarPortEarth in all it’s glory.


We know full well that some of you have busy lives and it may be difficult at times to keep up or even to participate at times.  There is no need for worry regarding this, all flows naturally in the correct timing. 


As we have stated before, you will all know when it is time to step up your efforts. 


For now, please continue to build the important website, as it will reap benefits for all; and know that it is the first of its kind that is directly and overtly connected to this kind of contact with extraterrestrials, as well as Unity and Brotherly Love with ETs, some of who will be participating in our Amiable Contact Project.


You have a good working team who care about one another and this is important.  The understanding and support that we observe is of a kind, respectful and loving nature.  Your nature is similar in many ways and is this collective work not proof that this is so?


We are aware that there are many weary and fatigued Lightworkers. 


We say to you; enjoy all that you can and know that the future is creeping up on you slowly.  Look to the future; look to the skies, for we are with you and around you. 


We look forward to our future together immensely; you are not alone in your longing for better days in your lives on planet Earth. 


We understand that these are indeed trying times.  Continue to hold on to your faith.  And to be the loving beings that you are, for the world needs you more than ever.


May I make a suggestion that might assist to promote our Amiable Contact Project?  Zilanthrah and Zoltair might wish to consider inserting reference to StarPortEarth in each mailing of messages from ETs and other messages that apply to Amiable Contact. 


This may be of assistance for those who are interested to view information about Amiable Contact from StarPortEarth.


Please, all of you, only take on what you are able to and for those who do have time and wish to assist, by all means, do so.  There is no set protocol, and as the energy shifts, so too can you.  If you are directed to, please do so. 


Many of you are experiencing the waning of beautiful weather and we encourage you to take full advantage of the wonder and warmth that Earth and Mother Nature provides.  It is of a healing and uplifting nature that is beneficial to all.


I am Methuselah.  Blessings of Love on this day to you all.


Message # 68



The Arcturians


Received through Zoltair

September 14, 2009



Arcturians:  We are here once again to share with you the wonders and the beauty that Heaven has in store.  For each and every individual present at this time, there are truly unimaginable rewards forthcoming.


We wish you all to understand and hold deep within your hearts the Truth that this pulsing is designed to share with you. 


It may seem barely perceptible for those who are in some way feeling separate, alone and disconnected.  But it is only part of the illusory design of this experiment. 


Embrace this as a possibility – or not.  You are benefiting nevertheless.  These color encodements are reminders of who you truly are. 


If you could observe yourselves from our vantage point, you would immediately identify with these pulses as Home.


We wish to share the Love that has been so lavishly bestowed to you.  Yes, those of you who have gone afar, have gone beyond limitation and are rising to your true destiny as Stars; Stars within the Big Picture, Stars inclusive of all possibilities and realities, Stars who are designed to expand and evolve within Love.


You are truly loved.  And you are truly Love.  We are your Brothers and Sisters.  The only difference is that you have taken the plunge and manifested fully into the Mastery of Limitation. 


We have chosen to remain here where we do not require to endure density or pain, both physically and emotionally.  It is a great thing that you are doing!  It is special! 


You are special!


We will remain present for those who are looking, seeking, practicing in the Light.


Are there any questions at this time?


Zilanthrah: Can you share with us who you are?


Arcturians:  We are known to you, my dear ones, as the Arcturians.  We are thrilled to share with you all things.  If you wish to know how it is that we live on a moment to moment basis, we live in an elastic plastic environment akin to being submerged and are able to receive sustenance from this Cosmic Goo known as Love. 


We feel ecstasy, fulfillment, joy, freedom and a comaraderie which is very difficult to put into words.  It is a closeness on a much higher level than what you may enjoy when you feel that you are connected to God. 


By comparison, the physical experience, if one could put on a scale of one to ten, the Earth experience would fall into the minus numbers.  And our experience would be beyond ten.


You are all aware that it is in your physical memory and can be accessed easily.  You have come from us, from our position.  You have this knowledge.  To further assist would require certain carefully thought out questions. 


However, we are very easily prompted and have a very well honed ability to interpret languages; many emotional aspects of specific tonal projections are the same throughout the universes.


Here every thing is Light and Love.  We are wrapped in the arms of eternity; it is a very comfortable relaxing place to be.  We do however, experience powerful upliftment when we see your joy, your laughter, your expressing of Love.  We feel it. 


It serves to remind us of when you were here with us.  This is not to imply that at any moment you are not with us.  I am sure that you are aware of the many gatherings of counsel where you attend, even while you are in physicality. 


We look forward to your returning while in rem sleep experience.  It gives us the opportunity to share your experience and heartfully feel what you have experienced.  It is an opportunity for major growth for us.  And of course, for you. 


Is there anything else that you wish to discuss with the Arcturians?


Zilanthrah: Can you give us any information about where the ascension process is at present or any appropriate information regarding when we might look forward to obvious change?


 Some say August was an important month, some say we will be here plugging away for 50 or 100 years.  Some say that 2012 is an important date.


Arcturians: Yes, within time, the translation becomes pressured, it becomes denser because of the imminent possibility that the end may elude. 


We are here NOW to reinforce the possibility that this has already happened; that you have already chosen the reality of ascension.  This is accurate. 


Time has been designed to be able to pinpoint precise numerics, thereby control every thing; all results.  We are here to inform those presently governing their accomplishments within the confines of time.  We wish only for you to know that this process becomes open to flaws, open to outside influences governing the final act. 


It is important for you to know that no thing is final.  When one walks through his or her life and stumbles and falls, does that mean that it is the end?  Does it limit your period of time to that point?


If we confirm the exact time and it does not come to pass, will that mean that it will never happen?  In Earth reality, there are billions of possibilities. 


Those who are for it and those who are not yet ready while not even being aware are holding the ascension process in perfect balance, thereby allowing the Universal growth and expansion to an accommodating pace for all involved. 


Many of you are aware that you are mutating on a moment to moment basis.  There are many side effects, some are manifested as hives, some are manifested as aches and pains, some have manifested as low levels of energy, feeling chronically tired.  You are all mutating! 


 You are all becoming Light Body. 


As Star Seeds who are known throughout All That Is, who are cherished, loved and exonerated by All That Is, you have no thing to fear.  You have been protected from the very beginning. 


And this process of Ascension is your God given right, for you will all experience being the Great Central Sun, having all the Joys, the fulfillment and all the Love that goes with being in this position.


You are truly Star Seeds who are germinating, so to speak.  And mutating into Star Status. 


Does this answer your question?


Zilanthrah:  Yes, it does.  And it makes me feel great love, joy and gratitude.


Arcturians:  Then we are blessed.  Any thing that we can offer to those who are in earth experience and uplift them gives us fulfillment. 


We love your sense of humor, we love your purity of heart, we respect your tenacity and strength and determination.  We see you grow brighter in every moment. 


Go without fear.  Go boldly.  Know that what you are doing is a wonder to behold. 


Know that you are doing the highest work possible in every moment


As you carry this in your day to day life, you will be expressing to others that this is who they truly are.  And they will recognize this truth, embody it and become more of who they truly are.  Isn’t that an empowering thought to retire with?


We will await your arrival at counsel on this night.  Thank you for your wise questions.


Zilanthrah:  I am honored to be the one who records the message.  Thank you.


Arcturians: With the highest of respect, we accept your Love.

Message # 67


Methusaleh:  Soon We Shall Be With You


Received through Helen Engel

August 30th, 2009


H:  [It is 6 a.m.  I was reviewing pyramid math and studying Logarithms when I heard a tremendously loud click on the wall.  I prepared the salted massive pyramid for my feet, arranged the crystals around the computer, placed a generator crystal on my crown, and am ready.]



H:  Helen Engel greeting Euclid.

E:  Greetings, Helen Engel.

H:  I heard a very loud click on the wall.  Will you kindly determine whether someone is contacting me through your station?

E:  One moment please.




Unknown:  We come, we come, like lightning and thunder, we come.  Who will not hear us?  Who will not see us?  From the tops of mountains, in low valleys, they will peer into the skies and say, 


“Look, look, thousands of ships.  Thousands!”


They will be awestruck.  They will be so awestruck that they will have no fear.


Yes, we are the fleet.  Yes, we are coming to Earth.


H:  Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Oh how I wish I could see you now.  Are you cloaked above us?


Unknown:  We have been gathering for many years.  We communicate with each other.  We represent a great many star nations.  We come with love, to bring peace to Earth. 


I am Methusaleh, and I have been appointed to tell a few Earth people that we are here.


All over Earth, the Ambassadors of Good Will are contacting telepathic souls and bringing the same message. 


We come in peace.  We greet our brothers and sisters in love.


H:  I wish that I could see you.  Are you sufficiently close that you can fill my heart with your love now?


Methusaleh:  In distance we are a great distance away.  In thought we are with you now.


H:  Please continue with your message.


Methusaleh:  Over the short period of time between this message and our appearance, there will be turmoil.  All light workers are urged to remain calm.  Do not believe anything that you hear or read unless it is good news.  All the bad news is either fictional or has been created to put you in fear. 


When we come across your skies, the most important task for you is to calm those around you.  Explain to them that the craft are friendly, and wish peace to the people of Earth. 


Beloved workers, soon we shall be with you.  It is only a little while.


H:  Thank you.

Message # 66




Near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Received through Zilanthrah

August 26th, 2009



As you approach the energetic vortex of my earthly ashram, know that the energy of the sword of Michael and my Legions enters your field; energetically your bodies absorb and maintain the beauty of my Love and Light.


Also know that each time one enters this area, a gift of specific energy blesses you.  Your bodies are consciously aware of what is appropriate for them and adjustments are made through the body’s cellular intelligence. 


There abounds a specific myriad of crystals, gems, minerals and elements that are attuned to my energy and they carry out tasks. 


The waters in the area are supercharged in the way that they act as filters whereby they transmute negativity of the humans in the area which is transmuted with the assistance of the Light City above.  Each super charged molecule receives replenishment of energies for continuation of this task as needed.


There are specific locations throughout your heavenly planet where other Archangel energies are anchored.  If one were able to hear with their higher senses, the music near and at these places would astound you.  The colors of the specific energies near and in these places would have you in awe.


Our areas of anchoring act to hold fast these places of energies so that Earth’s grid design is held to the Divine Plan.  This is the same for the human on the ascension journey and is a reflection of what is taking place within the human.


The energies in these areas are shifting continually.  When more or less of an attribute or specific energy is needed, it is amped up or slowed down to correspond and cooperate with all of the varying balancing energies that abound on and that surround Earth. 


One specific energy is of the geological nature.  Another is the energy of botany and another is the energy of astrology.  There are an endless number of different fields of energy that play an important role in the constant changing of Earth’s energy, of Humankind’s and all sentient beings energy. 


Other energies are of the emotional, mental and spiritual.  These energies can be directed and fine tuned individually and at times combined at specific frequencies, which are directed to the core of the planetary body. 


There they combine to become a balance of Love and Light and consciously direct themselves outward, radiating to all the Earth.  When necessary, the energy guides itself to specific locations such as in the case of shifting tectonic plates or areas of great human strife.


All sentient beings benefit, no matter where they are located.


Above each Anchoring Vortex point abides what you may term a great city of Light.  This is where those beings whose task it is to measure and to make energetic adjustments reside.


Each mountain top all across this precious planet work in a similar way.  They act as antenna and receive energies that are transferred throughout the mountain range and beneath into Earth. 


Many such places are special in the way that they contain entry points that lead below the surface, as well as are delineated as areas where certain other life forms dwell. 


These ones will expose themselves one day to mingle with sentient beings in their area and roam free.  These are animal beings, feathered beings, water beings and even crawling beings who serve to release karma of days gone by when they roamed free. 


There are others who monitor their needs to ensure that they are well provided for energy wise.


What is termed ‘global warming’ has, of course, affected the glaciers.  However, the shifting of Earth and humanity are also a cause.  Be aware that the future does not hold a shortage of water. 


There will be an abundance of water and all natural resources.  Rivers and lakes will flow freely in Joy; and the life in them will be an abundant one.  There will be technologies that allow plenty of water in those locations where it is seemingly scarce.


All that is occurring planetary wise is part of the Earth’s ascension journey.  Have no fear; know that it must be this way.  In this manner, great shifts occur in every moment.  Be wondrous and be ecstatic for Mother Earth, as she is undergoing a  magnificence like no other. 


Becoming a star in the Heavens is an endeavor that she is so very worthy of.  She has great love for all of you.  Rest assured that all is indeed well.


These areas and all sentient beings such as the stones, the soil, the water, the trees and all plant life and the animal beings, the beings who fly, the beings who dwell within the sacred waters of Earth and the beings who crawl work in conjunction with my Vortex and all other Vortexes across Earth.  They are indeed sacred sites, as all of earth is. 


Feel the sacredness. Breathe it in and know that you are blessed.  Give thanks.


I Am Archangel Michael.  My Legions attend thee.

Message # 65



(pronounced key wah’ sees, with a soft “s”)


Recognize Yourself as an Expert in Transitioning Planets


Received through Zoltair

August 25th, 2009



Note from Zilanthrah:  As this message was coming through Zoltair, when he spoke  about the tone of “Queequah,” I heard a deep resonating tone of the Queequah that felt like it came from forever, entering me on an intense  emotional level.  It feels like the low tone of the Didgeridoo or Tibetan horn.  Please be open to the same possibility as you read.



Whenever Zoltair says “Kewasis” to me, it settles in my heart and feels very loving.



THE QUEEQUAH:  We extend our warmest welcome to our beloved Zilanthrah and Zoltair, who have carried our name throughout the millennia within their DNA.  These structures are developed and employed as a simple universal law or program, which enables the intelligence of each cell to lock in all recorded history, memory and wisdom.


Zoltair, each time that you spoke the name Queequah in the past, it served to unlock that portion of your memory and allowed many codes to be activated.


We are here now to extend our life altering technologies.  These technologies were developed for such an occasion and have been tried, tested and true in many other similar planetary ascensions. 


As you look toward the heavens and witness the infinite number of glowing heavenly bodies that presently exist, you are viewing a model of exactly what is occurring within your cellular structure. 


This model, if you will, indulges for just a moment, but contains much more; the concepts and constructs of this state of being go on infinitely.  However, this may be beyond conceptual at this time and we do not wish to complicate in any way your picture of reality about what is indeed happening.


Beloveds, we are here to introduce you to a widening perspective of yourselves and your connection to All That Is.  There are a simple few adjustments that each and every one of you are about to undergo that will unlock the Secrets of the Universe that remain in your cellular structures. 


As the planet reaches her point of maximum density and begins to ascend, your bodies are undergoing similar experiences.  This is a simple explanation of how you are feeling at this present time.  It is important however, that you know and understand that going with the flow will ease your discomfort. 


Queequah is a very special tonal activation, for you are still able to understand that Tonal Language and your body shall react accordingly. 


We are of the star system Kewasis.  This is our home base, located 5 universes beyond your local universe, and can be reached instantaneously through telepathic communication.


However, we have a delegation aboard the Starship forever, circumventing the globe, maintaining certain frequencies, certain ranges of light and color in an effort to ease the transition that is about to take place.


Something of great importance is imminent and will occur very soon.  All the technologies being focused on the planet are dedicated to the fulfillment of Earth’s request; that all sentient beings making up her mass are properly prepared. 


She has graciously and lovingly slowed her Ascension Process in order that all beings reach maximum vibration and can make the cross over with ease and grace. 


Careful monitoring and gentle persuasion have played a major part in the quickening process for humanity and all beings who are here at this time.  Those who are awake have been guided to support those who are still in the process of waking up. 


This has been conducted with a multitude of different techniques; all of them Divinely designed to accommodate each individual aspect of God. 


The door has been closed on those who prefer to remain in darkness and they are being given the opportunity and are welcome to join us.  Many of them have done so and many more will come to realize their Divinity and also join us. 


This process of Ascension is well known throughout All That Is and has been practiced and carried out flawlessly since the beginning of time.  It is to your empowerment that you begin to recognize yourselves as experts in the field of transitioning planets, for you all volunteered for this mission.  You were chosen and you accepted because of your unique abilities.


Understand that what you do for the process is ingrained in each individual and at times may appear that your expressions are in some way inadequate.  Know from this point forward that every expression is Divinely Designed to activate these processes in others and are vitally important. 


This is a time to step back from ego and allow this expression to flow.  As you do this, those who are around you will see the fulfillment, the ecstasy, the Joy and the Love.  They will begin to follow your example. 


This is only one transmission in a long line.  We are open and we see that you are open.


Go and enjoy, open your hearts.  Love is truly all there is. We send our love and our respects to all.  We are One.


We are the Queequah of Kewasis.


Note from Zoltair:  On a personal note, Queequah and Kewasis are words that I have used for years but never knew why or what they meant.  I use “Kewasis” as an endearment to my wife.  I sometimes say “Queequah” to our dog to come quickly or to jump up quickly and she always responds.


I believe that Zilanthrah and I were on Kewasis millennia ago during that ascension journey.  Through that connection, we have family and loved ones that are actually part of all of us, all of our lineage and soul group.


The Time is Now and there is more NOW here than there has ever been before!


Love to All of you.

Message # 64





Received through Zoltair

August 19th, 2009



I am here for you.  Please know that this communication is for you and Zilanthra exclusively.  We have been observing the energies that have been emanating from you.  They have created a vortex that will remain open in the future. 


This opening in the Lattice is for a very specific reason; the contact of many ships, guides and angels upon your request.  Your Higher Self has been manifested thru your melding together with encodements sent to your selves from the higher dimensions.  Note that these encodements have been integrated fully. 


You however, will be facilitating these contacts through your acceptance of this possibility.  As you continue to use the power of intent and focus on the ships that are here and will continue to pass through your camera lens; if you feel that these results are not perfect in any way, we wish you to know that it is exactly the opposite. 


You know each one who is in the presence of these pulsing ships will be given exactly what they require.  Have no doubt about the work that we share from this time forward.  If feelings of doubt come up for you, ask Zilanthrah to remove them.  She will ask you for the same. 


Be aware that in the higher realms you are all known.  This is child’s play, for together you have transitioned many other planets.  Keep up the good work.  Understand that these messages have been forwarded through us here on the ship from your Higher Selves.


Do not feel in any way that this is something that you don’t already know. It’s just a way for you to evoke your inner knowing.  This also is something that you execute perfectly. 


You have asked that we relay this short message to you as a quickening. Zilanthrah and Zoltair, open more fully to the guests who have taken up residence in those bodies.  (smiley face, xxx’s and ooo’s) 


It is our pleasure to work with you once again.


Note:  We were laughing and joking while editing and I said that maybe we can charge rent!  Zoltair said that pets are welcome, but no cooties please.



ANGELEA  Message 2


A:  Care to do some more writing?


Z:  I would love to.


A:  Here we go.  We are in your 5th dimensional Sanctuary, make no mistake about this.  Remember, you asked for it.


It is truly a wise one who is aware of what they ask for.  That is a cosmic joke, is it not?


As you request the camera from the universe, know that exactly the perfect one is already manifest.  Know that you are seeing through new eyes.  When you point and shoot, with the whole universe supporting you – guess what?  Things most powerful will become an every day experience. 

 Add to this your divine intent and wow – shazam – the universe is limitless. 


We are arranging the distribution that works to give you what you need.  Your occupants will assist you when they are presented.  This is how it will be done from this day forward.


Use this awareness to drive you forward. 


We are here now and we go with you. 

Message # 63




Received through Zilanthrah

August 19th, 2009



With the dove my Brother Sananda and I come.  It is in these auspicious times, my dear ones, that peace reign in your hearts, within your entire being.  For this is a time of integration.  What is occurring for you is an intensity never before felt by any human.


Every cell within your body is undergoing transformation.  Every cell is being raised into a higher vibration.  Each day your physical being changes and your physical body integrates these changes.  Know that when you feel a twinge here or a stabbing throb there, it is part of these monumental changes that your body is experiencing. 


The intensity of the variations being experienced vary from one to another.  Some are more inclined or designed to take on a heavier load.  This reflects partly as what you chose to take on.  As well, some physical bodies are more sensitive than others. 


Know, beloved ones, that it shall be all right.  It is only temporary until you reach a leveling out of symptoms.  When this occurs, it is because the energies on earth have leveled. The assimilation and integration process has taken place and you will know when this occurs because you will feel better. 


Then it will be time for another level, the beginning of your next stage in the ascension process.  You are morphing continually in all ways.  Aspects are birthing anew; the many aspects that make up the being that is you. 


As more of Spirit merges with the physical, all the bodies are affected.  You are aware that as your emotional and mental bodies relax and feel better, the same occurs for your physical.  As this takes place, the spiritual body has also taken in and integrated. 


The spiritual body interprets all that has taken place within the other bodies.  The spiritual body assimilates and integrates all that has occurred and it becomes translated into higher ways of being. 


As your bodies grow, so does your spiritual body grow and evolve.  It takes on the enhanced or raised senses of the third and raises it into a higher frequency.  All your bodies are then on the same page and you are able to function in Unity and harmony. 


You are growing into a higher vibration of harmony.  Everything is stepping up molecularly and atomically.  Your atoms are evolving and becoming more.  So you see, the symptoms that you experience is proof of your body morphing into a higher state of being; a higher state of consciousness.


When you recognize that this is what is occurring, it assists all your bodies.  Acknowledging and accepting that this is so allows ease and grace for each body, in fact for each and every cell.  Allow your cells to transform with ease and grace.  Give your body the option that is best for it and for you. 


In this way, your higher mind communicates to your cells that all is well, to accept the changes with joy and to allow yourself to expand with ease and grace into your maximum potential.


Know that there are those who are now energetically closer to the 5th dimension than the 3rd.  These ones have lifted the foot that remained in the 3rd and are leaning toward the direction of the 5th.  These ones are on the leading edge, the ones who will indeed be the shepherds and guides for those who will follow with a burning desire to know.


For those of you who require employment as a necessity, know that there will arise new opportunities that will offer you the option to create finances in an easier way.  This will cause your life to become simpler, creating more time for your connection with Spirit.


See yourself enjoying each day that you spend while creating finances.  There is no need for any of you to feel bound to a job that does not fulfill your creative and your co creative abilities. 


Throughout the planet at this time, there are millions who yearn to be released from days they spend that do not feel uplifting.  This will all be transformed in the near future.  Know that this must change as it is all part of the chain of events. 


A transformed being will choose the direction that is conducive to their health, happiness and divine fulfillment.  It is all part of their growing process.  To behave in any way that is not conducive to the light will be felt immediately.  Know that to make the best choice for your highest good is the new way of being and you will make choices in this manner from now on in your own Divine Timing.


And as your perspective continues to shift, you may begin to see your present job anew.  It may become more fulfilling than before.  It is only for a short time more.


There are tremendous energetic events occurring on a moment to moment basis.  All those who volunteered to be here to assist in this time of great change have stepped forth out of unconditional Love.  They do so with great honor. 


It has become very busy, to put it simply, for all.  The pace of all plans and tasks, all designs, all programs has stepped up a level.  Plans are swiftly being carried out as never before.  The barriers are no longer in place, making for more ease than ever for all councils and all universal brethren no matter what their task is. 


As another level is completed, more step forward to pick up the next process and to see that it is carried to completion.  There is much delight, yet a sense of energetic urgency among all who are working toward the ascension process, for they desire that your journey be as gentle as possible.


Some of you are requesting relief at this time.  Your requests are heard.  Know that during your sleep time, you do gain peace and relaxation through your spiritual body.  You are being cared for and given support through your etheric body as it brings these supportive emotions from the 5th dimension and beyond into your physical body.  When you arise in the morning, know that you have received respite during your sleep. 


Assimilation and integration of new energy takes time.  The transformation of your physical bodies is no small thing.  It is monumental; it is phenomenal and sometimes feels horrendous emotionally and mentally. 


These subtle bodies are undergoing transformation, therefore you feel very different at times.  However, underlying all the symptoms that you are experiencing is a base of peace and gratitude, for that higher part of you knows that all is well. 


You are so dearly admired and loved by all those in the etheric realms for your bravery and your steadfastness. 


Look to the skies, for your brethren are indeed showing themselves.  It is their way of saluting you in the highest way that they are able to at this time. 


Change is rapidly occurring as never before and continues to do so.  There may be seeming lulls from time to time, but energetically there are none.  It is coming at you fast and hard, dear ones; the Love and Light of the Great Central Sun generating the quickening that is occurring for all.  Take it in stride, be kind to yourselves, for you deserve it.



Celebrate your metamorphosis and congratulate yourselves for your accomplishments.

Fly with the dove in the divine peace that is you.


I Am Methuselah.


Message # 62






Received through Zilanthrah                                                                                                          August 17th, 2009


I greet you with confirmation and expansion regarding Zoltair’s relay from Captain Angelea.  I wish to let you know that your mission, if you choose to accept (Laughalot) is real and this offer is extended to you both with complete delight and total trust.


You are correct in your thoughts that your location is an ideal site for the photographing of various craft. 


Also, as each craft passes, is observed and recorded, there are to be accompanying messages from those sources.  In this way, you will learn more about the craft and their purpose that you may share. 


Is this not a perfect way to introduce human beings to the fact that there is indeed a multitude of life in the Universe and beyond?


As has been stated, following the intention that this endeavor has been extended and offered, all will come together.  As you both follow your intuition and discernment very well, you must rely on that completely. 


It is when Zilanthrah goes to the window and there is something to see in the sky, she does not even realize that her intuition is telling her to look outside to the skies.  So, follow each thought with a step that leads you closer to a very fulfilling task.


This is your choice, of course, however we observe that the idea presented brings you both a feeling of joy and wonder.  And it delights us that you feel this way.


Messages and pictures, what a wonderful combination as a way to serve the co creation of Heaven on Earth.


I offer that as you shoot footage of a craft, you might receive a message following your sighting.  When shared with others, you may present it in this way with the information provided in the message.


Because of your rural location and because of the open vortex there, it is an ideal location.  We are aware of your thoughts of spending time outdoors in the night and advise that you make yourselves as comfortable as possible and prepare in such a way that this will be so.


We will provide the ease of our appearance for you, you require those third dimensional needs for your equipment and your comfort.  It will all transpire with the ease and the grace with which you are made of.


 Upon your acceptance of this endeavor, there are many who have become aware of this possibility becoming a reality.  We will provide more information at suitable times.  Also know that this idea and endeavor is something that is completely new, both to us and to you.  It will create pleasure and delight for all involved.


Please consider a simple celebration of honor and welcome regarding the new energies within your selves. 


I Am Methuselah and I bring great news.