Captain Helena   Q & A


Through Zilanthrah   


Helena:  I greet you, Zilanthrah.  I am prepared to answer your questions.  Please begin.


Z:  Thank you, Captain Helena.  Can you please speak about landing gear and if there is anything that we need to know about it?


H:  I would be pleased to let you know that our landing gear that is part of our craft operates consciously with the craft.  They are one and the same. 


Our landing gear is of a consciousness that it is aware when it requires to operate.  When the time is appropriate , it becomes operational. 


There is no need to be concerned about this.  You will see it when we land.  You will see things that will uplift, amaze and excite you.


Z:  Thank you kindly.  Can you advise us on our constructing a circular landing pad for each site?


H:  Yes, there seems to be pondering regarding the building of landing sites.  At present, we wish you to know that this is not truly necessary. 


 What is necessary, however, is that your chosen landing sites be flat.


This assists our craft to land in balance.  Honestly, we prefer a natural area to land on.  Grass or plain firm ground is appropriate.  Even sand will work, as long as it is not too deep. 


Our craft are light.  Our craft are aware and consciousness of their surrounding environment.  Our craft are excited about participating in this historical event.  You might say that our family of craft have bonded together in anticipation of this new experience.


Be aware that this experience is an evolutionary step for our shuttles. 


Is this something anyone has thought about?  I think perhaps not, it is an interesting tidbit of information for you to ponder. 


In future, ports will be constructed to accommodate different craft.  At the appropriate time, there will be transmissions regarding how this might be done.  There will be areas on the planet that will accommodate different kinds of craft that are designed for different purposes. 


Some will carry beings, some will transport technology. 


These craft vary in size, therefore more space will be required.  There will be earth shuttles to carry individuals, groups, instruments and tools to and from various venues where events will be set up for various learning experiences. Next question, please.


Z:  Can you clarify the size of individual landing pads, please?


H:  The figure that I transmitted to Zoltair will suffice.  It is better to have extra space than not enough space and this is the case. 


Be aware of the possibility that there may be more beings in one craft than another and this is for specific purposes. 


We wish you to know that plans are already decided as to who will land where.  This is a specific, meaning that beings well versed in a certain field have been designated or have volunteered to meet with those humans who are of the same abilities or might volunteer to learn. 


In this way, this will begin the work that each of you have been selected for or have volunteered unconsciously for, at this point.  Our meeting and greeting one another carries much more oomph! when landing to say hello to you and to the world. 


The many aspects or layers of Amiable Contact have been carefully researched, analyzed, decided upon and confirmed.  Amiable Contact will be the beginning of a carefully structured and planned future. 


Of course, this is not to say that things cannot be changed at any time, as which is most likely the case, but these would be considered last minute changes.  This is nothing that you need concern yourselves with. 


We are ever growing, ever changing in our decisions as to what best suits this momentous occasion.  It is our plan to get as much out of it, for you and for us. 

As a collective, we will pack a lot of power! 


So, in answer to this question, an area of 7850 sq ft will suffice and give plenty of room surrounding our craft for movement.  Was it not something the way I gave Zoltair these figures?  We were aware of your converting square feet to radius and diameter.  We enjoy giving your minds a work out. 

And we enjoy humor immensely.  

What is your next question?


Z:  Will you please clarify your information about the Merkabah surrounding our landing sites.  What is its purpose for yourselves and for us?  Please describe the process of your craft coming to Earth.


H:  I am happy to do so, in fact, it is necessary that you understand this as well as you can.  This will relieve concerns and bring more ease for all.


We are able to, and our craft are able to create different energy fields.  This creation we use for different purposes.  Space travel is the main purpose.  We create a specific energy for leaving one dimension and entering into another. 


It is not something new to us, it has existed in the higher dimensions always.  We create it with thought.  There is a specific being who does this.  He is a spaceflight engineer and it is his job.  All of us are able to do this when we need to, but each being here has a specific job.


It is done consciously between the engineer and the craft, they work together in unison. 

 They are quite the team! 


To travel from our dimension to yours, an energy is created that allows the craft to gear down, so to speak. 


It is possible for one of our craft to retain the higher perspective and vibration while slowing down and shifting into a denser form, although it is not something we do on a regular basis. 


Know that we also have ways to remain 5th dimensional, yet appear as density.  We have choices, there is not one specific way that this is done.  By activating the Merkabah around us, we are able to shift into another form.  The energy of the Merkabah activates something in us that enables this process without doing any harm to our energy. 


It is almost like putting on a magic cloak that is designed specifically for the process of protecting or allowing us to remain truly as we are while we shift into a reality that makes us look different.  We still carry our original energies and attributes while appearing human or close to human.


We advise every Amiable Contact to spend time at their landing site. 


Activate a sphere of light around your site in the way that works best for you and that you practice the most.  Once you do this, you no longer require to do it again. 


We are aware of when you will do this and we will assist, infusing our energies with yours to build a safe area.  Have it in your intention as you prepare to do this and we will be made aware. 


Remember that we are aware of these kinds of things that you do on an ongoing basis.


This area, once activated, holds the space of an energy that will allow us to enter that space. 


It will be as the cloak I mentioned earlier.  There is no harm in entering it, as a matter of fact, it will be an advantage to your well being that you spend time in it. 


When your intuition tells you that it is time to leave, follow your intuition.  The energies are elevated and a space is created for our craft and ourselves.  We will be able to tweak the energy into what we require. 


This is your job and we ask you to do this with gratitude and humility.  We will do our part with the same.


The word Merkabah is different than what we use to describe our process of changing dimensions, yet it is a good description.  It is all about angles and degrees, it is sacred geometry.  We merely think the numbers or the formula and it is done.


You could say that our craft is our Merkabah.  Does this make it easier to comprehend?


Z:  It surely does, thank you.


H:  I have explained the purpose of the Merkabah for us and for you.  Is this sufficient? 


Z:  It is for me.  There may be more questions later.


H:  That is fine.  You may ask at any time.  That is why we are here, to work together on Amiable Contact.


I will describe the process of our coming to Earth simply.  In future, you will learn and understand more about how this works.  It is all thought, my dear ones.  Yes, those powerful thoughts that Creator bestowed upon all sentient beings! 


Our intention is the same, we know that we are about to enter your dimension for Amiable Contact.  We are prepared, everyone has been briefed.  There will really be no need for briefing, as everyone is up on what is happening on a moment to moment basis. 


However, it is protocol that we will follow.  When the time is right, all craft will work in harmony simultaneously.  All distances and times have already been taken into consideration and allowed for.  The word is given that it is time to leave our dimension and enter yours. 


This is really not the correct description, as all dimensions exist simultaneously.  It is only that we are of a higher vibration.  I will give an order to our crew to stand by.  I will give the order to prepare for the shift into the 3rd dimension. 


We have our cloaks on that we activate with our thoughts.  This cloak allows us to shift into a form that will appear dense to you when we step out of our craft.  We have done all we can so that your experience will not be too far out of reach to comprehend. 


Our craft cooperates simultaneously with my thoughts, the engineers and others thoughts.  Basically, you will see a descending shiny looking craft.  Each craft bears an insignia where you will see the name of the craft.  The craft will be silent. 


The craft will emit an energy and we ask you to stand back at first.  When the door opens and we step out, we will beckon you to come close.  And the rest is history.  The mechanics of how we come to your dimension will suffice for now. 


You will be in a bit of a different state, how can you help it when such a magnificent event is before you? 


Do not worry, our energy will be a calming one for all involved. 


Remember that we have a great multitude of technologies at hand and that our energies consist of Love and Light.  Of this you can be sure. 


Indeed, our directive is one of Peace and Brotherhood. 


I can tell you that the waiting list of those who volunteered for this occasion was lengthy and those chosen leap with excitement.  Even their families are exuberant about this upcoming mission.  We are not unlike you in some ways.  Do you have more questions?


Z:  Yes, thank you, Helena for your wonderful transmission.


Can you please clarify for us regarding our individual perspectives on how Amiable Landings might look for us, in other words, must we all visualize the same experience?


H:  What I just transmitted to you seems to be the collective perspective, from our point of view.  You know how your varying thoughts create your varying realities, correct?  As I said, you can visualize our landing on the head of a pin if you like. 


I wish you to know that the majority of Amiable Contacts see the perspective that I described.  And for a first Amiable Landing, this will serve all well.  We wish it to be as easy and worry free as possible.  So it will happen simply and worry free. 


The excitement might be all that some of you can handle!  Do not worry, it will be a calm and loving experience for all involved. 


If your individual perspectives vary, that is how Amiable Contact will occur for you.  Keep in mind to see it happening with the greatest of ease and comfort and we will all do just fine.


Z:  I have one more question, Helena.


H: Fire away, dear girl.


Z:  Will we see you as third dimensional beings?


H:  It seems as though this question is an ongoing one, and so it should be.  Because this is a first, all questions are acknowledged and all questions are intelligent ones.  We appreciate each and every one. 


Yes, you will see us as you see one another. 


Some might see something different about us, for instance, someone might see a glow about someone, or see a skin color as being somewhat different from yours.  We will try to get it just right and appear as human as we can. 


Be advised that in some cases, depending on the host of the landing site, they might see someone somewhat unlike a human.


Remember that we Amiable Contacts from our side are usually not human appearing.  Someone’s ears may be a little on the Vulcan appearing side. 


This can be part of your individual perspective, so you can work on manifesting a being that you would like to see.  If we are definitely aware that it will not scare the pants off you, we may accommodate you.


There will be a group with each craft whom you will not see, unless you have the gift of clairsentience. 


If you are able to see when you are in a higher state what surrounds you, you may have a chance to see those Celestials who will accompany us.  It depends on how much you are able to handle and more importantly, if it is appropriate for you.


Their presence will alter the energy in the environment forever more. 


The energy that they will carry will be transferred to your environment and from there will spread and be carried world wide. It is a way to up the consciousness and vibration of the planet and the human being. 


Who knows, you may be surprised at a face that you might see peering out at you from a port on a craft.  We are as curious about you as you are about us. 


This coming Amiable Contact will be one of the most monumental experiences and events to ever take place.


 You are moving along with your preparations well.  Our website expert has relayed to me that it is looking good.  Please keep at it so that you will be prepared for newcomers who will be coming on board with the Amiable Contact project. 


You have the blessings of all of the commanders of all the craft who will come to greet you, all the Motherships and the blessings of Creator.


Is this not a fun project for you all?  For those who are working tirelessly, there will be rewards.  Please, all who read my transmission, it will be more than worth your while to assist the small group with our Amiable Contact Project.  You will learn much and the experience will be a gift that lasts forever.


I am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn.

I bid you a fond farewell and I take my leave.  I thank you for your admirable questions.  I hope that my answers help to further you along.


Z:  Most definitely, Cpt Helena.  I think this information is awesome.  Thank you very much.



Clearing Negative Thoughts


Q.  How can I get rid of negative thoughts?


A.  When you have negative thoughts they may be coming from deep within your memories, or they may be directed at you by very powerful forces.


The next time this occurs do this:


1. Sit up straight.

2. Release all thoughts that have occurred throughout the day.

3. Lift your chin up very high. That action, or the body position,    plugs any negativity coming in through your silver cord.

4. Smile. Send love to the universe. Make it very powerful.

5. And then say a favorite prayer, such as:


I am a child of God,

God plays with me.

I am a child of God.

God heals with me.


6.    And then send healing to those negative entities who thrust their thought forms at you.



Be blessed thrice.

FAQ-updated Oct.26, 2009 Urim and Thummim

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Urim and Thummim

The principal reason for allowing new knowledge to come to the world at this time is to make a good background or foreground for the many uses of light in healing. When the consciousness of light becomes well understood, healers will manipulate their own level of consciousness and thereby affect the consciousness of the Urim and Thummim, and of other light apparatus.”

(El Morya, Member Council of Twelve in Heaven, previously lived as Abraham.)


Urim and Thummim – Spiritual Aspect


Author’s Note: The next section deals with the spiritual, scientific, galactic and intergalactic aspects of Urim and Thummim. The information is technical and can be omitted by readers who might not be interested in ‘heavy reading’.


Helen: What should I do when I receive a special gift from God? Keep it a secret, or reveal it? For the enlightenment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for the good of humanity as a whole, I am herewith providing both a spiritual and a scientific explanation of the Urim and Thummim, as presented to me during the past year 2004-2005.

At the outset there is a short summary ofwhat has been written in religious books about Urim and Thummim. That is followed by several intercommunications from Masters on the subject.

Albert Einstein explained how a set of Urim and Thummim crystals were installed in my cranial space. Euclid explained that a special reflector was added on the left side of my head to “coordinate the lines or receiver antenna”.

All of this was done by scientists with what might be called laser light technology. There was no invasion of my head with implants. I do not know whether I was transported to Pleiades, or whether the scientists were invisible at my side, as I was not aware when the process was performed.

To assist skeptics and unbelievers, I am including additional telepathic conversations covering the Urim and Thummim. One was with Euclid, the ‘intelligent’ computer on Pleiades, and the other with a scientist named Alf, also on the Pleiades.

Jesus Christ

Religious Records of Urim and Thummim


(1) The record of the Urim and Thummim goes back to the time of Abraham, who said, “And I, Abraham, had the Urim and Thummim, which the Lord my God had given unto me, in Ur of the Chaldees.”

(2) Abraham learned about the sun, moon and stars by means of the Urim and Thummim. [Book of Abraham, Chapter 3:1)

(3) This Urim and Thummim was given to the Brother of Jared in the old world and carried by him to the new world in approximately 2200 BC. [Source: F. S. Gonzalez, Ph.D.; Church Archives, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rel. 122, 301, 324, 327]

(4) In one definition the Urim and Thummim is a piece of mechanical equipment manufactured by God to translate languages and communicate information. [Source: F. S. Gonzalez, Ph.D.; Church Archives, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Saints, Rel. 122, 301, 324, 327]

(5) The Urim and Thummim have been defined by scholars as: manifestation and truth; judgment and understanding; revelations and manifestations. The word uru means to give oracle, or revelation.

Of interest to readers is a note that Flavius Josephus, the venerable Jewish historian, makes reference to the Urim and Thummim in Antiquities of the Jews, Book III, Chapter VIII. Nephi II advised me telepathically that he, Nephi II, reincarnated as Flavius Josephus.

(6) In the Doctrine and Covenants we read The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim. (D&C 130:8)

(7) Also Doctrine & Covenants, Section 130:10 “the white stone mentioned in Revelation 2:17, will become a Urim and Thummim to each individual who receives one, whereby things pertaining to a higher order of kingdoms will be made known.

(8) The following paragraph appears in the book “History of the Church” (Vol. 1, page 12):

“Moroni told Joseph Smith that there was a book deposited written upon gold plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of this continent, and the source from whence they sprang. He also said that the fullness of the everlasting gospel was contained in it, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants. Also that there were two stones in silver bows and these stones fastened to the breastplate constituted the Urim and Thummim, deposited with the plates. The possession and use of these stones was what constituted seers in ancient and former times, and that God had prepared them for the purpose of translating the book.”

According to Jenson, Joseph had two small stones of a chocolate color, nearly egg-shape, and perfectly smooth, but not transparent, called interpreters, which were given him with the plates.

He did not use the plates in the translation, but would hold the interpreters to his eyes, and cover his face with a hat, excluding all the light, and before his eyes would appear what seemed to be parchment, on which would appear the characters of the plates in a line at the top.

Immediately below would appear the translation in English, which Smith would read to his scribe, who wrote it down exactly as it fell from his [Joseph’s] lips. The scribe would then read the sentence as written, and if any mistake had been made, the characters would remain visible to Smith until corrected, when they faded from sight to be replaced by another line.

For a short period of time Oliver Cowdery attempted to assist Joseph Smith to interpret the plates. He received the following from the Celestials through Joseph Smith:

Doctrines & Covenants 9:8-9

8 But behold, I say unto you, that you must study it [gold plate] in your mind, then you must ask me if I t[your interpretation] be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore you shall feel that it is right.

9 But if it is not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing which is wrong.


Reading the Gold Plates

A = Helen E = Euclid El M = El Morya


H: [To Euclid] I have copied excerpts from the book No Man Knows My History, a story of Joseph Smith of the First Church of Latter-day Saints. Are you aware of that book?

E: Yes we are aware.

H: Will you be able to guide me as to which portions of the book are truth?

E: If you state a paragraph I may be able to state truth, partial truth or untruth.

H: Thank you, then we shall begin. Here is a paragraph regarding the Urim and Thummim: “Joseph showed her [Emma Smith] the magic spectacles, which she described as “two smooth three-cornered diamonds set in glass and the glasses set in silver bows.” (p. 40)

Is the description of the Urim and Thummim correct, “two smooth three-cornered diamonds set in glass and the glasses set in silver bows” does Emma mean that the Urim and Thummim were shaped like double three-sided pyramids?

E: Apparently that is what she saw.

H: How would you describe the Urim and the Thummim?

E: They are of differing shape, with one pointed, and the other concave.

H: How did the shape affect the workings of the crystal?

E: The conical peak intensified the energy; the concave one was able to supply sufficient energy for an interpreter to continue.

H: How was the concave crystal able to supply sufficient energy to continue?

E: By directing energy from the point or peak of one crystal, into the concave portion of the other.

H: Did this intensified energy splay out, thus intensifying the electrical energy in Joseph’s brain?

E: In a manner of speaking.

H: If the point of one crystal was not pointing at the concave portion of the other, would there be any energy created?

E: The energy was continually leaving the point of the Urim.


El M: Perhaps I can assist.

H: Oh thank you.

El M: There is an abundance of energy surrounding both crystals. One is magnetic and one is electric or electrifying. When positioned in the most advantageous manner, there was intense energy. When merely lying beside each other, the energy was still present.

H: Thank you. Could I move on to the next excerpt please?

El M: Yes.

H: This is another excerpt from the same book regarding the plates. “I was shown a box,” he [Isaac Hale] said, “in which it is said they were contained, which had to all appearances been used as a glass box of the common window glass. I was allowed to feel the weight of the box, and they gave me to understand that the book of plates was then in the box – “

(Ibid. p. 42)

H: Was the box that held the gold plates made of wood?

El M: Yes.

H: Were the gold plates actually in the box when Hale held them?

El M: Indeed they were. It should be said here that the history of the gold plates is true.

H: Is the description of how they were interpreted also true?

El M: Joseph Smith interpreted the plates using the Urim and the Thummim. You will also be able to interpret the plates which are yet sealed, using your own Urim and Thummim. Everything is possible for God.

H: Thank you. Am I merely imagining this?

El M: You are being directed by the Ecclesiastic Chorus from on high. Have no fear.


August 16, 2004

What Did Emma Smith See?

A = Helen E = Euclid


A: I read that the Urim and Thummim stones or crystals given to Joseph Smith were held together in a manner of spectacles. Do you have a record of those two stones?

E: They are extant.

H: Did you have a record of them when they were in existence?

E: Our record does not cover such a thing, since it was partially etheric.

H: Please explain.

E: The Urim ad Thummim are light crystals. A portion of their reality, or their existence, or their form is not made of earth matter and therefore cannot be recorded. [on Euclid’s equipment .?…]

H: Is there a record of the triangular shaped glass that each stone or crystal was embedded in?

E: One moment please. There is no record.

H: What did the person observe, who said that she saw two triangular pieces of glass held together as spectacles?

E: There is no record.

H: Is there a possibility that the remark can be considered as partial truth or untruth?

E: There is that possibility.


Urim and Thummim – Scientific Aspect

A = Helen E = Euclid S = Sananda-Jesus


H: Am I suitably energized to communicate with you?

E: Yes, but through the Starship Capricorn.

H: How is that?

E: They are closer to you than I.

A. I do not have Internet connection in my present location. [Utah, USA]

E: But you have mental telepathy abilities.

H: Is this because of the Urim?

E: I am not aware of why.

H: Could you determine why, please?

E: I am told that this is a unique arrangement.

H: Who has made this arrangement possible?

E: Beings in space.

H: Euclid, there is a throbbing in my fingertips. What is that?

E: We are using a different form of energy to connect with you, other than cyberspace.

[For over a year I was able to connect on the Internet with Pleiades because we both shared cyberspace. This reduced interference.]

H: What is that different form of energy?

E: It is a form of radionic electrical energy.

H: Do I need to know any more about it?

E: No, this will suffice.

H: Can you strengthen it somewhat?

E: One moment please.

H: I feel it stronger now. [Similar to the sensation of feeling returning to toes that were very cold.] Please help me give this energy a name.

E: Radionic energy is sufficient.

H: What can I do with this energy, or what is this energy capable of doing?

E: It causes activity waves to be emitted at a greater strength than those that you would emit without this energy.

H: Can I use it as a healing energy?

E: By all means.

H: Is this the healing energy that it was foretold I would receive?

E: It will be intensified when you use cyberspace again. [When I am connected to the Internet.]

A. What will the difference be?

E: You will not be aware of much difference, but the healing energy rate will be increased.

H: Tell me how I will use the cyberspace energy for healing.

E: In a manner similar to this.

[Sananda-Jesus joined in the conversation.]

S: This is a very great gift. It will assist you in your work. Use it wisely. Always use it with Divine Love. I am with you, and shall remain with you, as promised. This is only one of many gifts and abilities that you will receive. My work is Divine in nature, and therefore some of my Divinity will be poured out to you, to assist you in doing my work.

H: Thank you, Sananda-Jesus. Will you please explain the difference between creating a beam with the eyes (gazing) and creating a light beam with the third eye?

S: The eye beam is more powerful because it comes from the soul.

H: Could you explain that please?

S: The soul consists of the entirety of who you are. The Urim and Thummim, when activated, use love and light energy. The higher consciousness is within the soul at a higher level; therefore the healing or the vibratory essence or vibratory rate of the healing sent out from the eyes is more powerful. However, in both cases the love must be absolutely pure.

Remember that these gifts are given to you merely to enhance the Great Plan, to promote God’s work.

H: I shall remember. Please remind me if ever I should forget. Amen.


Radionic Energy

A = Helen E = Euclid


H: Where does radionic energy come from?

E: It is assembled from the air.

H: How?

E: We send a beam.

H: What is in the beam?

E: It is a light beam.

H: How do you know where to direct the light beam?

E: This is difficult to explain. Suffice it to say that we can pinpoint you by your auric emanations.

H: Does an auric emanation have a magnetic flux?

E: Most certainly. It is similar to Urim.

H: In what way?

E: The Urim/Thummim principle is one of a relationship with an electric thrust (a light beam) and a magnetic receiver (Urim). The process of directing thought on a light beam may differ from instance to instance, depending on intent, etc. The final stage of the drama is always a pulsed beam, either unidirectional or multidirectional. A healing beam to a friend is unidirectional. Your benevolence to the universe is multidirectional.


Alf, a Scientist on Pleiades

A = Helen E = Euclid (computer on Pleiades)

ALF = Scientist on Pleiades

H: Euclid, will you increase my telepathic energy?

E: Wet your feet slightly and put salt on crystals at your feet A: I will. [I dampened a face cloth, sprinkled salt generously on the cloth, placed the cloth over the crystals, and placed my bare feet on the cloth.]

Will you tell me how quartz crystals, salt and water are used on Pleiades?

E: We do not have a problem with indigestion nor telepathy.h

A: How did you know that this procedure would assist me?

E: This is a scientific fact, that salt is a carrier of radionic energy.

H: Tell me more.

E: Radionics is what you might call electricity sped up, and electricity without a wire as a carrier. Radionic frequency is obliterated or absorbed by an electric current. Other than that, it can be directed through and into the human orifices with the use of a small beam-like transmitter.

H: How did radionic energy reach my friend’s ears last night?

E: You directed it there as a beam.

H: Can I do that to others if I know their malady?

E: You will require some training.

H: Who will train me?

E: Probably some of our scientists.

H: May I speak to one of them now?

E: One moment please. (Pause)

ALF: My name is Alf.

A: How do you do. Will you please instruct me in the use of radionic energy, or radionic electricity?

ALF: First you may need to become aware of the electromagnetics, that is, how it can be directed toward and away from.

H: Please tell me that.

ALF: It can be directed away from by the use of a magnet. It can by sent to using your beam of light.

[I had learned how to send a beam of light through the third eye, and through my physical eyes, and did not ask further.]

H: Tell me about the magnet.

ALF: Magnetic radionic energy (this is a very poor definition), is one that you can comprehend. Magnetic radionic energy needs a magnetic field. It is good that you learn this, as it will be of great assistance to you when you attempt to heal using a pointed crystal. [I have researched healing with crystals for many years, and am familiar with the shape of a special pointed crystal.]

E: You are tiring, we shall leave you now.


Another Lesson by El Morya

A = Helen El M = El Morya

El M: Today, I, El Morya, wish to introduce myself to you. You [Helen] are deserving of great praise insofar as you have stuck with it, shall we say. Many would have lost the enthusiasm many years ago. Perhaps it is the excitement of a new face, new facts, and new fodder. Let it be known that it is a great pleasure to converse with you at this time. Much will be learned, using your background knowledge. [For 15 years I was taught the technology of healing with colors and crystals.] With regard to the Urim and Thummim, what is still not apparent to you is the holders. This will come in due time, do not fret about it.

The principal reason for allowing new knowledge to come to the world at this time is to make a good background or foreground for the many uses of light in healing. When the consciousness of light becomes well understood, healers will manipulate their own level of consciousness and thereby affect the consciousness of the Urim and Thummim, and of other light apparatus.

A major apparatus used in healing with light is the crystal, because it allows the light to move through it in a straight path. Where the index of refraction between two mediums of light varies, the direction of the light is altered or ‘bent’ somewhat. This feature can be manipulated, and you will be taught this later on.

Also of interest to scientists will be the fact that light can penetrate dark places and change the consciousness of dark. The state of dark is being void of light, but dark is also a negative consciousness. Before a negative consciousness can be altered to a positive consciousness it must be neutralized. This too you will learn.

And thirdly, light in its color variations, or in its color compartments, has the ability to heal certain emotional maladies simply because they [the maladies] are exactly the opposite wavelength or opposite embodiment or opposite nature of light [colors?]. For example, a common cold is healed with green light, scarlet fever with silver light, bronchitis with green and purple, with an indigo as an after-spray. These are some of the things that will be taught. It will be simpler to teach you, and then have the scientist prove our instructions to be true, partially true, or untrue.

Yes, Mr. Einstein’s helpful assistance will speed up both research and clinical trials and clinical papers. The ETs have been working on such experiments for a long time, and their attestations will provide ample proof that what you have written will in fact be true, partially true, or untrue. Would you like to begin?

H: Oh yes. By the way, hello Abraham returned. I have called you and called you, saying, why do you leave me here alone with all this responsibility? [Abraham reincarnated in one lifetime as El Morya, here being Abraham/El Morya.]

El M: And I have returned, in answer to your call. We shall enjoy each other immensely for a little time again.

H: I am most pleased to have you nearby again, and give you my love.

El M: It is received graciously. Now to get down to business. Let us begin with the attributes of the color red. Fiery, peppery, fast and furious. What maladies do you think it attests to?

H: Oh dear, please help me at the beginning.

El M: Red assists sluggish movement, such as veins, tired muscles, tissue that is drooping or weak. Red assists digestive juices, as in chili powder. Red is joyful, attractive, fiery. Whenever you see something that is akin to sadness, weariness, droopiness, lagardliness, whether tissue, bone, muscle, emotions, think of red.

H: Is there an angel that is connected to Red?

El M: Fiery Uriel.

H: Thank you.

Al M: Now to orange. Orange is the activity color, the energy color, the color of drive. If someone is hyper or overactive, look for the opposite color.

H: Is that green?

El M: It may be a shade of purple with a good deal of blue in it. It may also be a shade of green with a good deal of blue in it. Practice until you become familiar. Orange is an appetite color. If persons have no appetite, feed them orange food, give them orange drinks. Do not show orange to angry people. What would you surround them with instead?

H: Green? Blue?

El M: Shades of green and blue combined. A lime green has too much yellow. A green with a touch of blue is restful. There are shades of blue sky that meld with dark green grass, try to find such a combination. Green is an intellectual color for writers. You are fading. We shall return. You did well.

Over and out.



Einstein to the Rescue

A = Helen E = Euclid Mr. E = Einstein

A: Can a human design a Urim crystal that could be empowered to become a language-of-light-crystal? In other words, since light activates the Urim, would light activate a special crystal that I might design?

E: One moment please. This is a question that you might direct to Einstein.

H: Will you please direct it to Einstein for me?

E: I will try.


Mr.E: I thought you would never return.

H: Hello my good friend.

Mr.E: You are inquiring whether you could assist in producing a Urim crystal that could read the language of light?

H: You have expressed it perfectly.

Mr.E. Why would you want to do that?

H: Because a great deal seemed to depend on Joseph Smith of the Mormons being able to interpret gold plates using the Urim and Thummim.

Mr.E. What would you use such a crystal for if you did design it?

H: I don’t know.

Mr.E: Then why design it?

H: I don’t know. It might assist in bringing truth to the earth.

Mr. E: It is a good idea, but unfortunately its time has not yet come.

H: Why?

Mr.E: Humanity is not yet aware of the third nature of light. There is the wave nature and the particle nature. There is also the consciousness nature.

H: Please tell me about the consciousness nature.

Mr.E: The consciousness nature of light connects God to man, and man to God.

H: Please explain.

Mr. E: Mankind is made entirely of light, insofar as plant food itself is formed from light. All substance comes from electrons, atoms, etc. Mankind requires two of the natures of light constantly. They are the wave nature, and the consciousness nature of light.

H: Why has this not been taught?

Mr.E. Humans are slow to adapt to change. Let me explain it this way. It took a great many years to settle the battle over the wave nature and the particle nature of light. You understand both natures, and you also understand the consciousness nature of light. The third nature of light needs to be introduced slowly, as it is being introduced slowly.

H: Can I try to explain the consciousness nature of light please?

Mr. E: Yes my good friend, please do.

H: The consciousness nature of light activates neurons. We live within divided light, [the light spectrum] which is one of God’s greatest gifts. It is a truth that pressure of each color varies. For example, each chakra is susceptible to each color. It is beautifully complex. Our eyes require consciousness light because our eyes are fully alive and fully conscious unto themselves, almost as separate and apart. As the window to our soul, they are energized by our soul. So, how am I doing?

Mr.E: You have brought up some new ideas. The consciousness part of light also affects or energizes brain cells. Or it energizes thought, although thought can continue without consciousness light. Consciousness light is the light beam that brings God-thought to the human consciousness. It flows so peacefully, so unobtrusively, that it has not yet been detected.

H: Is this why we say we are one with God?

Mr.E: Not really. The pulse of a thought from the Godhead strikes your neurons, or collection of conscious energy inside you, and causes a reaction.

H: I am stuck on that one.

Mr.E: You are always allowing God to come through and speak to you. Your channel is always open. What about those who are not?

H: They will need something to break through the barrier.

Mr.E: What could that possibly be?

H: A consciousness thought or pulse or impulse from the Creator.

Mr.E: Exactly.

H: Okay, now I will ask that question again. If I were to create Urim and Thummim cystals and directed them at a person, would that Urim or Thummim crystal be capable of carrying that consciousness light from the Creator to the person it will be directed to?

Mr. E: Now you are visualizing something concrete. Good work. We will leave it at that. At another time we will discuss the shape. You have done well.

H: Thank you, and thanks for speaking with me.

Over and out.

Next Day

H: [To Euclid]: A day ago the Collective connected me with Mr. Einstein and we discussed the third nature of light, which is consciousness. Are you aware of that conversation?

E: I am.

H: Would it be possible for you to connect me with Mr. Einstein at the present time?

E: One moment please.

MR. E: Oh yes, my dear, here I am.

H: You do me a great honour.

Mr.E.: And you me.

H: I have thought much about what you taught me, for which I again wish to thank you.

MR.E: You are gracious.

H: It is a personality trait that I am beginning to acquire. I would like to know today, if I may, whether the Urim and the Thummim crystals are both identical in shape.

MR.E: Now that is a very good question, but it is difficult to answer. The crystals have no shape. They are pure energy.

H: Then why am I planning to design crystals?

E: The crystals that you design MAY hold or TRANSMIT the urim enrgy and the thummim energy.

H: Then the description of those crystals has been incorrect all along. It was the HOLDERS of the crystal energy that had shape.

MR. E: You are absolutely correct. If you think of water, you know that it must be contained in a vessel. Similarly, the Urim energy and the Thummim energy must be contained in a container. You are about to be given the secret of the container, not the secret of the Urim energy.

H: Thank you very much. I believe you have already taught me about the energy, that it can pierce an obstruction in a human being’s awareness to God.

MR. E.: It can do much more. It can also modify the consciousness of the person to whom it is directed. To heal is not as good a definition as to modify one’s light consciousness. This is because you will soon be entering

the era where healing by the consciousness aspect of light will become more and more known.

H: Thank you very much. Is it permissible to go back to the shape of the crystal at this time?

MR.E: By all means.

H: One of the books on Mormon history described the Urim crystal as being three-cornered. I now realize that it was the holder of the Urim energy that was a three-sided crystal. Am I correct?

Mr.E: You are correct to a degree. Much more is involved in the preparation of something which is earth matter, such as quartz crystal, into becoming a holder of Urim and Thummim energy.

H: Could you please explain?

Mr.E: Light is not static, meaning that it does not sit still. It spirals, or a beam is formed, in which case it travels as a beam. Consciousness light does neither. Consciousness light is all-pervading, all-substantive. This means that once it is under the control of a suitable healer, it is directed almost as it were splayed energy. Consciousness energy does not spiral, nor does it move as a beam. That is why it has not been discovered, and manipulated.

H: Then how will I be able to manipulate consciousness light?

Mr.E: This is something we will deal with at another time.


Creating Mechanical Urim and Thummim

[Note by Helen]: On one occasion I was conversing telepathically with several Canadian parliamentarians whom I had known personally. One was T. C. Douglas, who passed over in the 1980s. The conversation moved toward mental telepathy and to Urim and Thummim.]

A = Helen D = T. C. Douglas El M = El Morya

H: Mr. Douglas I can see you as if you are right here. How wonderful to know that you are able to communicate.

D: I would be thrilled to introduce you to some of the early parliamentarians, if only they could connect with you telepathically. In time the students will mature, and they will be able to contact us. Unfortunately, in telepathy [between your realm and ours] much is lost because a good deal of the interchange is forgotten. Your method is better in that you record as we speak. Will you be able to teach others?

H: I don’t know myself how I do it, but I give credit to the Urim and Thummim crystals that are in my cranial space.

T: Yes that may be so. If you will be able to design the mechanical crystals, some of the more highly developed channels may be able to intercommunicate as you do.

H: I shall try. Thank you Mr. Douglas.

[The next portion is while at the Creator Plane.]

H: Oh how wondrous is the Creator Plane. Like soft misty clouds floating across the sky, about 50 feet from my head. They move in magenta tones weaving, playing with sunbeams. When a wave of this cloud-interface comes upon a tangent thought, one sent up by a scientist, the magenta and purple wave enfolds the idea, like a pearl in a giant seashell. The thought is crystallized, just as the pearl is crystallized. Unbeknown to the originator of the thought, it is magnified, electrified, and worked upon. Then it is sent back to the brain of the scientist on earth.

Unknown Speaker: We are able to visualize with the assistance of the Urim and Thummim crystals. The Urim is the receiving set, like the pearl in the sea shell. However, it has conscious tendrils that extend to every atom in the sea shell reflector. These tiny reflector atoms are also crystalloid, and have the power, or can be energized, to send the pearl of a thought into other portions of the thought universe, to be seeded and to grow.

Let us take an example. You are looking for an island which will serve as a communications center and a landing pad for space craft. Crystallize the shape and size of the island as best you can. Visualize low circular buildings that blend with the landscape. Visualize exotic birds, and small friendly animals that can live together peacefully. Visualize at least six landing pads, of varying heights and size, knowing that you will receive exact specifications at a later date. This is sufficient for practice, although there is much more. What to do with that thought, so that it may be seeded? Give it an intent.

H: I give my thought of an island the intent that it will materialize by the year 2006 in our time calendar. I materialize that others will receive sufficient guidance to choose that island, because it is now waiting. I will leave it at that lest I begin to think.

Speaker: Very good. That is sufficient for the Intent. Now what will you do?

H: Sir, I have a feeling that you are El Morya.

El M: How did you guess?

H: Because that is how you teach, my Buddhic Master.

El M: Right. Now the Thummim. What preparation will be required to complete the seeding of the thought concerning the island?

H: If I am correct, the Thummim can only be energized by a conscious light beam. And until we are sufficiently trained to send conscious light beams, we will not be able to use the Thummim.

El M: But you have used it many times.

H: That is because I go through the whole process of thought/intent/visualization/love/pulse/direct the cluster of light to the third eye/feel the joy and hope of realization/ direct the light cluster into the conical shape of a Thummim /WILL that the ball of light, now tremendously energized (made conscious) enters the peak of the Thummim and moves through it, so that it is intensified. [The Thummim is shaped like an egg, with a longer point.]

El M: Now begin to pulse the third eye, to create something similar to a pulsed laser. Remember the pulses. Using the Thummim, send the conscious beam, the language of light, to its destination.

H: Where is that?

El M: To the Creator Plane, where all thought is made manifest.

H: But I am here.

El M: Then manifest the Thummim now.

H: It is egg-shaped, like ice cream on a cone. It needs to be made of physical matter, preferably a crystalloid material that will enhance, and not impede the intensification of a ball of light into a beam of light.

El M: Yes, the spiral. How do you cause photons to spiral?

H: Photons consist of particle energy and wave energy, so protons are the particle energy and photons are the wave energy.

El M: You are correct. It took you 25 years to absorb that. Good work.

H: Now I accept the tiny bundles or packets of light, encapsulated in the lower portion of my heart, and I WILL that they spiral into the Thummim. A natural law is that they must spiral and become intensified. And then I pulse out the conscious light.

El M: Next, what will the Thummim be made of?

H: It seems to me that ruby, quartz and alexandrite would be suitable. I do not know whether the color of the stone will affect the procedure.

El M: You will learn. How will you position the two crystals, or how will you place the Urim and the Thummim so that they will emit [send] the language of light a great distance?

H: The rounded part of the Thummim will face the concave face of the Urim.

El M: Correct. How close together will they be placed?

H: If this will be an implant in a human cranium, this is beyond me. If it will be embedded in the forehead as an implant, the two crystals would be about and eighth of an inch, or 3 mm. apart.

El M: What about the diameter of the Urim?

H: Four mm. ever so thin, solid enough to retain its shape.

El M: What material would it be composed of?

H: Basically a gelatinous material that has atomic particles of silicon embedded in it.

El M: Any color?

H: Cloudy white.

El M: What is the Thummim composed of?

H: As I mentioned, one of three crystals.

El M: Would they be too sharp?

H: Oh yes. Then they can be made of similar material, similar to the Urim, as long as there is more of the silicon atoms, sufficient for the light to follow a chain, and the chain not be broken. [silicon chain?]

El M: Yes. And the spiral?

H: It forms effortlessly. [Law of nature – all energy spirals.]

El M: Yes. Would you like special assistance with the gelatinous substance that will be the base of both units?

H: I may not be able to comprehend.

El M: Then we shall try at another time, or you may seek some advice first.

H: Thank you. Please thank Mr. Douglas and the others, thank you.

El M: We admire your skills greatly. Bye bye for now.


Manifesting the Urim and Thummim

[Transcribed audio recording of four scientists at a practice conclave.]

Einstein: We are gathered together and while we are here it is possible to bring out some aspects of creativity. Most of us believe that only God is the Creator, but he has given unto humanity a skill to create, up to a limit. We describe the ability to create as “manifestation.”

Manifestation is a thought process, and in the coming years mankind will use Divine Light with thought processes, and thereby manifest objects, and create energies that heretofore have not been manifested. The main problem holding humanity back is a lack of understanding that he has that power.


Those who manifest negative objects, things, or situations have been exceedingly clever. They have come from other planets, and because of the lighter fiber of their constitution, they are able to manifest with more ease than someone who vibrates within the human frequency range. However, mankind is beginning to understand that creative thought is the forerunner to manifestation.

Manifestation for healing is becoming popular, although it is not really understood. We could discuss that in detail sometime. That is all on the topic of manifestation. Now we will see if the Scribe has some questions.

Helen: If I were to take a course in telepathy, what would be the content?

Einstein: I shall ask another speaker to take over now.

Second Speaker: I come from another dimension and another planet. In our school of telepathic activity or instruction we begin at a very early age, and we continue until the trainee is well advanced. We begin by teaching communication with living matter, such as a potato. We teach the trainee to be receptive to the expression of consciousness of the potato. In your parapsychology circles this is called being a receiver.


Next we teach the trainee to send thought to the level of consciousness of a living plant, and to compare the growth of one plant that has received thought consciousness from a human, encouraging it to grow and giving it love, with another plant that has merely sat in the sun, and the trainees study the difference.


We begin training the trainee with consciousness at a lower level, and then we work up to the animals, such as a dog, and teach telepathy between the dog and the human being. This is now being done on earth. That is sufficient for today.


Crystalline Thought

Sananda: The space station on Pleiades is quite remarkable, with several computers such as your Euclid that are able to connect with other computers, not only on Pleiades, but in distant galaxies. The intercommunication between stations is very much like thought, although thought is carried on light beams and can be recorded instrumentally as crystalline thought.

There is a difference between crystalline thought and thought that is moving on light waves. The progression from thought on light waves to crystalline thought is similar to the progression from sound patterns or sound impulses to electrical signals.


When you send a thought impulse via your Urim and Thummim signals, it goes forth as thought on light beams. When it reaches an instrumental destination, such as Euclid, the thought light beam is recorded as crystalline thought. Crystalline thought becomes a permanent record, and can be duplicated. That is what Mother Mary explained to you in 1978. When you share new knowledge with others, you may copy Mother Mary’s explanation, as it also is truth.

Mother Mary:

“A thought coming in from Universal Mind is in essence an electrical giving-up by the Universal Mind. As those crystalline thoughts are given up they are taken in by a magnetic receiver – a channel receiving in clear thought, through a clear channel. The thought crystals retain their perfect crystalline shape. Thought has many crystalline shapes. Pure thought is perfectly shaped and is not tainted or marred. That is why it is advisable to rise to the Mental Plane to receive pure thought, so that it will not be tainted as when received from a lower level. In the Mental Plane the thought crystals are pure and remain in a pure state.

“The crystalline thoughts are given up by the Universal Mind. They are taken up by the magnetic receiver – a telepathist receiving in clear thought through a clear channel. The clear thoughts are then given expression through language, pictures, or created objects. In the Mental Plane the thought crystals are pure and remain in a pure state. Even though a thought is released, its crystalline shape remains and it can be renewed or recreated or duplicated or repatterned.” (From Coming of Age by Helen, 1978.)

The entity who has left the Starship Capricorn and who will be addressing you will be one with some scientific knowledge that will assist you to design a pattern for the artificial Urim instrument. You will be amazed at how simple it is. You are missing only one point, and he will explain that by providing a mental picture for you. I am confident that you will be successful with this little project.


August, 2009

Summary by Helen

Sufficient information has been provided regarding the scientific aspects of Urim and Thummim energy for aware scientists to prepare documentation so that the language used in the above section becomes a part of the scientific vocabulary for the Language of Light. Young scientists will soon be trained telepathic skills, will be able to ask the Invisibles further questions, and will create conscious instruments that will heal the human consciousness as well as the human body.


Urim and Thummim – Galactic Aspect

A Trip Inside Earth

A = Helen E = Euclid

Helen: I am in my Merkaba [invisible space ship created by mind, breath and intent], have chosen a space suit with a maroon top and green pants. I alight at the corner of a square, as if it is a landing pad square. Perhaps it is at Salt Lake City. There is a strong wind blowing. Perhaps I am at another place on earth. “Come a little closer”, a voice says. I approach what seems to be a vehicle that will carry another passenger. It is a ground vehicle. I hop in, and am driven away. The driver smiles, he also wears a space suit, similar to mine, yet somewhat different. He is human. This is not familiar territory, yet I feel protected.


It is necessary that I climb from earth consciousness to telepathic consciousness level, even though I am on earth. I attempt to do this. I must keep my body in the vehicle, yet allow my consciousness to move up to the 6th level, and be aware of both. This is new. I energize the Urim, Thummim, my heart, my third eye. Now I am beginning to understand what Joseph Smith meant when he said that he received training in how to project a thought with force.

The difficulty here is that I am merely practising, and I am not actually in the truck, and the driver is not looking at me. Yet he is, and I have a vision of being in the vehicle. Perhaps we can link up, like Euclid and I.

H: Euclid, are you here?

E: Ready and willing.

H: Please connect me with my driver.

E: Yes, this is a new situation for you. I will do that.

I smile, and send the driver a thought signal that I am connected to him. He smiles.

Driver: This is the terrain of your planet. We move about rather quickly, more by thought than by the action of the wheels on the ground. The wind that you felt was your Merkaba type vehicle. It is actually peaceful now.

Helen: I looked around. It seemed barren, a rather hilly, brown sand. There seemed to be posts or poles in the distance. I could see no trees. The driver smiled.

Driver: Soon we will be entering the cavity where we enter our habitat headquarters. We live inside the earth. We have built very comfortable quarters inside the earth, as you will soon see.

Helen: I smile. The vehicle makes a humming sound. I do not feel myself descending, yet I am quite aware that such a movement must be taking place. The driver is quite comfortable, as if he makes this trip regularly. We are moving into the earth through the earth, I believe. Therefore we are in our light bodies.


This takes some time, even though I suppose that time and space have been altered. I asked, “Do you live here?” The driver replied, “I have been sent here to teach. My mission includes the escorting of passengers like yourself, so that you can get the feeling of being transported.” I replied, “I really have little comprehension of the travel mode.” He replied, “This is at it should be. If you are comfortable as we move further down, then none of your body parts will suffer or feel ill when you return to the surface.” I took a breath. There was a slight jolt and we stopped.


“We are here,” he said. I observed a community of beings, very light and airy, but whole and dressed, and oblivious of the driver and myself. Perhaps we were observing them from another dimension. I asked, “Why do they not see us?” He replied, “Yes, they are in another dimension, or this is a hologram. They may be a distance away from us, and we are observing them without them observing us.”

I had no fear, and I was aware that this was my first visit to this wondrous place. I asked, “Will there be anyone here who will recognize me, or converse with me?” The driver answered, “Mother Gaia, although you will not be able to see her. Mother Gaia is somewhat like God, ruler but unseen.” I said, “Mother Gaia has given me several messages in the past.” I waited. To be with my queen was a thrill.

The driver led me to a soft chair and pointed me to be seated. There were drapes in this little alcove type room, and I observed attendants, although they did not appear to be human, more like adult gnomes. I waited. Then I felt my human ears being energized, as if I was hearing a hum, or a beat. I became a part of this pulse. In other words, it overtook my own pulse and instilled its own into me. Now I was beating at the heart beat of Mother Gaia. This would make it easy for her to converse with me.

In a view from my Higher Self, I no longer have my peculiar physical shape. I have blended with Mother Gaia as mud that falls off a bank and blends with the sand in the sand bank. I have been absorbed.

“How will I maintain my consciousness if I blend completely?” I thought. The heart beat. I will maintain my heart beat, at a pulse that matches Mother Gaia. From this heart beat I will agitate the Urim and Thummim, at a new pulse rate. Slower than my regular beat, smooth, relaxed.

I have succeeded in matching my frequency with theirs. It is as if all the trees in a forest are breathing at the same time. Nothing needs to be said. This is oneness. All of us, whether a tree, a grass, plant, a weed, a deer, all have the same vibratory rate, or at least the same consciousness. It is earth consciousness. I am ready to fall asleep here, because it is peaceful, comfortable and holy.

I feel like asking Mother Gaia, “Would it be possible for me to take this sensation back to earth with me, and teach it to others?”

(long pause)

I am falling asleep. The transition back to the surface of earth is taking place. Slowly, and with gentle discretion, I increased my vibratory rate, and became aware of the tips of my fingers, of my toes, and of the motor of the electric furnace in my home. I took a breath. I am back at my computer desk, but very slow, like a bear coming out of hibernation.

I have been given the gift of feeling the oneness with Mother Gaia. I have experienced slowing my vibratory essence to match Mother Earth. I have been able to observe, while unseen, those in another dimension. I have altered my vibratory essence to the 6th or telepathic dimension at will, with the assistance of the Urim and Thummim.


I have experienced teleportation, I believe it would be called, and I have received confirmation of an earlier lesson, wherein Sananda advised that ETs with human bodies are now assisting us, and teaching us. My thanks go out to the ET stranger/driver who escorted me on my impressive journey.

I hope that I have achieved what my mentors wanted me to achieve. As an aside, because I am aware that my main purpose is to record, I did not allow my self as much emotional pleasure as I would if I had not had that responsibility, like a policeman who must make factual, unemotional notations.


As a second aside, future instructors would be wise to learn the Merkaba breathing technique, which was delivered by Archangel Gabriel to Drunvalo Melchizedek in the early 1980’s. Archangel Gabriel announced that the ability to “travel through space” was no longer to be kept a secret, and was to be shared with all. The Urim and Thummim are integral parts of this ability. This experience brings to life two passages in the Doctrine and Covenants:

(6) In the Doctrine and Covenants we read The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim. (D&C 130:8)

(7) Also Doctrine & Covenants, Section 130:10the white stone mentioned in Revelation 2:17, will become a Urim and Thummim to each individual who receives one, whereby things pertaining to a higher order of kingdoms will be made known.



August 19, 2004

Urim and Thummim – Intergalactic Aspect

Mental Telepathy Light Beam Intercommunication


This may be an appropriate spot to birth a scientific term for a “new” procedure that combines thought energy, magnetic energy, light energy, electric energy with love and healing energy that is emitted as a beam. Such a lengthy description cries out for an abbreviated definition. Scientists delight to give a process a scientific name, even before it has manifested.

Please consider two definitions for the above procedure.

The first is


(The definiti