Aug 02


Through Zilanthrah    30 07 12


I greet my dear ones with excitement.  We see that you receive me with excitement.  And what a time to be excited!  Your enthusiasm has increased and you are in a place of relief and joy.  It is time to be feeling joyous, for you have served long and you have worked hard.  You have had delays, you have been depressed and some have come close to giving up.  However,   dear family, you have also stayed strong and devoted.

The glorious news motivates every sentient being involved in the ascension process.  We take great delight in seeing that your motivation levels have risen.  We also see our Amiable Contact event being as glorious as the event scheduled to take place within days. 

Your intent and ours are the same and remain strong.  Disclosing to humanity that we are indeed real and that we come in love paves the way for all related events, which will be smoothly run and graciously accepted.  

You will find that when you look into the eyes of our Pleiadian family on your television, your faith will strengthen, as there will  be recognition on your part through this act.  The eyes will tell the story that intention is pure, as well as our desire to assist in all the ways that are necessary and that you request.

What you see on your television screens shall be similar to our coming Amiable Contact event.  This is what I am implying about Amiable Contact being as glorious as our Pleiadian family announcements; that the way shall be paved.  You will know better what to expect when we greet one another at Amiable Contact.  In fact, it may be more joyous because those eyes that you gaze into will be your family members, so there will be special personal connections recognized and acknowledged.  

We shall maintain our contact with you on a regular basis.  This is where your missions shall be chosen and decided by you.  It may not be at our first meeting, as you may need a bit of time to integrate our first coming together.

 I suggest that you rest as much as is possible.  Let apprehension slip away. Focus on the positives that shall be forthcoming. Have fun with it.  Go with the happy feelings .  Although you cannot grasp all of the changes that shall occur on this planet for you and yours, feel the positive warm feelings that are behind what you do imagine.  Know that your lives are to become magnificently better.  Being free for the first time in millennia is difficult to comprehend since slavery has been ingrained for all that time.  So it may take time to really get down to it so that you are able to imagine the glory of your new lives.  Go with the flow.  Joy is yours and this is your time to be happy.

Please know that Gaia is pleased with your devotion to her.  Keep loving thoughts for her, express your gratitude and share your joy with her.

We look forward to the magic coming into our lives by meeting and spending time with you side by side and out in the open.  We too are relieved that the truth has prevailed.  We are ecstatic with what you have manifested.

We are enjoying the happiness that you have brought about, our dear Amiable Contact family.  Extraterrestrial family who will be meeting with you are ecstatic that the time draws ever nearer.

I am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn. Dear Amiable Contacts.  We shall be in touch.  Carry on.


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