Jul 31

 Message # 106


Captain Helena to Amiable Contacts…

It is Time to Gather Together


Received  through Zilanthrah

March 12, 2011


Greetings dear Amiable Contacts!  I Am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn.  My crew and I greet you with the utmost of respect. 


All of the beings upon our dear Capricorn gather for many reasons.  We gather for what you might call business reasons, where we plan, where we review plans and discuss in general topics of a wide variety.  Our conferences can be small and they can be large, depending upon the reason that we gather.  Our gatherings are specifically regarding Amiable Contact, however there are a host of other topics that we gather to discuss.


There are times where we gather for the simple reason of fellowship.  And these gathering times that are a delight to all of us bring us deep joy.  For example, in recent times we have gathered and continue to do so, for the reason of our Amiable Contact Project.  Our celebration involves gratitude, the honoring of beings and of accomplishments.  Even when one or more of our crew are preparing to depart for specific reasons; at times different departments attend conferences on other starships and on planets.  Of course, all business in recent years involves the ascension of Earth and humanity. 


So you can see that we immensely enjoy celebration and ritual, even if it is  simply to wish someone a delightful journey while they are away from the Capricorn.


Of course there are times when the Capricorn receives visitors who come for varied reasons, but always there is a connection to Earth Ascension.  Our gatherings of fellowship bring us a great sense of connection and camaraderie.  All on board are grateful for these sometimes small but powerful gatherings.


There is much that takes place during a gathering where the intention is for the greater good.  Besides a deep sense of connection with all involved and the connection with All That Is, the synergy that is created during our ritual participation carries Unity.  You are aware of Unity Consciousness that is occurring on your sweet planet.  I cannot say too much about the importance of Unity Consciousness.  It is becoming a way of life for you, as it has for us.  It deepens with each gathering, evolves into a strength that is immeasurable.


The reason that I am sharing our ways of celebration is to put a bug in your ears, my dear Amiable Contacts.  If you were to follow my suggestion of a gathering together of Amiable Contacts, you will be in for a most memorable occasion.


You can plan a simple gathering.  Or you can plan a gathering fit for royalty.  Throughout history there have been recorded celebrations by the most humble and honorable to the most respected and holy figures. However you choose to go, your gathering is blessed by all the beings within the Capricorn as well as the vast multitude of Ships of Peace throughout your galaxy.


We will be celebrating with you.  We wish you to experience the bliss that we do when we gather.  When those of like mind gather, only wonderful things occur. So we encourage you, our beloved Amiable Contacts, to begin to put thought into the creation of a celebration where you can honor the Amiable Contact Project and all the dedicated souls who are participating.  It goes without saying that we request that you include us.


We will leave the decisions to you.  There are many of you who are adept at planning, and holding an event is not beyond your scope of imagination.  Where ever and whenever your celebration occurs, as part of your intention invite us.  Invite anyone in particular that you are directed to invite.  Who knows what might occur at such an honorable event?


You are spread throughout the world, which creates the obvious uncertainty of all Amiable Contacts gathering together.  You might put your heads together on this one and see what you can come up with.  Beginning to manifest a   celebration earlier than later will bring better results.  In this way, ease will be manifested.  You are aware of how manifestation works.


You may start simply by putting pen to paper to state your plans.  As always, two heads are better than one and we recommend that you put your heads together.  In the synergy of two or more gathering together, anything is possible!


We are encouraging and providing you with a valid reason for celebrating.  One cannot dispute the fact that when like minded individuals gather, there is fun to be had.  There is joy!  There is bliss!  There is a connection made but not only on a physical level.  The connecting of your spirits is very powerful and you are capable of anything when you participate with like intention. 


And just for the pure joy and delight of being in one another’s presence is cause for celebration.  Touching base with one another has deep rooted effects.  You help one another to drop any leftovers that need to go.  But most importantly, you are practicing a higher vibrational way of being.  You reach a higher vibratory level as a group and you maintain the higher frequency.  During that time, anything is possible as long as you are open to this possibility.


Whether you gather at a suit and tie occasion or outdoors, the effects shall be the same.  And they shall be glorious.  It matters not if there are two of you or twenty two of you.  It matters not if you sit in the stillness or if you dance and sing.  Creating the intent is paramount.  And seeing your intent manifest is the icing on the cake.


We are not promising you anything, for this is your creation.  This is a time to shine for all Amiable Contacts.  To know that you are all connected, even in your respective areas of the planet is reason for celebration.  This is how we perceive the Amiable Contact Project.  It is a glorious event that is forthcoming.  It is what everyone has been longing for; and becoming weary in the mean time.  A celebration is in the stars.


And so much is happening for you energy wise.  Celebrating who you are and the masters that you have become is highly recommended.  Remember that you have earned it and you deserve it.  Pull out all the stops and acknowledge how blessed you are and how blessed our Amiable Contact Project is.  When First Contact occurs, all will be ready across your holy planet for more.  And we will be there to celebrate our coming together. We look forward to openly expressing our gratitude and our deep love for our special family of Amiable Contacts.


I Am Captain Helena.  My crew and I salute you once again.  You hold a special energy in our etheric hearts.


Blessings to All.


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