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Message # 107


Captain Helena on Becoming Liaisons of Peace

 Received  through Zilanthrah

 March 20, 2012


 O Glorious Greetings dear Contacts! 


As you elevate your consciousness to this place, our consciousness meets with yours.  You may view it as a place where a gathering of the minds takes place.  It may be achieved in an instant, if this is what is in one’s reality.  It is true that we draw ever nearer, so that we may assist and so that we may convey our thoughts to you.  You may see this place as a bridge where the third frequency connects with the fifth frequency.


Just as thought is the most powerful tool of the human, it is as important to us. It is also that we are able to do it quicker and with great ease, for we have had much practice and employ instantaneous thought as our mode of communication.  It is something that you aspire to and it will become a normal part of your lives, given the change in frequency upon the planet and within the human.


You will enjoy this immensely.  It brings a feeling of joy when you learn how to incorporate it. 


Incorporating this mode of communication into your every moment might be seen as a goal that you wish to achieve.


What you are being told through the various messages is indeed occurring, at least to some degree.  As usual, discernment is an important tool for you to utilize.  As all of you are ready for a big change, you are drawn naturally to the subject of change and what you may look forward to in your future.  And so you may be more than ready for huge change, after all the lifetimes that you have experienced on this beautiful earth.


Amiable Contact will indeed occur, as will First Contact, as will a great rise in human consciousness and other highly important events.  The rise in consciousness is obviously occurring.  There is not a moment in your day where humans are not awakening.  This is part of the Great Plan.


Your consciousness will reach the appropriate frequency when it is time for you to step into your own.  You will be ready when Contact occurs.  You continue to be given what you are able to handle and integrate.  Since you shall become representatives for your people, it must be so.    You are to be vanguards of a sort.  Of course this is entirely your choice, however it is what we wish for you and is part of  Amiable Contact.


As the time draws nearer for the event, more will have become aware and volunteer their services.


There are traits that each of you carry that enable you as vanguards for contact.  You see, you have a spark within that signifies your natural ability as liaisons.  You shall be liaisons for peace and brotherhood.  You will be the shining examples of human love for your fellow extraterrestrials.  You have the ability to see both sides of the coin, so to speak, and you do not judge, so you see, you are already peacemakers to some degree in the third dimension.


We will be referred to by the majority as extraterrestrials, as this is the terminology that is most widely understood and used by humans.  Eventually we will be referred to in other ways.  And eventually, we will be referred to by name, just as you are.  It will be interesting to see how this occurs, for there are many civilizations whose identities are not called by a name, or at least by a name that is easily understood or pronounced with ease by the human.


I digress here and wish you to know most of all that all is progressing.  As usual, things change, as do things for you.  All is fluid here and all is fluid there, more so than ever in these times.  It is quite a job for those who observe and report changes that regularly occur on earth. 


All in all, we must say that a peak has been reached.  It is the kind of peak where it is time for change, huge change, earth is very close to releasing the third dimension.  She is hanging on, while still supplying those with the old reality with what they require to evolve.  However, she is going ahead with the many possibilities that she is able to that assist to build and maintain fifth dimensional realities.  Your realities regarding your new world are varied yet she sustains them for you, with great respect and with eagerness for the paths you have chosen.


So, we ask that you ponder upon your mission; that of becoming a liason; as ambassadors of peace.  We have no doubt that you are more than capable and that your mission will be carried out with humility and shall put a song in your hearts.  However, because of your free will, it is your choice.  In the case of your choosing to not be a liaison, there are other choices that will suit you well as well as bring a song to your heart and a spring to your step. 


Those extraterrestrials who will come to you will be those you shall partner with.  You will come to know each other as family, family in the sense of being in a higher frequency, without any of the dysfunction that you may have experienced with family in your many  lifetimes here.


You will learn all about yourselves, everything that there is to know as well as all everything about those you partner with.  And together you will be liaisons. 


You shall set the example for your fellow humans and represent them, so too will your partner be liaison for their fellow citizens, although the study of earth and humanity has been in progress for much time.  Once you have learned about your partner and their peoples, their technologies, their homes, their ships and customs, you will share this together with your fellow humans. 


In all this, there will be much celebration. What an honor to be able to represent yourself and your civilization and to present extraterrestrial civilizations to them, with the intention of harmony and brotherhood. 


Imagine the experience of freedom to become whole that shall  manifest!


As we show ourselves to you in your skies, we come ever closer, in energetic frequency and in physicality.  There is more yet to come.  So, please remember, there are still events yet to come as earth continues to undergo change. 


All things considered, there is an agenda to follow and it is this way for some reasons that you are aware of and some that you are not.  We wish you the best and it is our hope that you will continue to hold the faith, for we are truly One, coming together on our collective journey to wholeness. 


All civilizations within the Galactic Federation look forward to planet Earth and humanity becoming One with us as a Federation.


We feel your concern.  We are aware that you wonder why there is so much time involved.  It is the way that it is.


We welcome you as liaisons of Peace, representing our beloved Amiable Contact Project. 

 Thank you, dear ones. 


Salutations from Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn.

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