Sep 15

Message # 104

ST. GERMAIN Greets the Freedom Fighters


Received through Zilanthrah

September 15, 2010 


Greetings my Beloved Freedom Fighters!


I greet you with magnificent news!


The shift of the ages is marching forward and you are at the front lines, my dear leaders of Light!


Our news is that we are on schedule and that all is well.



I wish you to remain steadfast.


Onward and upward!


There is no looking back.


What lies ahead is the most brilliant of Light, the most brilliant of changes accomplished. And the most brilliant of reward; the reward of knowing what you have accomplished. 



All that you have strived for is coming to pass.  Those who would have you dragged down are no longer dragging anyone down.   Change implemented years ago has come to pass and it is time for you to see more glorious change!



Imagine your wildest imaginings.


Do what you have to do, but most of all, dream your dream!


And carry your swords high.


We salute you from our side and we wish that you salute us back; in freedom, in brotherhood and in the knowledge that it is done! 


We march ever onwards and we urge you to do the same.  Hold your heads high, for you have done all that you came to do. 


We suggest that you dream your dreams in living, magnificent and vivid technicolor; manifest away, with delight and in joy!


You have magnificently led the way for others; and those ones are following in your footsteps. There are many, many branches and groups that will follow.  These multitudes will be holding their swords high as well.   


There will be multitudes of new ones who come forth with new ideas. 


When this occurs, it will be with ease, for these ones have been led by the best of the best. 


You have not only cleared the way for them but you have done it in such a way that they already carry within themselves what you have learned and earned energetically. 


They will not have to endure what you have, for what you know lies within them.  They will be able to forage anew without slogging through the trenches as you have.


For this we thank you. 

They will acknowledge and thank you also when the time is appropriate.


There will be young and old alike leading with new ideas.  They will be lined up, wishing to do their part and they will do it with great delight and with the deepest of inspiration and motivation. 


This is part of what you have created for the others who will follow in your footsteps. 


You are as the professors of the highest teachings.  And they are as the students who will step forth into their talents and skills with the greatest of ease; and with humility and gratitude for you who have cleared the path of freedom for them. 


You have given them the freedom to be! 


We salute you!


And we commend you with the highest and greatest of gratitude.


 There is now a huge change in energy.


This new energy has cleared and replaced the energy of old; the energy of lack, of confusion, of the imprisoned human on bended knee. 


There is no reason for anyone to be on their knees at this time.  It is time to stand tall and to know within that you have achieved.  Settle back and enjoy what is to come. Maintain your energy of achievement. 


For a time yet it will appear that all is the same, but there will come an event that will change everything.  You will see that this will be the crowning manifestation of the new ways.


You can rest assured that this is to come.


You can rest assured that peace and serenity will soon become the norm.


Stress no more.  And relax, let your worries fall away, be worry free, for there is great freedom in this.


When you dip your toe in the new warm energy of peace and abundance, it will feel like home.  You can wade freely all the way in now, without worry of strong currents washing you away. 


For this is your time.


And it is our time.


It is time for brethren of other realms to come and be with you; time for beings from other places, far off places to shake your hands, to embrace in oneness; you who have cleared the way for them.


Peace is coming.


For all.


Freedom in all aspects of earthly life is coming.


It is done; it is manifest.


Relax, sit back and enjoy.


Enjoy your many blessings.  Enjoy knowing what you have accomplished.  And celebrate the greatness that you have brought. 


All that you have endured and sacrificed; all suffering, all heavy loads are slipping into the past. 


It has passed and it is time for the realization of what has happened; time to understand that you have done it, my beloved ones of Light.


Together, we have turned the tide.  Together we have accomplished the turning of a planet in distress, in agony of utter disillusionment of the most horrible kind into a planet that is ready to stand in the beauty and glory of Love and of Truth that is her birthright. 


Your birthright into the Mastery that you are and that you have worked so hard for is at hand.


Dream your brightest new dreams.



I AM your brother


I AM the Son of Freedom


I AM St Germain



And I salute each and every one of my beloved, steadfast warriors of untold and unwavering strength, integrity and Love. 


Into the dream of freedom we walk together.


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14 Responses to “Message # 104…St.Germain Greets the Freedom Fighters…Sept.15th, 2010”

  1. JEAN Says:

    How very exciting – thriling! Wow!

  2. Helen Says:

    Thank you for the news. It is magnificent. So great to hear
    that we are going the right pat. God bless.

  3. Gordon Says:

    Dear Beloved St Germain, YOU were the instigator of this in the begining and we THANK YOU from the bottom and top of our Hearts,that you have carried us to Victory.

    Love and Light


  4. Sylvie Says:

    Sounded good until I saw them chemtrailing again here in Gloucester! When the chemtrailing stops, then I’ll get excited, because I don’t like being poisoned day after day!

  5. Sechaba Says:

    Love & Happiness,

    I’m surtainly feeling the vibes of change in my own heart & it is hugely relieving & liberating…I wish NOW for inspiration to be abe to share with ALL here in South Africa, what is HAPPENING in OUR lives to raise the LOVE vibrations even higher.

  6. luisa vasconcellos Says:

    Dear Amiable Contact Administrators,

    It would be advisable that you put at the end of this message a note that this message is alredy available on Swedish – Bulgarian – Spanish – Nederlands – Deutsh – French

    and the Portuguese language will be ready tonight.

    In Love and Light.


  7. luisa vasconcellos Says:

    Dear Amiable Contact,

    Following the previous email please note PORTUGUÊS
    In Love and Light.

  8. onenessnow Says:

    A billion Blessings of Peace, Love and Light for all those of humankind on the Path of Ascension.. Special acknowledgment to Saint Germain for his continued leadership in this great time of transformation of Earth.

  9. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you Zilanthrah I hope you are ok ((Hugs)) Kerrie

  10. Jerry Strachota Says:

    What can I say. Your message is awesome & hope filled.


  11. Jerry Says:

    St. Germain,

    Thanks much for the awesome message. It is extremely enlightening.

    Best of luck & good wishs

  12. Captain Bruce Says:

    Thank You-
    Most wonderful of you to share this with us,,,
    May I say,we appreciate the updates and Encourgement ,,for the coming times ahead~!~!~!
    and may we also continue as “”ONE””,,, to Share the Divine Journey together…
    In LOVE and LIGHT of Unity,Conscieneness…
    “”” STAY BLESSED “””
    Namaste Captain Bruce

  13. Star Says:

    Halo Dear One ! I am wondering why there are no updates here or messages for quite a while now>? I Use to hear from Zilanthra quite often, then nothing ! I was so excited to be accepted for the landings & still anticipate it every minute of the day ! So just wondering as I am referring People on my Fb to contact you for this Event that is to soon be Happening all over the World ! Please contact me as I would Love to know whats UP>? !!! lol Love & Blessings, Star* ~:) Thanks so much ! Cant wait for My ships to Finally Come In !! lol

  14. darlene Says:

    Hello Star…I am writing on behalf of Zilanthrah…Z. has been attending to some urgent personal concerns of late. I am the one who posts her channeled messages to the starportearth site, and there have been some messages which I have been negilgent in posting…I too have had some serious health challenges in the last year or so…but the landings are still on!…we hope to be able to perform better for our Amiable Contact friends, please bear with us.


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