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Participant Feedback on

‘A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration’

July 29th, 2010



Greetings to all Amiable Contacts!


 …on July 29th, I went to my chosen landing site with my dog, Boomer…a number of distractions presented themselves…my dog was cruising around;  the public mailbox at the edge of my site received some locals there to pick up their mail;  and a minor highway,  from which passing headlights intruded upon the silence I was trying to attain….but I knew I would be contacted in some way.   Last year at our first Amiable Holiday event, I had learned that contact could be in a variety of ways…the trick seems to be an awareness of subtle changes around you.


…so once I had gotten to the point of calmness, I simply followed the instructions given by Captain Helena.  I visualized my site bathed in a golden light, and it simply WAS bathed in this light…I could see it clearly.  I repeated my coordinates a few times, and greeted all on the Capricorn with my wishes for contact.  I used the Invocation that Captain Helena had given to us.


…distractions were minimal at one point, and I was able to enter into a deeper meditative state…I just let all flow through me and became aware of an insistent ‘clack clack clack’ sound…that is the only way I can describe it…it became louder and louder and definitely had an energy I could feel approaching…I felt compelled to open my eyes, sure I would see someone…no one was visible, but the leaves of the trees surrounding me, were ‘dancing’ vigorously!…I listened and watched in knowing, until my dog started to wander and the mosquitoes became increasingly hungry…


…as Boomer and I walked the quiet road beside my site, I looked at the leaves of the trees where I had just been, and the leaves had stopped their movement.  The air was very still and I felt great peace. 


I knew I had received a visit.






I just now first found this site so this is the first I knew about anything that might be happening on the 29th of July and all I can say is that I knew the energies were different that day because I had a hard time sleeping that night. I couldn’t really explain it then but now I have at least a better understanding of why. Yes I have been waiting for many years for this contact to occur and be able to be with my galactic family again.




Editor’s note:  Jim did not participate in the actual event, but I am sure he will with the next one!…Darlene




Stockholm 2010-08-03




At first I  wasn´t sure that anything at all had occurred.


But when I look back at the days before the 29/7,  what I experienced at my landing –site the 29/7 and how I felt afterwards,   I see it more clearly and I am totally convinced that I had contact on inner levels.


First I had some problems with the date.  I wasn´t sure that I would be able to be at my landing site on the 29th of July , but in the end I could make it.  Though I had to set a time – nine o´clock in the morning.


Three days before the contact I woke up every night, always around three o´clock, and according to my own belief, I received a rather heavy download of some kind of energy.


Every time when I woke up I experienced a remarkably strong vibration in my Solar Power Center.


It almost sensed as if the strong vibrations at first functioned as an alarm clock to wake me up.  Then I received, for approximately an hour, a strong energy in and around my body.


The night before and the night after the day 29/7, I  received this kind of energy download  both in the night and early in the morning.


When I finally knew that I should be able to be at my landing site, a new problem occurred.


The weather forecast reported a thunderstorm with heavy rain on its way in from the Baltic.  And it was supposed to hit the Stockholm area early in the morning of the 29th.


And it turned out that the night before 29/7, my energy downloads were accompanied by thunder and lightning.


But in the morning the rain stopped for a while and the whole area was swept in a thick mist and there was no wind at all.


I had a ten minutes walk to my landing site and I sat down in the grass (a little wet) and prepared myself in the way I thought was appropriate.


I invoked the Violet Flame for me and for the landing site.


And I spoke out the words of meditation we received from Captain Helena.


I felt no strong energies at all but a very peaceful, and yet special, atmosphere. The thick fog kind of  shielded  the place from the surroundings. It was very quiet and the few sounds I heard, were enlarged.


Four nights later I still received these energy downloads, both in the middle of the night and early in the morning.  I don’t yet understand everything  about  these energies, but one thing  is very obvious to me, every time I go into a meditative state and breathe out light and love, or the Violet Flame, I clearly sense that the amount and intensity of  light and love I now am able to breath out, is very much increased.


As I was still on vacation, I could just enjoy what was  happening  and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to participate in this AC project.


Thank You, everyone of you, who work with this web site and with this project.


And Greetings  to all AC participants!


From Eva

Stockholm, Sweden


Dear Friends,

Last night we gathered more than 20 people including the Mayor of the Village up to midnight.

No Scout ship show up. Is there an other date or …
I come forward to the news.


Pierre Brunet



Hi Zee

How are you? I’m wondering what happened on 29th July for you.  I wish I had something to report but I don’t but that may have been lack of preparation on my part – or something like that.  I had an exhausting day at work and then found out that Kev had to work late so he couldn’t make it.  I went by myself but it was far from ideal as there I was edgy and couldn’t relax as I wasn’t comfortable being in a parked car by myself in a public place at night.  After a while I went home which is close by, went outside and sat there for more than an hour with a doona wrapped around me because of the cold.  It was a lovely clear night but didn’t sense any contact so it was disappointing.


The only thing that did happen that day is that I was aware of dreaming about being who identified themselves as extraterrestrials when I woke up – and last night I had another dream where someone said they saw a craft in the sky although I think I missed it except for a slight movement in the sky.


Maybe one day they may see fit to contact me.


Take care




Wow!  Yes, I have been needing alot of rest lately. 



BTW. 7/29 was a pleasant day with Nan and Gina.  We were out in the field, looking at the sky, and saw no disks or anything unusual, but oddly enough, this disk shaped thing (photo attached) was on the ground.  It is some kind of old tractor part or something, but shaped like a disk. 

Hey, the power of manifestation, right?  Wanted to see a disk … saw a disk.  : )  If the past is influenced by the future, our intention to see a disk caused this tractor part to be left in this exact spot.  Pretty weird.  But no flying disks.


We did have a nice time on my back porch around my fire pit, looking at the sky, later on.  But nothing definitively E.T. happened.  The next day I was completely a zombie and no energy.





Dear Zilanthrah,


Till now i have only received  just one comment to the 29th July Amiable Contact.


Following you will find out my answer to the reader that also speaks about mine.


I will keep in touch with you.


In Love and Light.




A Reader’s experience:


Dear Luísa,

Today, I want to share with you all the happiness that surrounds me, after some intense moments that had been lived yesterday, July 29th with with my galactic brothers.   


The communication has happened in various manners, the energy inside my body was so much that I felt I could not bear the pressure of this so powerful energy. My body seemed to have been out of a shower, caused by the atomic energy fo our dear brothers.


Elemental beings had paid me a visit as well as the energy of the elements of Earth and it was wonderful the manner Mother Earth had manifested herself. All the ones that love me in those fantastic dimension, that is the 5th dimension, had visited me as well as my Guides and Masters.


Then, near about 23:00h, I was out of home, in the patio of my home, staring at the skyes hoping I could find some visible sign of my dear brothers and sisters. I was repeating the following in my mind, “I love you, dear brothers and sisters, I am waiting eagerly because I believe in you, you are not an illusion, you are not a lie.”


Suddenly a very, very bright ball of Light, with a long and bright tail , crossed the sky diagonally, very close to me and disappeared in a few seconds. It was not a star, as it has not the size and the brightness of it, and it was too large to be compared with  a star and I have not yet seen a similar brightness in the skies.


I felt euphoric, but at the same time I could not breath, I felt a great need of screaming loudly saying thank you, thank you, and was breathing with great difficulty. When the signal disappeared, I got to the usual.


After near about 15’, I started to feel some strange symptoms of tingling in my body, itching and some parts of my body seemed to have been burnt, they could not be seen but I felt as they were being burnt and it was very intense on that parts of my body, more intense round my neck.


I felt also strong stings in my eyes. I have taken a shower and my body became in harmony. I felt a deep sense of happiness and peace, but all that I was feeling was not in this body, but in another one that was not part of my actual body.


It had elapsed near about an hour and thirty minutes after having these wonderful experiences. I went bed, and I remember these experiences remaining all night long.


When awakening today I had the same feeling of happiness and peace, an I felt both in this my actual physical body. So I am feeling blessed.


Thanks for the time you gave me but, in fact, I had to pass my experiences our brothers and sisters asked us to do so.





My own experience (Luisa’s)


Dear Hermínia,

Thank you for your description. I will translate it in English and will send it to Zilanthrah.


Since the dawn of the 28th July that I felt in a state of alert, feeling quite ok with me and with the world, but always very stressed because of the malfunctioning of my computer that prevented me to spread this news in all my blogs, that at the time are nearly 60.


Whenever I could I watched the skies, very stressed because of the smoke and the smell of burnt wood that was a proof of the fires around this area. During the dawn of the 29th July, I have seen as very marvelous sunrise that I registered in my memory, as I had not a camera but I did not sit, neither meditated, actually I did nothing at all.


I asked apologies to Captain Helena for my procedure as well as to all Beings incarnated and non incarnated   that reaches us even if it is only by telepathy. I asked them to join us, Human Beings, but in my opinion I would be more useful trying to post the more I could the news about their existence and presumable contact, and doing so it would be enough for me, because I feel always I am with them in Spirit.


It gave me peace of mind and inspired me to ask the team of translators if they could do the transcript of a small commercial video clip done by BBC on March, that is so well done that it helps people to visualize the anticipation of the disclosure official announcements about the existence of extraterrestrial life. And the more we think and visualize this, the more we give energy to manifest it.


In Love and Light.



Are you able to give Captain Helena a message from our “Amiable Contacts” group please?


We excitedly assembled on Thursday evening (29th) at approx. 5pm. down near our helipad.


There were 7 of us plus our beautiful Siberian Husky, all waiting for a sign or sight.   Our collective energy was very powerful but alas we were unable to attract anything which would have reinforced our faith.  


We were also vigilant on Wed. 28th and Frid. 30th.
This would have been a wonderful opportunity to show our local community that we were not the village crackpots. 


Being witnesses to such a spectacular event would have been proof and just even one minute’s dash across the sky would have been enough to awaken most of Australia to what to expect in the future.


We were just a little disappointed but then Cpt. Helena did say we might feel this way. 


After our prayers and persistant requests for help, we are sure that the Galactic Federation will need to act quickly so that our beautiful Mother Earth and her inhabitants, animals, birds and marine life will not perish and be lost forever.


We thank you and hope that we can witness your presence sometime soon.   Please do come soon.   We are all waiting, waiting, waiting.


Thank you Zilanthra for your updates & newsletters etc.



Margaret & Robin,
Mooloolah, Queensland




We only had heavy cloud but I do feel very tired so I must have been affected. Thanks for all your hard work.  


Inlight      Liz Miller



I believe it was July 29, the day that invisible Amiable Contacts occurred, that I went outside briefly.  Suddenly every cell in my head was agitated.  It reminded me of a bag of frozen peas that got frozen into a hard ball — each pea was a cell in my brain.  This spread to my arms and legs, something like an overdose of niacin.   The result?  My brain patterns seem to be improving.




I never got the chance to go on Thursday… but I just had checked my landing site out at that field… yeah, something landed there alright, i can tell by the way the grass had been flattened.. and the size of the craft.  Any idea on when they’ll be coming back ?



 July 29th    A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration


My highest expectations were with me in abundance, even though I’m trying to release them to the Light, knowing that this will do more to prevent  an Amiable Contact. 


Suddenly I find myself in a state where I am interacting on an inner plane.  As I allowed more light and love to enter, things began to stir within.  Part of me wanted to have a visual experience, part of me wanted to remain open and allow my guides and angels to present on their level.


I began to relax and allow.  The consciousness drew closer to me and I was overcome by stillness.  Love and Light was the vehicle, I was swept up with feelings of ease and grace.  It seemed that anything that I could think of was instantly playing out before me.


With this I began to experiment and found myself on board a ship of blue Light.  It was speaking to me on an inner plane, in a language of peace and love, one that was familiar and at the same time unexpected. 


It was Capricorn, welcoming the brave hearts who were gathered all over the planet, to come in physical form, to receive their previously prepared instructions.


 “These directives are lovingly and carefully designed to be available to each and every one of you.”  Capricorn continued, telling me that my Spirit has dusted off these plans in the 5th dimension, that my requests have been carried out and that it is the same for everyone involved, as we all requested before entering Earth. 


I am excited that I have received this information and acted on cue in the incarnations that I have had here on Terra Christa.  Capricorn stated, “I know that many of you have had similar experiences and that they have all been fulfilling. 


For those who have written their Divine Plan in a particular way so as to allow them to cut certain pathways for their lineage, they commend us for our diligence, our massive strength and deep faith. 


Each member of Amiable Contact have their own special essence to contribute and each one’s path is unique to them.  Their individual Divine Plans are all playing out at this time  together with all 5th dimensional participants working on a common goal.


After an appropriate amount of time had passed, I realized that my body was tired.  It was working overtime on the inner plane. 


I recognized that huge changes were underway.  I could feel it for myself, I could feel it for the group; a new sensation, one that carries a greater knowing, a greater understanding of the term known as Oneness, a feeling of accomplishment, of achieving a newer and higher level within the group.


It has been exquisite.  It has facilitated a level of clarity regarding how this group of Amiable Contacts has come to be.


It is being celebrated on the higher dimensions throughout the universe.  It speaks of going within and asking for instructions, to be fully integrated, fully manifested for all who are committed to this glorious endeavor. 


They await for your call.


Love is all there is.





Zilanthrah’s Experience


After removing a couple of distractions, I was able to go into meditation, where I became very relaxed and found myself letting go.  I was guided to focus on a white puffy cloud in the sky.  While focusing on it, I relaxed more deeply.


I felt transported up and up on the back of a beautiful big bird who floated higher and higher as we spiraled upward and found myself aboard a ship.  Around me was stillness and peace.  I was in the presence of many very small beings, who appeared neither human nor artificial.  They were all smiling and very jovial as they welcomed me to their home.


They communicated that they are the beings of Light who make up the ship of Light, small particles of consciousness whose mission to serve in this way brings them intense Joy.  I was allowed to embody their Joy briefly.  It felt incredible that such tiny beings are so full of Love and Joy while forming the body of the ship of Light.


They compared their make-up akin to how subatomic particles make up dense objects on earth, except in their case, they are part of the 5th dimensional subatomic particle kingdom who make up higher vibrational objects that have a higher consciousness.


Another analogy given was how billions of individual cells are combined together to make up a physical body here on Earth.  In their case, their individual consciousnesses combine to make up the consciousness and body of the ship of Light.  They participate to co create together a higher dimensional ship that is alive and joyful to serve as a ship.


My experience was an enlightening one and I am grateful to have had it. 


Immediately following my experience, I felt very tired and had a soft buzzing in one ear for a short period of time, which I have experienced before as adjustments taking place. 


For the next few days I felt like my brain was neither here nor there, or more likely, both here and there.  Both my mind and body felt spaced out and I spent most of my time being a (higher dimensional) couch potato. 


Concentrating was difficult and I did as little as possible, plus a lot of sleeping, both during the day and night.  I now have a very small spot in one eye that flashes constantly.  I would liken it to the cursor as it flashes on the computer screen.


I had a similar thing in the past which slowly lessened and disappeared over time.  Now it’s back and I feel that it’s something good that probably has to do with adjustments made. 


We saw nothing in the sky but when it became dark observed several falling stars.  We saw what we perceived  to be a craft that moved across the sky much slower than a satellite, from south to north.



Thank you all for sharing!





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