Aug 06

Message # 103 


Captain Helena comments on the gatherings for

‘A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration’


Received through Zilanthrah

August 5th, 2010


Dearest Ones of Light


We are delighted by your participation on July 29th!  It was a Joy for us to observe and to participate at a number of landing sites scattered across your precious planet.


There is much to share with you, as there was much that occurred. 


Integration of the changes that occurred for you is ongoing. 


Assimilation will take longer for some than others.  Your level of awareness depends on what you are ready and able to receive. 


So you see, the energies given were based on your capacity to receive as well as where you are at your individual stage of evolution.


It was done very gently. Yet some feel their changes very intensely.


The changes occurring for you are ongoing.  Your DNA structures are growing and developing even more, which allows more awareness. 


For those experiencing symptoms, please know that this is integration.  Heavy symptoms will lessen and you will no longer feel the energies as intensely. 


You will begin to utilize that memory which stems from the knowledge within your DNA.  You may not have remembrance of a past life where you evolved rapidly on a spiritual level, yet what you learned within that lifetime will be evoked from within you. 


You will simply know things without knowing how you know it.  Again, what has lain dormant has been awakened.  Simply put, you are becoming closer to your wholeness.


This inner contact occurred for all who participated. 


Do not fret if you have no remembrance of July 29th. 


Contained within this experience is the awakening of your faith where you know without a doubt that you are a vast member of the Cosmos. 


Rely on your inner knowing.  Look inward, for that is where all answers are contained.  And this is where your power lies.  Step lightly now and know that you are different.


There were a great many of us at our Midsummer’s Eve Celebration! 


Whether you saw our signals or not, have no doubt that we came. 



As we spoke of earlier, there were match ups.  Closer bonds were formed between human and galactic kin. 


If your roots are Pleiadian, your matched up Galactic was Pleiadian.  If your future work entails being a liason between human and Pleiadian,  adjustments were made within your inner knowing that you will be working together with these ones in some manner.


Some received energies of activation during sleep. 


Have no doubt that we take the opportunity when it presents itself to assist in whatever way that we can to further that which you have requested. 


Please remember that in order for the human to see 5th dimensionality, one requires to reach a state where you allow your physicality to step back and allow your higher mind to come to the fore.  This can be achieved with discipline and devotion. 


When your intention is set to connect with us, we are right there for the opportunity to communicate with you. 


Being very relaxed is paramount so that 3D is able to drop away, including your thoughts and expectations.  When the 3D ego steps back, miracles can occur. 



Your Higher Self is the gateway to All That Is. 

It is then that contact occurs.



We are aware of how strong your desire for contact is.  It is the same for us. 


We commend your faith and your desire to serve.  It is our way of serving when we come to you so that we can assist to further your growth and the growth of your planet into ascension, for that is your wish. 


Please know that there were confirmations given to let you know that we participated.  It may have been in the tiniest way, but it was given. 


And now, keep the awareness open that you are changed and it will become obvious for you.  Let it in and take the time to recognize it for what it truly is. 



It will be similar to that shaft of Light that you saw, in the rustling of the leaves, in the faraway hoot of the owl and in the closeness of Love and Unity that you felt for your gathered friends.


And for those of you who witnessed the craft, felt the Joy and experienced the beautiful sunset, know that there is more to come.



The lethargy and the feelings of discomfort are signs of body changes. 


You are aware of what to do for yourselves when new energies are downloaded.  Even though you may not feel it, there are newly awakened cells in your physical body who feel the joy of life, of awakening and of creation. 


Celebrate that ancient part of yourselves and welcome it’s reawakening into the new consciousness that it is becoming.


Dear brothers and sisters, know that you can take the opportunity for contact any time that you wish. 


If you are so guided, let us gather again.  We are all here to serve, let us work together in all the ways that we can. 


Those Galactic friends who came to you salute and thank you.


 I am Captain Helena and I salute you.



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