Jul 29

Message # 102


Captain Helena…

July 29th, A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration


Received through Zilanthrah

July 28th, 2010



Greetings, my dear ones.



Some time has passed since we last communicated.  It is time once again that we touch base to let you know how truly loved you are.



We wish to communicate to all Amiable Contacts regarding our earlier message about July 29th. 



We observe that there are some planning for the occasion and are doing well.  Remember to be relaxed and to not have expectations.  Treat your planned day as a celebratory event. 



We suggest that you do all those things that you enjoy the most; for example, gathering with another loving one or with a group. 



Either way, the outcome will be the same, although as you know, when there are two or more gathered, the energy is amplified and the results may be more gratifying and fulfilling for you. 



You may follow the example of the first Amiable Holiday Gathering, where events were designed to raise the energy as well as to create a bond between those participating; it was a perfect mixture and blending of energies.



The outcome worked out well and without the blending of energies, there would not have been as much experienced and learned.



If you plan on going it alone, it will be simple for you in the way that your plans are already set.  You know what you like to do and what brings you peace and comfort. 



You know how to set the intention for yourself. 



There are all sorts of ways, as you know, to raise your vibration, to set your environment and surroundings for the energy needed to reach a higher frequency so that the results will be optimum.



Whether you photograph, video or keep a record of your event, is not as important as your intent and what you will receive, (although we recommend that each of you have the intention for receiving contact from us in some way on July 29th, and then share this experience.)



You will see that because of those who share their experience through the website, all may enjoy what you share.



It will bring you closer as a group and raise your reality or your understanding of how much more you are capable of.



Although there are sightings, planetary wise, regularly; this date is set aside specifically for the purpose of sharing our presence, our energy and most importantly, our love with you. 



In these times of duress on the planet, our meeting with you will assist in many ways.



If you wish, you may share but a few short sentences of what you experience.



Putting your comments on the screen for others to read will carry an infusion. 



It will be an infusion of what you received from our energy so that others may also be gifted with the same that you receive. 



Any communication with us whether through feelings, sightings or audio is designed to be a gift for you in the way that it acts to reawaken that part within yourselves that has been inactive.



We look forward to July 29th and wish you to be aware that matching will occur, the same as the matching referred to in the actual Amiable Contact event. 



This shall occur for all who participate. 



To refresh your memory, those of us suited to your talents, skills and your DNA will be the ones making contact in some way. 



This serves to strengthen your bond with us genetically and ours with you. 



There will be integration that will serve your and our best interest as a whole when the formal Amiable Contact event occurs.



If any of you are receiving guidance or insight now that you wish to share, please feel free to share your comments through the website.



Perhaps such a page may be designed specifically for those Amiable Contacts who will be participating on July 29th. 



You may share your ideas with others and perhaps they may choose to integrate them into their plans. 



For example, if you are holding a Luau, belly dancing, or playing music, these might serve as suggestions for others to incorporate into their day. 



Or if you wish to spend your time in quiet meditation without hoopla, this will serve just as well.



When you celebrate, we celebrate.  So when you are singing , dancing, playing instruments or playing a game, we are doing likewise in our own way. 



Thus, we will be celebrating together. 



Remember to keep your geographical coordinates in mind. 



We know who you are and the geographical landing sites that you have chosen.



However, you may keep your coordinates close so that you can focus your attention on them at some point during your day, which serves to strengthen our connection.



Those places that you have chosen shall serve you well.   Treat these spaces as sacred sites, portals. 



Know that to perform a ceremony or meditation within them also serves to strengthen our connection. 



It will raise the frequency within the landing site and serve as a portal for 5th dimensional energy. 



Look forward to this time, for it is a time for celebration! 




This is our perspective; it is an opportunity to touch base with you in a special way. 



Keep your mind open, think big and do not corral yourself to any one idea.  There is so much that occurs between our energies that cannot be described or understood. 



But know that it is all in assistance for your individual and group evolution and growth. 



You are all experiencing tremulous times and there is a lot on your minds. 



And so it should be, for what is occurring for all of humanity is incredible in all aspects of life on planet earth.




So please, take the time to set July 29th out as a special day!



See it as a holiday, for you all truly deserve a break.



See it in the way that you are not alone. 



You will be connected as One across the planet by participating in


A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration.




There will be gifts that you may not be able to see with your earthly eyes. 



Some of you will be able to do so however and we know the joy that it will bring you.



Remember to keep your eyes to the skies. Follow your guidance.  Follow your intuition.



We certainly will be donning our celebratory garb, for when we celebrate, we go all out. 



We look forward to this day and we look forward to communicating again.



I AM Helena.



I speak for the Starship Capricorn.



And I speak for all those Galactic beings who will be participating with Amiable Contacts on July 29th.



Farewell for now.



Zoltair:  Thank you, Helena.  Might you provide us with a meditation for our July 29th contact?


Helena:  Thank you for your question. 



Yes, I will provide for you a specific meditation or invocation to welcome our experience together, which you may share with those who will also be participating.



Zoltair:  If I may, can I ask if you have had a Luau experience, Helena?



Helena:  I have had an experience very close to this while incarnated, however much of the original ritual has lost its true meaning. 



It is your choice to celebrate strictly by your design. 



You can hang streamers, put up torches, include a bouquet of flowers, or keep it a simple and quiet time. 



It is entirely up to you.



Zoltair:  We will welcome you, fill our cups with love and light and share it with you.  I look forward to July 29th.



Helena:  Simply said.  And this is all it takes. 


But why not have a good time while you are at it. 

A toast, a candle lit, a sip of wine.



And gratitude on both sides.




Zoltair:  You are definitely invited.



Helena:  We will be there, with bells on. 



And I will provide a simple meditation for those who choose to use it as guidance. 



Does this suit you?



Zoltair:  Perfect, just what I was fishing for.



Helena laughing:  And you have caught something.



Zoltair:  Thank you very much.



Helena:  You are most welcome. Adieu.




Meditation from Captain Helena can be found in


 Message # 100 at our site






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2 Responses to “Message # 102…Captain Helena…July 29th, A Midsummer’s Eve Celebration…rec’d.July 28, 2010”

  1. Jim Says:

    I just now first found this site so this is the first I knew about anything that might be going on on the 29th of July and all I can say is that I knew the energies were different that day because I had a hard time sleeping that night. I couldn’t really explain it then but now I have at least a better understanding of why. Yes I have been waiting for many years for this contact to occur and be able to be with my galactic family again.

  2. Arc Angel Omega Says:

    I never got the chance to go on Thursday… but I just had checked my landing site out at that field… yeah, something landed there alright, i can tell by the way the grass had been flattened.. and the size of the craft. Any idea on when they’ll be coming back ?

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