Jul 29


Message # 101



Ancient of Days Approves


“Invitation from Panel2 on Mars”



Received through Helen Engel

July 28, 2010




H:  Helen Engel greeting Ancient of Days.



H:  [I smile broadly, assuring me that I am connected to Ancient of Days.  We communicate regularly.]



Ancient:  I am with you, beloved.



H: Thank you.


Will you kindly confirm that there is a Galactic Communicator situated in another plane, above my home?



A:  My dear, this is absolutely true. 


Let me describe it, for your benefit, and for the benefit of any who might doubt.




If you were clairvoyant, you would see a golden-hued sphere.


It appears to be breathing, because it is alive and has a brilliant consciousness.


It is perpetually open to all energies that are above the 3rd and 4th dimension. 


Therefore, if any light worker wished to contact you, she might say,




“Mary Brown greeting Helen Engel at the


Communications Center.”




In due time you will pick up the message and return her call.




H:  Thank you.  I have a further question.  



I have been contacted by Panel2 on Mars. 

Mars has invited light workers to contact

Panel2 .


Is this contact on Mars of the Light or of the Dark?



Ancient:  We would not have allowed the original message from Mars to come through to you if it were of the Dark.



Those operating from that level cannot break through, into the Galactic Communicator. 



Is that sufficient?



H:  Yes, and thank you.

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