Jul 26

Message # 100


Captain Helena…

Guidance for July 29th

“We are One”



Received through Zilanthrah

July 23rd, 2010



Greetings my Beloved Ones!



 It is with great pleasure that I share my thoughts with you if you wish to utilize my guidance as your meditation practice for your upcoming date of July 29th. 



My dear Amiable Contacts, we urge you to use that which you are guided to, in other words, something of your own design.



It is our way to guide, however, you are at a level where we trust you to follow your intuition. 



It is like a child who has grown, developed and matured, shouldering responsibility and following their inner divine guidance.





You may set a specific time where you will be on the alert for a form of contact.



Refresh your geographical coordinates in your mind.



Carry your intention of our making contact with one another as you go about your day in ease.



Keep a peaceful countenance about you.



You may be in a comfortable chair or make yourself comfortable outdoors near your chosen site at that time.



With your site cleansed and purified, see the space filled with light.



Know that it is a portal that carries the frequency of the fifth dimension.



Invite your space brothers and sisters into this sacred space.



Be still and aware… Open your consciousness to all possibilities.



You may redesign these words, add them to your own design or adapt them in any way with your intention and beliefs.



There is no set way, no wrong or right way, it is all Divine, as you are.



This is a special occasion, and you are all special.



Have no expectations, yet be open to the highest possibilities.



We congratulate you on your unique celebrations.



Know that we are co creating together in Oneness across this beautiful planet called Earth.



“I am open to contact from 5th dimensional beings of the Light and I welcome your presence with Love and humility. 


I invite contact in the form that is most appropriate for me at this time.


I invite the Elemental Kingdoms and the beings of Inner Earth to participate.  


I  invite the angels, the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.


 I invite those Galactic Beings who are my kin to make contact on any inner.


 I am open to receiving energetic changes on an inner level that will assist in my evolution.


Thank you for the opportunity to commune with one another.”



We are One.






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