Jul 26

 Message # 99


Calling Panel 2 on Mars


“We shall respond to all signals that arrive.”



Received through Helen Engel

July 23rd, 2010



About two months ago the space brethren installed a special communication device in a parallel plane above my home. 


It has improved my telepathically abilities by at least 25 percent. 


On this day I extended my arms upward and connected with the higher planes. 


My body shook as energy flowed through me.  I understood that, as Earth’s spokes person, I am being connected to Mars, and allowed this to occur.


I asked, “Is there someone on Mars who wishes to connect with me?”


Unknown: We have tremored your consciousness.


H:  Do you have a name that I can decipher?


Unknown:  Please call me Panel 2.


H:  Greetings Panel 2.  What does the word Panel signify?


Panel 2:  That I am connecting with you from our Panel 2.


H:  I am aware that you are nearing our planet.


P: Yes, and we are excited that we will be here for your Ascension celebrations.


H: What is the purpose of our encounter?


P: To advise the people on Earth that it is possible to intercommunicate between our two planets.


H: This is very exciting.  Please send a message to Earth. 




The citizens of Mars send greetings

to the citizens of Earth!



We invite all telepaths

who are serving,

to communicate with us.



Simply address:

 “(your name)

calling Panel 2 on Mars.”



   We shall respond to all signals that arrive.




Use all of your concentration powers to forward the signal.



If you are familiar with Light Beam Technology, please use that.



Ask us questions, and tell us about yourself.



We are brothers and sisters, and it will be fun to become acquainted!




Light Beam Technology was introduced to Earth by Albert Einstein at a conclave in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006. 


For further information go to  ……. 







H:  [When I concluded the above transcript, I seemed to have been taken over, as if my entire body was being scanned.


 I think I will lie down.  I SLEPT FOR 7 HOURS.  The next day my eye was much better.]

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