Jun 03

Message # 98


CAPTAIN HELENA … Contact on July 29


Received through Zilanthrah

June 01, 2010 



Amiable Contacts, I greet you in the highest esteem.



I wish to stress that you are a most honorable group of beings and that we have a very strong connection with you all.



We wish to present to you the date of July 29.  On that date, we have arranged for a visual presentation so that we may show ourselves to you.  We hope to seal our bond of devotion with you in this way.



So we ask that you be outdoors near your chosen landing site, where we plan to appear. 



We will not tell you that we will be in the obvious form of a shuttle craft or even a larger craft. 



We may appear as a moving object in your night sky.  You may see us before night falls and it may not be in the forms that I have stated.  Be aware that you may see us in different ways.



All you require to do is to be open and be aware that something out of the ordinary will occur for you.



During this time we will make contact with you.


If you do not receive communication in the form of telepathy, it will be in some other way.



It may be visual, it may be audible, it may manifest through any of your physical senses.  Once again, be open and aware.  Expect nothing and have no preconceived notions.



Remember that there are no restrictions for you; your natural attunement will be your own special way of receiving us.  You would be wise to hold the highest possibilities. 



Be aware of how your body feels, there may be a change that you will be aware of.  There may be sounds or a sound that is out of the ordinary.



The most important thing is to have your awareness open to the fact that something special will happen.  Remain calm and be still.



Reaching a meditative state when you go outdoors is a good idea.  Allow the goings on of your day to slip away. 


Be still and silent.  Be open to new thoughts, for these thoughts may be our thoughts that are being directed to you.  Be calm and be peaceful. 



Know that we will be near you and in our natural state of love and peace.  And if all that you feel is a state of peace within your body, that will be enough.



We are  not here for a spectacular showing, but please be open to that possibility. 

We wish to leave you with tangible proof that something indeed has occurred for you.



Be open to the fact that there is a high possibility that your senses may become heightened.  This may not be immediately apparent, as there is always integration time, which is perfectly normal.



Above all, please do not be disappointed, for in some way you will know that we have made contact with you.  We will know you even better.  And certainly, you will know us better.



A form of stimulation may occur that you will recognize and even though it may be small, it will be discernible.



We hear your requests that we come.  And we will come.


We suggest that you leave both the previous and the next day open and that you observe your skies on those days also. 



We suggest that you share your experiences with one another through www.starportearth.com.



Know that new energies will pour forth for you who participate.


We hold you all in the highest regard.



Your decision to participate in meeting us opens unimaginable opportunities for you.


You are in our thoughts regularly and we are aware that we too, are in yours.



This is Captain Helena of Starship Capricorn signing off. 

Know that we love you dearly.





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5 Responses to “Message # 98, Captain Helena…Contact on July 29th…June 01, 2010”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    For days now Zilanthrah I have had guidance to check out your site, but so much is happening now and I haven’t had time, I just now saw this posted by a member of my site Luisa in the amiable contact group,could this be the orange glowing light I have been watching acting strange on the horizon at sunset. I have been talking to it! last night I felt so light a feeling that I was about to leave my body. I feel asleep but soon awoke feeling so good, I had just listened to a meditation by solanra talking about the pink Christ conscious dodecahedron grid around our planet now, is this the grid that we anchored here under guidance from The Federation of light on Good Friday 2009 here is an extract from the channel after we did the global meditation. Love,light and GRATITUDE Kerrie

    April 11th.~The Federation of Light~ Blossom Goodchild
    Well, I’ve just tuned in, and I can feel the excitement that you are exuding!! I looked at my watch last night to see how I was doing time wise with the mediation and it was bang on 9.30pm and straight away I got (from you presumably) ‘It worked’! So, without further ado I will hand over to you and see what you would like to say about it all, as I am sure many are eager to know of results … and I have to say my third eye space is a buzzin’!

    Dear lady you can feel our excitement because there is much of it! It would be of much value to those of you on earth if you had been able to see the energy that was emanating from your planet. It was not only seen and felt by us, it was also monitored and the frequency level of warmth and Love was taken into a grid that surrounds your planet. There it shall remain doing the work it is there to do. As it settles you will begin to experience a different level of your individual selves. A Higher level of yourselves as a whole. It is valuable for you at this time to imagine your planet earth surrounded by a warm pink glow … for this is so! Breath this in …as you are automatically doing as you write in this moment are you not?

  2. Per Baverstam Says:

    I would be most pleased if a shuttle landed near to my location on July 29th. I will then be located in Carouge (Geneva) Switzerland.

    Please pass on to ship commanders, if you have the ability.

    In Love and Light,


  3. Omega Says:

    I had Micheal the Arc Angel appear to me a few times in the last week. He told me they will need me for something important. Is this connected somehow with their appearances in the skies ?

  4. Anthony Melhuish. Says:

    what happens if your on holiday.

  5. Bernadette Says:

    Hello, I’m wishing to know if there is an up to date communication from/with Captian Helena? Please if possible!

    I Am Bernadette

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