Jun 03

Message # 97


ATHENA… All is Well

Received through Zilanthrah

May 31, 2010


The gist of today’s message is to let you know that all is well.



All of humanity is aware of the catastrophic event that feels like yet another last straw.  It is part of the end of the lesser light.  Their old world must too end, just as your old world is ending. Theirs is always hurtful and dramatic, as they create as much chaos as possible to affect all of you.



It is wise to remember what you already know and that is that evil feeds off your emotions.  The creation of catastrophe has caused the emotions to rise within you of fear, doubt and helplessness.  Things have not changed in this department, as the lesser light continues to require sustenance and nourishment.



We do not say that you should turn the other cheek but rather to exercise your god given abilities.  Love, laugh and know that this recent catastrophe can be exacerbated by your thoughts.



Practice your talent of seeing the areas cleansed and pristine.  You have done this before and it is now time to do it again.  Utilize the same techniques as you have during other times where we worked in tandem to assist earth and your brothers and sisters.



Feel your divine connection with the water by first focusing on the water and see every particle become neutralized.

It feels your intention of love, purification and healing.

You may pulse brilliant white light into the waters of the gulf.  You can see the area on a map and do the same.

It is a matter of putting your attention there.  While doing so, feel a soft contentment and peace and this will be projected to the waters as well as part of its healing.



Lending your energies in this way is a small part of who you are and is part of your duties as a transition team member. 


There are so many of you who utilize healing technologies.  Please utilize them for the water, for the land and for all affected sentient beings.


The creation of this event will once again prove to be part of their undoing and will have the opposite effect as what they had hoped for. 


Multitudes of humans have woken up due to this event.  It is sad indeed that loss of life and so much devastation has occurred, but yet it is so.  Those who have heard of the power and corruption of oil companies now see that it is real. 


The overall mindset of humans is one of pure disgust.


It has stirred compassion within them for those ones affected; not only for their fellow humans, but for all life that has been so affected. And these ones yearn for change, for they now know that it must be so.


This event serves also to bind you all together as brothers and sisters with the same goal in mind. In harmony, there is strength.


It is difficult for you to dwell in the beginning when the ending is not yet completed.  You know that this is so, for your physical and emotional are pushed to the maximum and you are feeling detached and disconnected from so many aspects of life. 


Know that this is all right, this is not a life threatening symptom but an important symptom of leaving the old behind while the new takes shape within. Please do not worry, for your faculties are as present as they need be at this time.


Use your god given discernment, talents and techniques also when you read messages and reports that might cause you alarm.  Ascension is going to occur no matter what, no matter how many more bumps in the road are presented.


We stress again how important it is to try to live your peace and harmony in the moment, for there is no difference in past moments, present moments and future moments.


This is a difficult concept but you are aware of it.  In our reality, events have already occurred before they occur for you.  Yet, there are always several probabilities and possibilities which must be attempted on earth.


There really is no normal anymore and each of you are finding your own way, which has become your normal.  Everyone is the same in the way that all Lightworkers have undergone tremendous change.  This will continue and is necessary.



All that you can do now while you go with the flow is to enjoy; enjoy the pleasures of earthly life.  You surely deserve it.


I Am Lady Athena and I share blessings with you.



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