May 17

Message # 96


Methuselah… On the Wings of the Dove


Received through Zilanthrah

May 15, 2010


 Greetings, Beloved Ones.


 We come on the wings of the Dove


the Dove whose Divine Peace permeates both dimensions.



The veils, now as thin and fine as they are, allow the Dove of Peace to permeate both dimensions simultaneously.



Ah, if you knew how close you now are to us and to higher vibrations, you might weep for joy, and with relief.



While it is a truth that you are wide awake, there are still daily dealings that would hold you to the frequency of the 3rd dimension.



And this is as it should be…



when on the path of ascension, one travels a very fine line.



However, you are so close to us and we to you.  It will soon be time to merge, to act together, to be united in our thoughts. 


You are doing magnificently well.


I speak for all whose frequencies dwell in the finer frequencies.


I speak for all celestial beings, masters, angels, saints, countless Legions of Light, Divine energies; and the list goes on.


I speak for those that you refer to as extraterrestrials and galactics when I present to you.


And it is a fine line between the given terms as you refer to us, as our intentions are one and the same.



Energies of even higher intensity surround you.


You feel it physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.



Please, remember to be kind to yourselves, for being unkind at this important time will not serve any advantage.  On the contrary, it  hinders to keep you in a lower frequency.


You deserve to sleep when you are tired and to enjoy yourselves when the inclination strikes.


Do not resist your feelings.


The hard work that you endure keeps your body tired and the need for rejuvenation must not be ignored.


There are more of these changes to come.  You are taking changes in stride well and we applaud the ways in which you handle day to day experiences that can try your patience. 


Some feel that they are in a state where they have slowed down, feel lazy, without motivation or inclination to attempt even the simplest tasks. 


You feel as though you are in a lull.  And this is to be expected with what you are going through. 


It is all part of your great transformation.  There are no do’s or do -nots; no right or wrong ways.


The journey is a very individual one, therefore simply continue to follow your intuition and do what feels right for you. 



Be alert. Know that your dreams are coming true!


Simultaneously, our dreams are coming true.



We honor precious Earth’s request and everything is being done that ensures your transformation be a gentle one, although we are highly aware that it does not feel this way for you.


Hold your head up and walk with pride, for you have earned it.



Be aware of those who walk with you, for they guide you. 


Stay open to your choices, for this is what your team offers you; to assist you to make decisions that serve you best. 


As you follow their guidance, you are making decisions that serve you best. 


Know that this is truth. 


It happens because you are open and aware of higher energies that guide you.  


Your team has so much to offer as does your Higher Self.



Give yourself a hand for following your intuition; in doing so, acknowledge and honor those who walk with you.


That is their purpose and they love you dearly.


You are a team, celestial and human.  What a truly wonderful relationship!



Their guidance can be as simple as your decision to make a left turn rather than a right or even what to have for breakfast. 


Their guidance can be as serious as making very important decisions that may involve changing location or ending a long term relationship.


Trust and have faith in those who guide you and know that they are with you always.


They know you very, very well and their intent is of the highest.


All is proceeding well.  The unseen changes on earth occur daily.



When it is time for you to step forth, it will be gentle. 


You are not expected to jump into a fray of anxiety or expected to perform to a time frame. 


And it can be done in such a manner if you will allow it. 


There may come a time of anxiety for some and there may come a time of confusion for some.  But know that it will all level out. 



We are working towards Unity.


And peace within your hearts is a forerunner of unity.



As with experiences on Earth, when it is time for a break, you take the break. 


And it is the same during important and intense transitional times.


Any transition is always easier when one is as relaxed and peaceful as they can possibly be. You know this from experience.


You are aware of the human near-death- experience.


Know that there will come a time when masses will transition to where their consciousness will change; very similar to the life changes one experiences after a near-death-experience.


There will be calmness; they will allow their team and their spiritual side to lead them rather than their egos.




I AM known to you as Methuselah.



Indeed, all is well on the Wings of the Dove.




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