May 17

Message # 95



Lady Athena



Received through Zoltair

April 28, 2010




We truly believe that as a conscious aspect in good standing of God who has volunteered to go forth into infinity;



that as an ordained witness to the expansion of all who have endured lifetime after lifetime of limitation in honor of the Truth, the Way and the Light;



that you will never be removed from the inner workings for even a split second, for any plan that might not be of sacred intention or which might serve to undermine the very purpose for the co- creation of Heaven on Earth.




Think of what you have endured, of what you have worked toward in pursuit of your individual evolution



For the first time in a very long time, you are conscious!


You choose to not lie down and go back to sleep.



And you know that there is no outside authority that can do it for you.


You are open to unconditional Love, forgiveness and the Force of Grace


This is where right and wrong no longer apply.


This is where those who have seemingly hurt you the most, are in fact here doing a perfect job. 


 In the big picture, they have played an equal role to yours and anyone else here now.



Most importantly, you know that you came here with purpose and have played your role as agreed upon, in spite of limitation, in spite of Free Will, and in spite of forgetting for a time of who you truly are.



Know that you are truly awake and can see through the veils and that it has been a long time coming. 



If you carefully consider this possibility, in this you will find fulfillment and the ease that you desire while experiencing your expansion into your Wholeness.







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