May 04

Message # 94


Methuselah…Will Stasis Occur in 3 Days?


Received through Zilanthrah 

April 21, 2010


Greetings to all.


We are here regarding your specific question –


will Stasis occur in 3 days?


Does anything of an energetic nature have to make sense?

Do changes require to be in a specific order?

Do events or timing as have been given require to conform to original information?


 Does life on planet earth make sense?


It appears not and this is because of the unnatural and imbalanced ways that are prevalent.  You know that in order for changes to occur, conditions must be just so.  And you know that all occurs in divine timing.


Undoubtedly there continues to be tremendous changes that are obvious to all.


What we are saying is that it is important to remain open to change, for in this most important matter of earth change and the ascension journey, there is no manual on how it will be. 


Although you have a wonderful grasp on concepts provided by us, we ask that your awareness remain open for what might come your way.


We have given good time for those of the negative to make necessary changes which would allow us to continue with our changes. 


And we work hand in hand with our beloved workers of the Light to implement changes that must occur in order for your natural evolution.


Indeed these days are of a critical nature. 


Humanity is overloaded, earth is overloaded, although earth takes in stride her overload with more ease than the human can.


Conditions are critical, it is indeed time to move forward. 


As you know there are a great many who appear not ready to move forward.  They have had ample opportunity presented but have chosen to remain where they are. 


They have all but halted spiritual evolution. 


As humanity’s level has reached the critical point, these ones must evolve.  Because they did not, in the allotted time, plans were slowed.  However, they deserve their evolution and their ascension as all are part of this great plan. 


There will be an event occur, and it will be obvious, where these ones will have no choice but to wake up and join the ranks of higher consciousness. 


And this is where you come in.


Their number is very great, therefore it can only be done in a way where they simultaneously awaken to the understanding that all is not well and has not been well for a very long time; their entire lifetime, in fact. 


They will realize that their energy was lent to a reality of power, power that brought them a false prestige, that they have been living an illusion. 


They will have to look away from that reality to learn to embody a new way of being.


This is why an event of enormous proportion must occur. 


Of course there are a multitude of reasons why it must occur but this is the most important and carries the most weight as to why reality on earth is what it is. 


Their consciousness is the block, the log in the dam that holds back the tide of progression in a natural flow.


This event is soon to come, however whether it is within the next 3 days or will begin on your first of May is not yet fully known.


Conditions must be just so and it is strictly a case of divine timing.  All that is in your greatest good will occur in good time.


Continuing to carry the reality that you carry holds a tremendous influence in the energies of change.


There are countless craft in your skies world-wide who have come.  Those who see our craft receive a gift.


We have been coming for some time and continue to do so.  As time continues, our craft rise in number. 


There are disputes among some who believe that videos of pulsing craft are strictly filming related phenomenon. 


Be assured that the pulsing of these conscious craft is deliberate and that this process is part of our procedures.


We are that close now that you are fortunate in that it does not take much magnification to see us. 


When you are aware of our movement and twinkling in the skies, use your technologies of magnification and you will see our pulsing. 


This can be seen by the naked eye by those with 20/20 vision who are open to the fact that something is moving or  appears as a stationary twinkling; this is how you will know.



The energies that are soon to spiral to earth will engulf and permeate earth and humanity.


All of your realities will occur.


It will be like seeing and living what you believe in.


 Some will be here, some will be there. 

You will be where you believe that you should be. 


 It will not be difficult, remember this.


Keep faith burning in your hearts and all will be well.


It will bring you tremendous joy rather than negative feelings.


And remain neutral.


That is what you are here to do.



We will say that 5-5 carries special significance energetically but this is not to say that an event might occur on this date.


We are aware of your impatience. 


It is similar for us in our vibration, we have the desire for progression as quickly as possible just as you do.


Know that yes, we are at the ready, that we have been at the ready for some time.


Enjoy your journey.

Be at ease.

Exercise patience, for there is divinity in these.


 There is nothing that you require in preparation other than an open and loving heart.


Be kind to your body, if your body craves cheesecake and tolerates cheesecake, then so be it, do not judge yourselves.  It is a difficult journey for the body, why place restrictions on your physical journey.


You have come far, beloved ones.


 Remember to keep an eye on extended daylight, for this may occur. 


 As a prelude, there will be a stillness that surrounds you that will be unlike other stillness.

Some might hear rumblings.

It will be varied.

For some, your intuition will be enough.


We rejoice that our time together draws ever nearer.

We commend you for your steadfast faith and servitude.

The Light endures.

The Light will always endure.


I Am Methuselah.

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