May 04

Message # 93


Captain Helena … Future Landing Bases


Received through Zilanthrah

April 15, 2010


Greetings my dear Amiable Contact workers!


At this time we do not see a necessity for assistance from those who inquire.  We are delighted with all those who have offered. 


We see that there are many, in fact the majority of participants who whole heartedly wish to help with the project. 


These participants will be those who will take up the torch at the appropriate time. 


In the future, there will be a necessity for bases for craft landing sites aside from Amiable Contact Host Sites. 



The need for landing bases will be highly important in times to come. 

Each country will require hosting our craft to land. 

These bases will be developed for our combined needs.


 This will become a project in itself.


This may be a project for certain Amiable Contacts to develop.


In your response to those who offer such a service, you may let them know that we will take them up on their offer!


They offer this specific service through their intuition, which is part of our contact with them.  Indeed, this service runs parallel with their talents and skills as well as their willingness to serve in this specific capacity. 


Know that there will be many projects stemming from Amiable Contact.


We advise that you share this information with all Amiable Contacts. 


From their responses, we will collectively understand who and where these Amiable Contacts are located.  By their locations, a design will begin to take shape and we will see where bases will be constructed for future use. 


We will continue to contact these ones and they will come up with ideas that will be of service for future landing bases. 


We hope to see more ideas coming forth from participants.


By the response from my message today, please consider saving the names of Amiable Contacts who have offered their sites as a base. 


It will serve for the future as a Landing Base Project and can be shared with those who take up the torch on such a project.  


This is not to say that all Host Sites can be used as future landing base sites, as the requirement of space is highly important.  This we will discuss in future. 


There are many aspects for consideration regarding future bases for our craft.




We acknowledge with gratitude all Amiable Contacts for expressing their desire to assist. 


You are indeed special ones.



I Am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn


and I bid you all a wonderful day in the Light.


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One Response to “Message # 93…Captain Helena…Future Landing Bases…Apr 15, 2010”

  1. Pierre Brunet Says:

    I would like to received a confirmation if you have received the location of a landing site (great parking lot, 500′ X 500′ in the village of Saint Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada. I have, I beleived to have sent photos of the site and the latitude and longitude numbers.
    Pierre Brunet

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