Apr 21

Message # 92


Captain Helena …

A New Configuration Surrounds Earth


Received through Zilanthrah 

April 14, 2010



We commend you on your choice of location.


We rejoice when we are able to connect with you in this natural setting of Nature.  We see how it clears your energy bringing you into an open state where receiving becomes easy.


We wish you to know that there is a flurry of activity taking place at this time with ships and our craft.


There has been a rearranging of craft both large and small in all sectors that surround your planet. 


Ongoing projects and activity are not hindered or interrupted as new coordinates are added.  Some coordinates are changed and craft are repositioned.  New craft are coming into position.


There are new ones entering who participate on a stronger level with the ascension of planet earth and humanity.  These ones come from far and wide and are delighted to be included. 


As most of our craft change their position, new craft take their place.  This means not only that more are joining to participate with the transition taking place but that there is an effect that we are working toward that is taking place. 


There is soon to come a specific alignment among the planetary systems, not just of the planetary system that earth belongs to, but many other systems in your universe. 


One of the reasons for this rearrangement of craft and the welcoming of the new is to form a specific configuration in the shape of the Star of David.


It begins with our craft and included in this formation are planets, moons, stars and other celestial bodies. 


This formation of the Star of David as you know it, is in preparation for an alignment event which will create new changes. 


The effects will be felt far and wide on planet earth and on all other heavenly bodies which carry life; and they all do.


There is a pause as Zoltair swats at mosquitoes around my head.


Mosquitoes!  As you know, there are no 5th dimensional mosquitoes.  There are tiny life forms that are as small as your mosquito. 


They do not interfere with sentient life, they only add to it.  So know that the time of the 3rd dimensional mosquito’s effect on all of your sentient beings will come to a close at the right time.


This new configuration that we speak of will be concluded at a certain time.  This configuration is in the process and will last for approximately 3 of your weeks. 


At the end of this time, when configuration is complete, it will begin a new stage of your transition. 


Planet Earth will be at the center of this new configuration.


As astronomers view through their high powered telescopes, they will see something different in the heavens.


Whether this will be broadcast publicly is unknown at this time but we wish you to know that it is occurring and will conclude in the time frame that we speak of. 


We will be even closer to you than ever before as the new configuration will allow for more closeness and on a new energetic level there will be more waking up. 


There will be more who change their mindset to one of being more open than they ever have been. 


Those who are astrologers will soon be writing of this event and will explain in their astrological ways.


By the next Solstice, you will be aware the changes that this will bring about for you. 


One thing that you can look forward to from this change will be more sightings for you and more opportunities for you to make contact with us, not just by sighting us in the skies but by actual connections that we will attempt to make with you. 


So, be forewarned and be prepared that if anything occurs for you within your intuition like never before, be open to the fact that it is our attempting to communicate with you. 


When you feel this way, do not ignore it, open your awareness to the fact that someone is attempting to communicate. 


Relax, become at peace and listen, for we will be coming in a new way that has not been done before, which will give you an opportunity to develop or to strengthen your telepathic abilities. 


We wish to make contact before the actual official first Amiable Contact.  If you are open to it, so be it. 


We delight in knowing that there are so many of you who are excited to meet us, just as we are excited to meet you.


It is important that as Amiable Contacts, each of you understand fully, that contact has already occurred. 


When this project resonated within you and you reacted by following your intuition, it was our guidance that resonated, which  you recognized as your intuition. 


We come to you in this way on many occasions. It is time for you to be aware of this.


I now step aside as another message is forthcoming specifically for Amiable Contacts.


We ask that this be shared and wish you to know that you are all special because of your choice to participate with our esteemed and sacred  Amiable Contact Project.



Received through Zoltair

April 20, 2010      


Greetings one and all.


It is our honor and privilege to carry this precious energy to the group.  We are with you in every moment. We are gathered here for this auspicious occasion to lend our energy and our delight to the group.


Some of you are overwhelmed with the possibility of this gathering of old souls and new souls. 


We would like to share with you this thought:  Consider that your life is of the highest integrity, of the utmost importance and of the greatest accomplishment that a sentient being could experience.


Consider that what you do is expressed for the holy all knowing One; sharing his/her deepest thoughts, spreading her/his love, reaching out and making contact; the type of contact that can only be facilitated by ones as precious as you. 


In this deepest attempt to manifest, truth is about to happen for each one participating in Amiable Contact, there will never be a greater moment. 


An astrological spiritual alignment is now being orchestrated.  Everyone is taking their place.


There will be a focus of energy unlike any that has ever come to pass.  In all that is, you are now the focal point. 

You are the apex of understanding, love and grace. 

You are now what you came here to be.


You have moved from the mastery of limitation and are about to take another  step into the co creation of heaven on earth. 


There will be no looking back; it will be a newer and greater expression. 


This experience, I promise you, will resonate on the highest level that you have experienced, not only here but in all your soldiering and in all your times as emissaries of the Light.


This will touch you on the deepest levels.  This will go wherever you are for all eternity for there is no greater endeavor than to facilitate the expansion of our Lord Almighty. 


Thank you all for your dedication.


Thank you all for the work that you have done over the many incarnations that you have had.


Know that you are all divinely designed and handpicked for your ability to facilitate this happening.

Go in confidence.

Go in joy.

Go in love and…

Go in peace for we walk forth with you.


Be aware that one name constricts one to a limited perception and cannot allow for your entirety.


Recognize the energy and the name slips away. 


We come to you on an energetic level and we communicate to you on a cellular level.  This is where wisdom truly lies. 


We are the Oneness, known to many as All That Is.

We exist in all aspects of the All Mighty.

We are eternity.

We are Mother Mary, we are the egg, the nucleus where all DNA is connected.


As you expand into your Wholeness you will recognize that we are there in every thought; in every expression on a cellular basis are we connected.  Our lineage is the same as are all sentient beings of the same lineage.                      


Go forth, in Grace and all will be revealed.



At the conclusion of this message, a Gyrfalcon sailed low overhead.




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