Apr 20

Some of us were recently invited to participate with a new project.  It did not resonate for us and when we requested divine guidance and insight, the following messages about using our discernment and integrity were received.



Message # 91


Collective Guidance Regarding New Project


Received through Zilanthrah

April 09, 2010




Methuselah:  Yes, all is well.  In every now moment, indeed all is well.



We thank you for your inquiry and are here for guidance with respect to an invitation that you received to participate in a project.



I present to you a collective of guides, respective of each of you who are involved.  




Our Collective Guides:  We represent your individual guides as a collective to bring you insight and guidance.



We have great respect for those who would take the initiative with regard for the greater good of humanity.  Many initiatives have indeed become successful projects and for this, you are commended. 



At times there is unanimous agreement within a group.  Yet at times there is not agreement.  In these situations, one is wise to seek answers to those questions that represent a feeling of caution or hesitation. 



This we commend, for in seeking answers through our guidance, learning is involved. 



Your group is highly regarded; therefore we will always provide guidance for you.



Through your experiences, you have learned well to use your personal discernment and more importantly, your integrity. 



And through your hesitation regarding this particular project, we commend that you follow your discernment, for we speak through your discernment.  And when you feel that caution is necessary, there is reason.



We will not tell you to carry on or to not carry on with this particular project, as this is not our way.  It is for you to decide, however we do urge caution. 



There are forces at play with an ulterior motive and the reason for the project being suggested may not be entirely valid. 



We will say that if you proceed with this particular project, there are some who may use the information for other purposes.



We are well aware of those who consciously serve the Light on Earth. 




And we are well aware that there are those who imply that they serve Light for the greater good. 



We refer to both those who are human and to those who are not incarnate on Earth, who serve with ulterior motives. 



There are possibilities that if you carry through with the project, it may be eventually used in hindering ways not only against you who organize, but against those who participate. 



In times to come, there may be need for such a project.  We encourage you to continue to use your discernment, as in this case it serves you very well.



We wish you to know that there are many beings upon your planet who strive to use their knowledge and talents of a psychological nature and are very adept at convincing others. 



There are also beings not of your planet who do the same.  From time to time, they are convincing enough that humans might do their bidding, as they are highly capable at deception.



Any projects or plans in the name of the greater good of humanity appeals to the Lightworker, yet one must still use discernment.



In the fifth dimension, there is no such thing as manipulation; it serves no purpose. All are guided strictly by higher energy. 



In the third dimension, if it does not feel like higher energy, the purpose and energy are not of a higher nature and may not be for the greater good of all.


This can and does occur regularly and you have seen it before.



Perhaps those who are guided to participate in this project are doing so for their own special purposes; however, there is learning involved and it is their journey to travel.



The messenger always does his/her best, especially when their life’s desire and mission is to serve.  These ones are especially trusting of humans and those of our higher dimensions.



Being supported by friends of Light who have the messenger’s best interest at heart is a great blessing; it is amazing.    



We commend all of you for your loving and supportive ways, for your decisions affect the whole of you.



In this case, it serves everyone well and we ask that you continue your journey in the same way that you are handling the proposed project.



We have great respect and love for you all and we commend your service as a group. 



The Amiable Contact Project goes well. 



Those who participate are doing well.  For the time being, you may keep your list of Amiable Contacts private.  This will serve well. 



However, when the time is appropriate to once again share, you will know.  We will be happy to provide guidance.  


We see this as a time to lay low and the Amiable Contact list is one aspect that we refer to.





Mother Mary, Athena, St. Germain, Sananda and Vector III



Received through Zoltair 

April 09, 2010




Hello, my sweet ones. 



Your queries with regard to the recent proposed changes to Amiable Contact are recorded and adjustments are noted. 



However, for those who are of uncommon intent and may influence the integrity of this Holy endeavor, we regret that we are unable to intervene.  We can only act on your heartfelt requests. 



If you are inclined, you have free will to participate in whatever you wish. 



We notice that you have gone within and asked for guidance on this subject.  You have brought to our attention that there may be some secrecy involved, which we regard as a flag of caution. 



This flag of caution asks you to call in your highly developed skill of discernment. 



Some have already done so and have expressed that they do not wish to collude.



It is in the face of the very name chosen for this event: AMIABLE Contact, which requires truth, openness and unconditional love, without silence or secrets kept from others involved.




This suggests that some are not being held as worthy or as capable of discernment and understanding. 



For those who have chosen to give selflessly, without remuneration or positions of power, a negative connotation.



And also suggests that those keeping secrets are perhaps of greater wisdom and higher purpose; more so than the others. 




We function on a completely open connection with the All One. 



You have asked for insight and clarity about the energy that may seem to be sucking the Light from the project.



This is a valid question that allows you as a group, to learn how to interact within unconditionally loving experiences.  There cannot be secrets in a loving experience.



Be aware that those who might wish to keep you as a group or individually in the dark are not of the Light entirely. 



They intend to keep you fascinated, which may cause you to not see yourselves as Masters. 



It is our wish that you see yourselves as fully manifested Masters.



There is no need to step back behind the veil and experience unconscious limitation or separation. 



Know that as you speak for yourselves or on behalf of the group, you include all sentient beings, not only here but everywhere in all of Creation.



We honor you for your dedication, diligence, determination and we respect you for placing your fears aside and accepting your new and bolder identity of a loving, all inclusive being. 


Blessings on your journey.


We are Athena and Mother Mary.

 We are Sananda and St. Germain.

 We are those who represent Vector III, members of the Galactic Family.





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