Apr 08

Message # 90


Lady Athena … Personal Responsibility


Received through Zilanthrah

April 04, 2010


 As you honor this season,  peace is all pervading in your heart’s desire.


Remember that peace is created in the world only if it begins in the individual’s heart.



What we would say to you at present is to question and to feel whether you have the true peace in your heart that you desire. 


By taking responsibility for your own reality and happiness, you will be brought peace. 


It is your responsibility first and foremost, to provide this for yourself.


The times of powerful energy have led to confusion and chaos for many; mostly emotionally, which results in physical symptoms.


It is highly important during these times for personal housecleaning, as the mass conscious has become laden with a consciousness of scattered feelings and feelings of imbalance; where do I turn, where do I go from here? 


Know that by taking time to release yourself from these burdens; and they have become burdensome for many of you, this is the kind of responsibility we speak of. 


This is imperative; you must do this for yourself.


It will clear your path, bringing you a new ease that you deserve. 


It will ease your relationships and all aspects of your life.


Many are burdened with negativity at this point and know not where to turn.


You can look outside of yourself and if this serves as a catalyst or is supportive, then please do so.  However, know that you have the capability to do this and much more. 


If you are unclear about any of what I speak of, ask yourself: 


“Do I have thoughts  that surprise me, thoughts that seem intrusive, do I feel things in a way that are surprising but do not feel uplifting?”. 


Do you feel that perhaps these thoughts may not be yours and you are unaware from where they come? 


Do you become easily angered or become uncomfortable in situations involving others? 


Do you have fleeting visions of bizarre beings that are not part of your reality and seem to come out of nowhere?


These are some indications that these thoughts, feelings or unsettling visions may be from another source that dwells within and feeds off your emotions and physical experiences.


If this is so, know that this is because of cords that may be attached to negative energies showing up to let you know that they exist and that it is their time to leave.


See a Light and let these ones know that their service is complete and that it is time for their next level of existence in the Light. 


This type of housecleaning is imperative in these times, for it will assist to clear the mass consciousness of negative debris floating around.


It is the time for these ones to take their last kick and they are doing a splendid job of it. 


They may have attached their energy to yours or may be those who simply roam the 4th dimension seeking assistance. 


They see your Light and are drawn to it.


It is this kind of responsibility to yourselves that we refer to, for you deserve only the best.


You have done this before, over and over, and it is a simple thing to do.  You will think and see more clearly and have a weight lifted.


It is easy for us to see from our finer dimension, this negativity, for as peace pervades during this season of rebirth and renewal, the darker colors and energies of a negative nature are more easily revealed. 


There are countries with intense negative energy where there is war, anger, resentment and fear. 


For this kind of work to be done in these places, especially where there is war and unrest, it will help to clear the country and to raise the vibration of humanity in that location. 


But first you must begin with yourself.


This is an opportunity for servitude; to assist others, specifically your lineage and those from past lifetimes who you do not remember. 


This happens for all and is not a bad thing but simply a part of your journey. 


These discarnate ones deserve a better life just as you do.


To Creator, they are sacred, just as you are.


All are worthy of moving closer to the Light.



We are here to promote unity for all of humanity and this is how we wish our relationship together to be. 


So lighten your load to release what hinders. 


Just as seeking to clear away accumulated toxins of the physical body is highly regarded and recommended, so too is the releasing and cleansing of your other bodies of negative energy.


You are responsible for your happiness and you know this. 


Although some seek fulfillment outside of themselves, on the deepest level, you know that it is you alone who must take care of yourselves.


When you do this, you do it for your lineage and even for those who come after you. 


Whatever you do affects humanity and Mother Earth. 


Your service affects us, for as you move into higher vibrations by varying degrees, our vibrations are changed as well.


Greetings Zoltair; know that all is well and that your question is anticipated.


Zoltair: Is this St Germaine? I feel surrounded by your violet energy.


Athena:  I AM Lady Athena.


You are experiencing the Violet Flame because I wish to emphasize the importance of the transformative energy of the Violet Flame.


 Zoltair:  If I have a thought or feeling that somehow feels negative and I think that it might be coming from elsewhere, like maybe another person that I am with, is this how I recognize that I or they have negative energy?


Athena:  Yes, definitely so, and negative entities/energies show themselves in the thoughts, words and actions of the human. 


And this can be dealt with. 


They are most certainly ready to leave so they show themselves for assistance to get on with their journey.


Zoltair:  So, standing in the Light and inviting discarnate energies to the Light does not mean that I actually have to see a physical appearing being?


Can it be that I feel this transpiring, would this be as valid as a vision that it is happening?


Athena:  Yes indeed, this is so.  You will have a feeling of confirmation. 


All you require to do is to hold the Light in the form that works for you. 


The negative energy seeks humans who can do this for them by being a portal or doorway to the 5th dimension. 


If there is action around you in the manner that you describe, know that these ones are revealing themselves. 


They seek those who can help; it is a way for them to leave, for this is the understanding that they have come to and they desire better. 


They see your Light, they go toward those who represent security of the Light because of energetic reasons and purposes.  


And they may not appear as human, remember that negative energy is represented in many different forms. 


Go with your intuition. 


All that you describe is truth and what I share with you is truth. 


Zoltair:  I’ve had a hang up that if I don’t have a vision of a being actually going to the Light, it isn’t working. 


Now I that I understand that it can work on an energetic level. I have a greater understanding that I don’t have to see discarnate entities in my mind or actually see them moving into the Light. 


I am grateful for your clearing this up for me.  It’s an honor to understand that I can be a portal for energies ready to return to Light.  Thank you.


Athena:  I would add that using the violet flame is highly beneficial.  You may use the violet flame as the portal.


As you know, the violet flame transmutes all negativity.  As you describe not having a visual or audio of negative energy, know that having the feeling of negative energy is enough.


When using the violet flame, you may simply see your fingertip as the violet flame and touch your finger to your forehead to transmute with ease,  a negative thought.


This and many technologies have been given in times past.


Zoltair:  Would this work for addiction?


Athena:  This works for all however, with addiction it is more powerful that they be directly involved rather than your attempting to assist on your own. 


It does help, but is not as powerful an energy unless done together with the same understanding and intent. 


There are very many who desire their habit be gone. 


Some find it very difficult and many retreat even more deeply to habits that even though they are destructive, are familiar and comforting in the third dimension. 


However, there is coming a time when it will be as easy as transmuting a habit simply by thought.


Once again, it is the individual’s personal responsibility to release anything of the negative. 


It is time to move beyond into yet a higher vibration, for new energies are doing so.  As you know, the finer dimension does not carry anything of a negative nature.


Zoltair:  By doing this, can we transcend pain?


Athena:  Yes, in transmuting anything negative, one becomes that much closer to releasing physical pain. 


Pain has so many perspectives and there are many reasons why the human carries pain.


Much of the pain caused to the physical entails environmental reasons.


Be astute by continuing to cleanse your bodies from accumulated ingested and environmental toxins just as cleansing the negative energy that has no seeming reason for being with you.


While observing and loving you so dearly, we are aware that many suffer. 


It is time for our beloveds to transmute pain and suffering. 


You require steadfastness and devotion. 


You must also remember who you are and know that with time, all afflictions will be healed.


Persevere, step lightly and live lightly in all the ways that you can on your journey to being the Light.



Zoltair:  We love you.


Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement.



Athena:  May Peace be pervade on this day and in all of your days.





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One Response to “Message # 90, Lady Athena…Personal Responsibility…Apr04, 2010”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you for this Zoltair and Athena it is good conformation for me, I seem to think a bit different then a lot I know, in as much as I don’t seem to have fears of dark forces or indeed ego. I don’t protect myself,but I always give thanks for my guidance, I saw a reptilian eye once after giving a lady who had been living as a victim of others all her life a hug at a circle I was attending, I sent it love and an energy so beautiful went through me, I started to breathe deeply, I saw a beautiful being with wings and it was of bright white light.
    I can feel the releasing that is happening not only with in me but within the world, I can feel the earths energy, I don’t watch the news or indeed TV or read the news it’s been 3 yrs now, but I can feel it, this female pain body as Eckart Tolle calls it is a big one that needs to surface and be healed,as the feminine energies come in to bring balance a lot of supressed anger is being released in both men and women, sending heaps of golden rays on that.Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

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