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Message # 88


Captain Helena introduces Theodor from Venusia


Received through Zilanthrah

April 1st, 2010



Greetings from the Starship Capricorn!


Indeed we are delighted to be communicating with our dear

Amiable Contacts.


It has been some time since our last relay.


In this message, we wish you to know that we are moving ahead with preparations with Amiable Contact.


As we have mentioned earlier, there are many wishing to participate from our side.


I introduce you now to Theodor, one of these beings representative of his people.


 Theodor:  Greetings to everyone participating with our esteemed Amiable Contact Project.



We are some of the beings who will be landing to meet with our human kin and we come with enduring love for you, with peace in our hearts. 


We look forward to being with you in a way that you can only imagine.



We observe how you also look forward to this day.


 Our people rejoice in the fact that our time together approaches.  You stand by in loyalty to us and to Amiable Contact. 


 The Galactic Federation is representative of a multitude of beings who dwell on a multitude of planets and starships. 


Above our level of energy or dimension, there are beings aware of what is coming.



The evolution of your planetary inhabitants is known throughout this universe.


 There are universes beyond ours who are aware.


Every being from the 5th level of energy and higher levels are rooting for humanity!


 Most all of them identify, for they too evolved much in the way that you are and were once at the stage where you are.


 We relay this message to you, our dear Amiable Contacts, to spirit you on, for you are highly regarded.


You are classified as Workers of the Light; this we all know.


 However, you are special in the way that your faith and your belief systems include us, your off world kin.



It is due to your connection to us, specifically because of the lineage carried in your DNA.


There are other reasons, of course, which some of you understand consciously or on a level that propels you toward this grand and magnificent meeting.


You are special in the way also, that because of our planned meetings, you will be propelled into your next stage of work.


 Some of you have expressed that you identify with some of us.


You shall be meeting these beings specifically and because of your ties with them, will be working with them in the field of your choosing.


Your talents and skills will shine through and your heart’s joy will be in full swing.


You may refer to me as Theodor.


 I represent the Venusians, who are a race originating from the Lyran system.


  Our people’s belief system is par with yours.



What you are manifesting parallels well the way of our existence.


We understand that you can only imagine being in an environment where peace, brotherhood, abundance and unity is a given.



We commend your manifesting this kind of life for yourselves.



You are remembering life as it was for in another time and space.  As your remembrances have come to you, we applaud you around every corner and through every new doorway that you choose. 


It is the only way to manifest for yourselves,

  the 5th dimension.



You must continue to round those corners and pass through those doorways, for every step brings you closer.  And every step brings us closer to our meeting with each other.


As we greet and meet, our many civilizations will observe what transpires. This will easily be done with the utilization of our technologies.


Celebrations are at the ready!



And everyone is aware that these momentous occasions are celebration worthy.


Amiable Contact will be confirmation that peace indeed has at long last come to planet Earth and our dear human kin.



We pass through your skies world-wide on a regular basis so that you can be witness to our presence.


Our mothership, as well as others, carries a large number of small craft with a purpose aligned with ascension.


  Those who are allowed to operate craft for your witness, are tremendously overjoyed that they are the ones who pass over to greet you.


  And they do this with deep servitude and a great measure of love for you.

These beings transmit their energy of love.


  It is a mission that is not classified as scientific, but as the sharing of the essence of divinity.


These are the energies that bind us together, for we all carry these energies.


When you see us in your skies, know that we transmit pulses by thought, not only of ours but of our craft as well.


The joy that the operation carries when we receive your recognition and acknowledgement is magnified and again pulsed to you as the momentum amplifies again and again.


 This specific mission is one of greatest support for our dear human family.


You will all go on to wonderful heights of serving, with us as your guides.


 Although your service will be joyous for you, there will be numerous occasions where we will play and have fun on a level that will surprise you.


I Am Theodore of Venusia, originally of Lyra.


 Our Mothership bears the same name; Venusia.


We have logos on each individual craft, small or large.  Our logo bears the names and icons of different birds, many of which dwell on your planet.


We find it befitting that we honor those who travel in the air, as we do in the ethers. 


We honor all life as sacred, as is first and foremost of Creator’s great Universal Laws.


Our specialty is travel.  The majority of our people work with space craft, as well as small planetary craft. 


We have designers, and they all love their work where their creativity has no boundaries and their higher minds can soar. 


They especially enjoy designing the exterior of craft. 


As time evolves, designs also evolve. 


There are some who prefer designs of older times whereas younger ones prefer the latest trends, much as is the way of the human.


Can you imagine their enjoyment with manifesting various craft; as the committee is engaged, turns are taken where each individual’s idea is presented, much like a hologram and in full size for all to see.


This of course includes the interior of the craft. 


Each member involved in craft design has their specific field; the science committee member presents his blueprint for the lab and other scientific departments needed.


The housing committee member presents their blueprint of quarters to house all crew members. 


There are always recreational facilities on larger craft and there is a representative of the recreational committee to present their design.


 And so on.


The craft is designed with the function of the craft being most important.  All else is based around the major function of the craft.


All of my people send their regards to let you know that we all carry the utmost respect for you and for the decision that you make to participate with Amiable Contact.


 There is so much else connected with the project that you will learn.


  We look forward to the time when we are able to show you, in person, all the benefits and advantages that Amiable Contact brings for all.



I thank Captain Helena for connecting us with our dear

Amiable Contacts through this message.



Captain Helena:  It is a pleasure to do so, Theodore. Thank you.


Amiable Contacts, carry on!


We recognize you all and we thank you for your joyful participation.



Please know that all is being done to promote Amiable Contact as soon as is possible.



Again, I encourage all of you to gather together so that we may meet sooner. 


As you are aware through the Amiable Contact website, beings of the 5th dimension are obviously able to reveal themselves to you.


This brings excitement and honor for you and we will oblige any of you who choose to gather together for this purpose. 


I salute my dear Amiable Contacts in this glorious moment.


 I Am Captain Helena





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