Mar 26

Message # 87


CAPTAIN HELENA ~ The Gap Between Worlds Continues to Close


Received through Zilanthrah

March 23, 2010






My crew and I extend to all, our warmest greetings.



Our hands we raise in peace toward our human kin.




There is the thread of peace that runs silently throughout the fabric of the fantastic shifting of our dear human family. 


We commend you who continue to be diligent during this most important time in history.


Our ship, the Starship Capricorn, has delegated many small craft to various locations in your western hemisphere. 


These craft are out and about for the purpose of revealing ourselves to you. 


Small craft whose mission is to avail our presence to you from a multitude of Starships are doing the same. 


This is ongoing in earnest for two years of your time, however in the past few months, it is now commonplace to see us in your skies.



This is part of the vast and ongoing preparations.  There are specific Starships which energetically service certain areas of Earth and humankind and this too, is ongoing.



Besides making obvious appearances, another reason for the delegation of the uncountable number of craft, is to share and adjust energies with you and planet Earth when necessary.



Our small craft are designated for various, yet specific, tasks.  Those onboard are professionals in the various fields of the Sciences.



These ones are versed in Biology, Zoology, and Health of the Human. We have scientists whose knowledge encompasses Geography and Seismology.  Some are Botanists, some are Agriculturalists and some work with your precious water.



Time is drawing nearer now and it is necessary that preparations continue… yet preparations will never draw to a close, but will only evolve as the Great Plan does.



In this way, all will be at the ready.


Of course adjustments continue and shall continue after all is in readiness, as energy constantly changes.  Attunements are always necessary and all vibrations require to be just so.



Scientific data is recorded and shared within all of the Sciences.  Councils meet regularly to discuss findings and changes that continue to be made.  We are on stand-by mode within the Great Plan, yet we continue with our work in every moment.



Crew after crew of medics work, with devotion, to assist you who might be in physical trauma.  We are aware of your individual missions and we enable you to experience ease in all aspects of your life and your physical is most important. 



For those who are requiring assistance, we are there at your request.  We come to assist, however we remind you of the importance of assuming responsibility for your well being.



This work occurs world-wide on a moment to moment basis.  We see your light, your vibrations and recognize your divine missions.



Every life form whose survival and well being serves the greater good are assisted in every part of your world.



No stone is left unturned…whether in your rainforests or your polar ice caps. 


All are sacred and cared for and when in peril, receive our assistance. 



So you can only imagine how busy we are!



Your worthiness and value as a member of Spirit is obvious.



All of the marvelous life on your planet is sacred and worthy of assistance from us, your celestial kin.


You have opened the doorway to Light and we stand on the other side with extended hands.


We continue to work together night and day. 

Many of you remember our time together.


What a perfect example of how close to us your vibrations have become, and how the veil continues to thin.


 There is nearly ‘no time’ left.


 There is nearly ‘no space’ left as the gap closes between the third and the fifth worlds!


 For us, it is a wonder to behold, as we receive further instruction from the various councils of the Galactic Federation.


Many more civilizations await guidance and direction that will allow us to walk among you. 


We encourage you yet again to take pleasure in your daily lives, to enjoy your many blessings and to remain balanced in your connection to All That Is.


It is as if Gaia is holding her breath along with all sentient life and nearly ready now to exhale.   



Maximum density has surely been reached and the time is upon us for something new. 



Be bold in your empowerment, stand firmly and stand tall in the wholeness that you are becoming.




My crew and I, Captain Helena, salute you on this day, as do the Captains and the crews of all Starships here for this most stunning enterprise that we have embarked upon together.


  We take our hats off to you, our dear human family.

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One Response to “Message # 87, Captain Helena~The Gap Between Worlds Continues to Close, Mar23, 2010”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you Zilanthrah I am feeling so tired today, I have been asking for assistance a lot, the other morning as I was waking up, I was aware that I was being given a lot of information, they even showed it to me in writing with numbers along side as if to make it more simple, I felt so much patience, I said ok that is easy, I can remember that, and for a while I did! but as I started waking up more it went, but I felt refreshed as I had asked for help before I went to sleep that night. Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

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