Mar 25

Message # 86


TC Douglas: Builders of the New Times

Received through Zilanthrah

March 15, 2010

I greet my fellow countrymen.

I greet all citizens of this great planet.


As you know, tremendous changes are occurring throughout this glorious planet.


 There are those who wish changes to occur more quickly. 


There are some who still slumber and appear to be unaware of changes, however, these folks would have to have their heads buried in the sand to not notice the significant changes occurring.


And there are those whose desire is that nothing change, as it was their original plan to keep everything the same for their ulterior motives.


This has, in actuality, shifted tremendously by leaps and bounds… and turns for the better happen daily.

Plans are proceeding very well.


Those who would have you remain in chains are now in chains of their own as a result of their own doing.


How the tide has turned!


Every country continues with ongoing meetings in preparation of the new Era.  These meetings cover every department and every facet of life that you can imagine and many that you are not yet aware of.


Besides finances and economics, healthcare and education, consumer affairs and animal affairs, new energy, to name a few, preparations have been made for new departments which are yet to be formed and will include a great number of you. 


There are many round tables with many chairs, yet many of these chairs remain empty; waiting for your presence at the appropriate time. 


The research by and the guidance from higher sources has been nothing short of stupendous.


Outdated traditional systems that have fallen are being replaced with the new.  There is a lot of restructuring occurring. 


I use the word restructuring loosely,  because some of the ancient ways that work are being applied and combined with new technology to create a brand new system.


Ultimately, these new structures require to be built from scratch, yet these ancient ways that carry the energy of integrity will surprise and intrigue you as to how they are being incorporated with new technologies to bring something brand new.


When these new ways blossom, you will see that everything will be simpler than in the old days. All will be based on integrity, unity and love, creating a strong foundation that will not require endless departments and sub-departments. 


And there will be no need for a watch dog department when trust is the basis. 


Yet it may take practice to arrive at a point where humankind recognizes and acknowledges that a life based on integrity, trust and acceptance is their birthright.


All those folks who have numerous and outstanding inventions, all you folks who have developed plans; business, agriculture, education, health, etc. are honored for what you have done.


Your intention is obviously from the heart and for the greater good.


This implies togetherness in community.


You are truly amazing folks whose forethought and planning are not unnoticed.



Know that multitudes are to benefit because of you. You will be sought at the appropriate time for presentation of your plans and to fill the seats at the round tables where there will be a myriad of us working together with you.


While you are still being given the impression through your media that the old wheels are still turning, know that energetically the world is abuzz with positive activity that is being carried out by ground crew who are guided by us. 


In most cases, there are some in the planning departments walking as human but are in fact individuals of higher frequency who have been given dispensation to merge with the human, with their permission of course. 


This has helped move things along at an unprecedented rate even though it feels slow to you. These folks are especially pleased with the opportunity they have been given.


And of course, those of you who have potential for carrying out change in big ways are always guided by our sharing of information and by our providing insight.


All that feels nasty now will become sweet; no meanness, no hurtful thought nor action.  It cannot be any other way as when consciousness rises,  every living thing is elevated.  All that is natural will have a purpose to serve.


You feel changes “in the air” and rightly so. 

Having these feelings is proof for you, even when it is not tangible.


Forge on, dear loyal citizens and know that you are all part of the tremendous changes that you feel “in the air.”


You know that the wheels continue to turn. 


Be happy, be content. 


Be satisfied that your work, your time and dedication is indeed paying off.



For many years citizens of all countries openly shared their wish to leave this world a better place for younger generations. 


And so they will. It has been done, you have taken care of it.


Be proud, be fulfilled, for you have turned the tide. 


Enjoy your days with that knowing. 


When in a body, I was aware of the victorious feeling of a job well done and because I see your victory, I encourage you to take pride in your work. 


Changing a planetary consciousness is certainly something to write home about! 


We are so very proud of your accomplishments!



I personally have the choice to participate with greeting my fellow man when it is time for us to make our appearance.  Members of our group who were well versed in politics of the old days, are also well versed in the stewardship in the Era that is upon us all. 


We look forward to working in conjunction with you to usher in a life of liberty, peace and brotherhood.


What will be required of you in the new energy?


You have taken time to ponder this and even though you are unaware of exact dates and events, the answer is fairly easy for you. 


What about those without an answer?


Ask yourself this question from the standpoint that disclosure and First Contact have occurred and prosperity has occurred for every citizen.


They will follow your insight and direction, for you have experience and wisdom that will guide them, just as we guide you. 


They will recognize that your intent is pure and will be happy to have someone to turn to. 


This you already know, however we mention it again to keep this fresh in your minds. You can look forward to the joy that this stage will bring for all of you.


You may have folks at your door in times to come and chances are good that they will meet one of us sitting at your table. 


 Imagine that!


In the preceding months, energy was abuzz throughout the planet.  In the present time, the soup is boiling away!  You notice that at times the soup simmers gently and that at other times it boils furiously.  This is what is happening energetically to you. 


It is obvious that you are feeling this.  You have been able to add more ascension symptoms to the soup.  Even though you aim for a gentle simmer, at times a furious boil cannot be helped. 


And here is where looking after yourself with kid gloves comes in handy.  I encourage you,  more than ever, to take pleasure in your daily life. 


Not only have you earned it but you require to turn that burner down to a lazy simmer, as keeping a balance of peace is highly essential. 


Remember that you’re all in the soup together and each ingredient is necessary.  It is a new soup with no recipe,  but the cook who combines the perfect ingredients knows that it will be perfection and soon be ready to be served.


It is even more obvious throughout the planet now that the energy has

‘kicked up yet another notch!’ 


As a result of the planned catastrophes, humankind has become even stronger in their desire for solidarity and the right to decent lives of liberation, peace and harmony. 


Even if they are not consciously on a spiritual path, they know within that they deserve better.  The number of folks who are making 180 degree turns in consciousness is astounding to observe.


Your environment is awash with new energy because of the great and significant changes that you have brought about.


We salute your status as builders of the new times!


I AM T.C. Douglas


and I am honored to salute my fellow humans in all of the glorious countries of this gracious planet.

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