Mar 13

Message # 87



Archangel Gabriel


On Death and Ascension



Received through Helen Engel


March 13, 2010




I heard a click.


H: Who calls, my station is open.  [I was aware that the message will come from one of the highest levels.]




Unknown:  This is a message from the Angelic Kingdom.



We [angels] are truly at the highest level of Creator intelligence, Creator love, and Creator action.



We are also at the lowest levels.  We are the forces who come to the sad and lonely, those who grieve.




There will come a time when death is truly considered as a release from all sorrow.



We ask human beings to look upon death in a new way  — not as a great sorrow, but as a reward.




I AM Angel Gabriel.


I have been with Creator since creation began, and have observed planets come and go, nations come and go, and new stars born.



Nothing is left to chance. 


There is tremendous planning for millennia before action is taken.  The condition on Earth was realized long before any changes began. 


We regard the next few years as a split second, while on Earth  these last few days before Ascension feel like an eternity of pain and sorrow.



Look up, look into the expansion that awaits you.


The past is gone forever;  the future is unfolding.




Open your eyes and ears a little wider, observe the portends.  Wait but a little while, and the agony will be over.


Just a little while longer.




I AM Archangel Gabriel, speaking through my beloved scribe.

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