Mar 13

Message # 86



Methusaleh and Archangel Gabriel



Good News!



Received through Helen Engel

March 12,  2010



H:  I heard a click. Come in, my station is open.


Unknown:  The Heralders have collected a veritable army to prepare for  the coming events. 


Those who will listen will be filled with complete joy.  Their spirits will soar, and they will leave Earth’s lower dimensions, never to return.



This is a momentous gift that is being given to those who willingly and voluntarily agreed to come back during this epochal era.



Sing with new joy!   Peace and goodness will reign.



 I AM Methusaleh.




H:  Thank you, Master.  You are quite eloquent.



M:  Little one, when you look beyond the stars, know that we are like those stars, continually observing beloved Earth.  


We do not wish to manipulate; however, at times it is necessary. 

This is one of those times. 



We rejoice over the number of people who strive for just government, and for better living standards.



You will see this movement  of faithful Light Workers increase day by day, until protests, resignations, and the overhaul of economic situations will result in change.



H: Thank you for the encouraging news.  We often hear very solemn and sad reports.


M: When you read about a tragedy please be aware that all who have passed on have been released from their trials and tribulations, and that great peace and joy awaits them at our realm.



All are cared for solicitously, and  they feel at home very soon. 



This is not a condemnation of hell fire – this is a special dispensation, a healing, a victory for those who join us.



When any in a community pass over, rejoice, because in many cases entire families will move on together.



Regard the present and future events as birth pains that will quickly fade away when the child is born. 


When Gaia’s labour pains are over, you will see the New Earth.


Every night let the angels fill your hearts with love and joy, until you are lifted up, as has been promised.







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