Feb 10

Message # 85




Received through Zoltair

February 6th, 2010


Are you predisposed to bringing in new ideas; ways to create new gathering in everyone’s area? 


It is time to inform you that it is yours to do; sooner than later! 


This includes ideas around manifestation of a clear, loving and negative free zone protected from expectations.  And projections of how you might have it occur for you; the clearing of distortions; the releasing of personal needs and wants; even the setting up of perfect weather.


These can be accomplished through smudging, toning, Merkabah activation and many other technologies.


You might request of the Galactics/ETs to assist you by giving you insight as to just how you would like to see preparations occur. 


You are evolved in the way that you may follow your intuition and discernment regarding your own methods and techniques that work for you.  You are aware that your choice is divinely perfect for you.


You are after all, Interdimensional Beings. 


Using your pure intent and Unconditional Love always goes a long way to creating the perfect environment, thereby leaving your contact area open to the highest possibilities.  Just remaining open to the highest possibilities and staying in the moment will also assist. 


You may begin by preparing yourselves; doing research into the equipment needed when the moment arrives to record the event.  For example, cameras and recording equipment to capture comments during and after the visits. 


Rituals are always great tools to be used as part of the invitation to the fifth dimensional and above Masters. 


This allows us to express our Love and admiration for your assistance of the ascension process of Mother Earth.  It is a wondrous opportunity for all who choose to participate at this time. 


There will be many code adjustments, cellular activations that will take place; leaps into Wholeness, new levels of understanding, huge fulfillment, access to the full use of your brain, activations regarding who you truly are, memories in and around your purpose for being. These are just a few examples of how your lives will be transformed. 


We here in the higher dimensions will also embody these changes; we are all creating Unity, not only amongst yourselves, but together with us.  Is this not Unity in the highest order?


Amiable Contact, for everyone on Earth, is a powerful new way to enlightenment. 


You will not be alone; many have chosen to participate.  Many of us have sat in council and requested that we be included.    We have been granted by the powers that be to join in.  We truly look forward to lending a hand to this Amiable Contact group.

  We will be united. 


We are the Intergalactic Council.



A short note from the staff of  StarPortEarth


We are pleased to announce that we have had an influx of interest to participate with this loving endeavor. 

Your response has surpassed our dream of Unity through Amiable Contact with All That Is. 

We have been told by the Masters that this will come to surpass our highest imaginings. 

It is truly time to raise the bar to another level. 





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