Feb 09

Message # 84


Andor on Amiable Contact


Received through Zilanthrah

February 5, 2010



I greet you and I thank you for opening for the purpose of communication. 

Andor is how you may identify me. 


I have wished for some time for contact regarding our Amiable Contact Project.  We are a group of beings who have a Mothership that is close to your earth at this time; here for the purpose of the ascension of your planet and of humanity.


We lend our specific energies as we continue to assist further with the transitions that have been occurring for many years and that continue.  We come from a distance not too far from planetary body Earth. 


Our home planet is in the Sagittarius constellation and are a small group of three planetary bodies in all.  Each of our planets sustains a variety of life as well as our work which is specialized.  Each planet houses installations of a scientific nature. 


Our study of the Universe and all life within is ongoing for millennia. We too have been in a position of transition as you are now. 


This is why it is so important that so many of us come to offer our energies, as well as our support and love, specifically because we have been there.  We have experienced the transitional journey; we ascended.  We identify with what you are experiencing. 


We wish to be among those who land to greet you, so that we may meet our special human kin who have endured for so long by keeping their focus on the intention of growing into a higher frequency. 


We honor your growth, your faith and your loyalty to the cause of the greater good of all human’s evolution. 


As you know, each who land are matched with certain humans.  We have done our research and are aware of the areas that we choose to land.  Those reading this transmission will feel a resonance within and know that they wish for our presence at their landing site.


Our planet is called Andoria, as is the name of our Starship, which represents our race and our home planet. 


 I speak specifically for Andoria and will refer to the other planetary bodies in our group as Andoria 2 and Andoria 3.  Beings from those planets also wish to participate with Amiable Contact.


We are a fifth dimensional race with humanoid features, however we do not look exactly as you. 


Our skin is a different hue than yours.  We wear long hair. Our ears are different as well as our facial features.  Our heads are larger than that of the human. 


Our planet is a hospitable one where you could adapt to breathing and would experience comfort within your physiology.


We study all the changes as they occur within the Universe, however we specialize in High Frequency Light Beam Technology that is used for communication as well as for spacecraft function. 


Space craft basically function on the same principal, however the differences between the different kinds of craft lie within the purpose of their work. 


There are craft designed for specific purposes and there are variances in the Light Beam Technology to suit these different purposes and functions.  Craft range from extremely large, which are Motherships, down to the smallest, which are shuttles designed for one or two occupants. 


There are also very small craft that are operated in a sort of remote way for delivery purposes of small items which are powered completely by thought connection between the craft itself and the being responsible for ensuring delivery.


When we are able to walk together freely with you, our contributions will be along these lines of Light Beam Technology.


We welcome all those who are participating with Amiable Contact.  We would have hoped that this event occur as soon as possible however in our belief system, Divine Timing is extremely important, as well as being part of Universal Law. 


At the appropriate time, there will be joyful celebration amongst Andorian,  human and all others of the Galactic Federation.


We salute you and we love you, our beloved human family.  We may speak again.


I am Andor and I bid you farewell on behalf of our race, the Andorians. 

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2 Responses to “Message # 84..Andor on Amiable Contact ..Feb 05, 2010”

  1. Marco Antonio russi Says:

    Hello, Andor, from planet Andoria!!
    Just to salute you with all my love and in name of
    my friends of earth…
    Can I hug you someday?
    Can we chat about our worlds someday?
    We are one! God is Love!
    Greetings from our planet earth…
    We hope to welcome you very soon…

    from planet Earth

  2. edson emygdio pereira Says:

    Amigo Andor.

    Venha depressa, o nosso planeta precisa de ajuda.
    Paz, amor e paz.


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