Jan 28

Message # 83


Angels of Mercy on Haiti


Received through Zilanthrah 

January 25,  2010


To give thanks for your many blessings is a wondrous way to begin your day.

 It is 5th dimensional behavior.


We here have our rituals where we give thanks through ceremony,

however, on the whole, we are grateful in each moment.


Beginning your day in this manner not only sets the nature of your day

but sets the nature for your physical, emotional and mental essences. 

It brings and keeps you in the awareness that we are with you in every

moment.  Therefore, one may never feel alone.



Let me say that all is well in the journey of earth and humanity.  We are

very pleased with the way things are changing. 


There are beings too numerous to count who monitor, observe and record

all that is transpiring on Earth. 

This continues in every moment.

Energy changes are most important to observe and are measured on an

energetic scale which lets us know the progress. 


Attunements occur in each moment, thereby changing the energy quotient

in each moment. 


It is akin to pressure and stress being relieved within earth’s structure. 


When an eruption takes place, whether via volcanic action or an

earthquake, the pressure that has been relieved inside earth, creates the

balance required in that area. 


It also balances throughout the rest of the planet, bringing earth into the

alignment necessary as part of her journey.



Catastrophic events in the small country of Haiti are of great importance

to all of humanity. 


Presently, all eyes are focused there.  The earthquake itself was required

for that area of earth for adjustments in many ways. 


If this had not occurred, there would have been an event of a much

more horrific nature in the way of loss of life.


Remember that each being who passed on because of the quake,

volunteered to do so.



This particular land has been in the dark for much time now in the

way of carrying a dark reality.


The belief system held by the majority, was of deep, dark and secretive



Please view the quake as an awakening for all who dwell there; the old

archaic reality and belief systems being cleansed and purified. 


The old energy of hardship, struggle, grief and the utilization of dark

and oppressive customs are in the process of being replaced by new

consciousness, one being felt by all who are there at this time.


Eventually this will become even more apparent, there and throughout

the planet.


This location is a strategic area that was far past due for change. 


Those whose function it is to create and maintain a good quality of

life for the citizens, have failed to do so, and dire results occurred that

have set into motion, events that are serving to create the necessary

change indeed.


This place may be considered a very special one, depending on the

outcome. Here is another opportunity for making the choice to assist in

every way possible. Here is a chance for the world community to come

together to work as a team. It is what family might do for family on your

world; a unity created to assist brothers and sisters – in Love,


for out of the darkness comes unparalled Love.


This is truly 5th dimensional behavior. 

And you, dear humans are behaving in a 5th dimensional manner.


Just your thoughts of compassion and your prayers for your Haitian

family benefit all, not only indigenous Haitians, but all of mankind, 


 for this is Unity in Action. 


Your thoughts and prayers are being made manifest through the actions

of those at the scene in Haiti.


Through your prayers for the children and through the actions of those

who are able to do so, there are rescued children who will have better

lives in new homes. 


There has been much mistreatment of the young ones in Haiti, which

is part of the archaic belief system, and this has now come to an end.


Those with finances who are assisting, we commend. 


Those who are working in all capacities there, as well as from their

own countries, we commend.


Those whose thoughts and prayers are assisting, we commend.


You are focusing on and using your individual gifts and displaying your collective attributes of Divinity ~ 

to come together as true family assisting family in their time of need.


Out of the chaos will come a new way of being for those who dwell

in Haiti and have a conscious world wide effect on humanity. 


The impetus must continue to bring full circle for Haiti. 


Long term commitment will create a unity consciousness there that

will turn out to be a shining example as to the magnitude of the

creation of change that you are capable of.


The change created by your Kindness, Love, and Compassion brings us great Joy.


We see you displaying your attributes of who you truly are and it is magnificent to behold.


Welcome to the 5th dimensional way of being and expressing.


Out of the darkness comes Light.

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One Response to “Message # 83…Angels of Mercy on Haiti…Jan 25, 2010”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you Zilanthrah, I’ll post this around, so good! White Cloud said that Sept. 11th actually raised the light due to people coming together,much like what has happened with The Federation of Lights no show, people all came together (well most) and supported Blossom and each other in unconditional love.
    I like to what was said about gratitude, I was asked why I give gratitude, this was by a meditation teacher, she said are you thanking yourself? some are not comprehending the oneness thing well, they think now that we know we are God there is no need for gratitude, but gratitude acknowledges that there is more to it then the small self manifesting, there is guidance needed, yes there is free will and yes the small self is the manifester, but look at the trouble this has caused, a little bit too much contrast, gratitude acknowledges the higher guidance and how wonderful and freeing is that.
    Love,light and GRATITUDE! Kerrie

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