Jan 28

Message # 82




Received through Zilanthrah

January 20, 2010



Greetings in the Light to our human family!


I am here with a message regarding Amiable Contact.

Welcome to those who have recently chosen to participate! 

You will find Amiable Contact to be a life changing event. 


We are aware of your excitement regarding meeting your Galactic family. 

We observe that there are many pondering the possibility of their choice to participate with this wonderful opportunity. 

These ones will come in due time. 


We especially acknowledge the young one who ponders on her participation.  Please know that we will be honored to work with you and other young ones, dear one.


We urge Amiable Contacts who receive messages or communications in the form of visions or dreams of Galactics/ETs, to share with others through the website, as this is one of the reasons for the site; to bring you all together in any way possible. 


Let us perceive this media as an opportunity to explore your highest possibilities as well as to connect with one another.

We are always grateful for new or existing telepaths who become involved.



All is well regarding the state of the Project. 


For those who participated with bringing the Project into being and who diligently continue to propel the Project forward, just know once again, that it is wise to be prepared. 

In other words, have your information and data up to date so that you will have more ease with the Project, as well as ease in knowing that you are prepared when the time comes. 


We commend your efforts.


There are others of the Galactic Federation interested in the Amiable Contact Project who will be communicating and wish that their messages be shared.


We see many changes occurring during your calendar year of 2010.  One of the greatest changes will be for those who are not quite sure about everything. 


Many will join the ranks as conscious Workers of Light and many will awaken to their spiritual side and learn

in a short time what you forerunners learned during your own awakening and evolution in service to the

 Light of All That Is.


We see that at present there are still many who are not accepting of those with different skin colors than theirs. 


Understand that this is due to fear, some from past life experiences and mostly from the manipulation of your perspective of the previous leaders.


Between now and when Amiable Contact occurs, this will change for the better. 

When Amiable Contact occurs, this perception will change in the way that it will no longer exist. 

Just as there are many nationalities of humans, there are multitudes of civilizations on a multitude of planets and star systems, 


The Galactic Federation is comprised of many different civilizations. 


When humans who have difficulty accepting others different than they, finally realize that universal beings are all different, there will be acknowledgement and acceptance of all humans as brothers and sisters. 


Indeed, this will be an important point in your history. 

It will be a stepping stone toward the realization that there are as

 many different colors of skin as there are colors of the rainbow. 


The Universe and the Galactic Federation where all loving beings honor and serve the Creator of us all, are as your melting pot of humans on earth.


We serve diligently to assist in our many ways as Mother Earth shifts in joy and as humanity shifts with her. 

Mother Earth is in preparation of readiness for her transition into that of a Star. 


Imagine the knowledge and wisdom carried within her consciousness! 


She is the embodiment of all the Love energies that have been here since the beginning.  As the cleansing and purifying of fear and archaic energy continues, the balance is shifting to one of only Love. 


To embody the consciousness of the Love of every sentient being who dwell upon and within her certainly qualifies her for Star status! 


She carries the Divine Intelligence, Wisdom and Love Consciousness of all who are of Earth with her,  where she will radiate the history of Love in the Heavens; where you will radiate your Love for all the Universe to behold! 


And all will benefit in their evolution. 


You have done well dear ones, as you strive in service.  We hold you in the highest esteem. 


I am Captain Helena.  I speak for all of the Galactic Federation.



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