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Dec 16, 2009 


Helen: [As I was editing, I heard a click on the wall. This is my signal that communication between my telepathic station and the Central Communications Center on Pleiades is available.]



H: Who calls?

M: It is Methusaleh.

H: You are like a beloved father to me. I appreciate your every word.

M: Thank you beloved. We are very solicitous that the hover transporter plans are nearly ready by the time of First Contact.


Such plans will spark great interest in the shuttles, and will reassure the public that the visitors are indeed friendly.


Continue as you are, and much will be achieved.


We will notify you of future meetings.



I heard another click.

H: Who calls?

Unknown: Little one, you may gather all your science friends around you and share with them. This is a profound time.

You and Dave are doing a profound work.

Feel free to send this report to all who might be interested.

H: Please introduce yourself.

Methusaleh: I am Methusaleh.




I heard a click.

H: Who calls?

Unknown: When you perceive a problem, come to us. We are always just a thought away.

H: Thank you.




I heard another click on the wall.

H: Who calls?

St. Andrew: It is Andrew. I am ready with some information about solutions for the battery.

H: Go ahead please.

Andrew: Be aware that the most important item to concern yourself with is the continuous flow of current.


Current can move from a wire to water, and it can move out of water

and into another wire. Usually these are cathodes and anodes, but we will

teach you another method of continuous movement of protons.


It will entail the formation, storage, movement, dissolution [of protons to

free electrons] and enticement from solution to an existing current. Dave will

grasp the concept readily.


I will address myself to you again at a more appropriate time.

H: Thank you.




I heard another click:


H: Who calls?

Elam: I am Elam. I thank you for allowing me to participate in this enterprise.

We shall have a great time discussing the formaton of circuitry after it leaves the battery.

This will include the study of clusters. Andrew and I may visit you together

at a future date.

H: I shall be most grateful.


Another click.


Unknown: Dear one, allow yourself freedom. Do not be fettered by the world. Use it to climb higher.


Helen: These are the words of Jesus to me in 1975.  The rest of his teaching was:


See that bird in the sky?   See how it glides and climbs?


Be like that bird. Float with ease.


Always know where you are going.


Do not be fettered by the world. Use it to climb higher.


Always come to me.


 Helen: Thank you Master Jesus Sananda. I still remember every word.

Sananda: The message is as good today as it was when you began this journey.

The purpose of all learning, teaching, and growth is toward heaven. There

are thousands of ways to achieve, but there is but one goal.


H: Thank you, Master.




I heard another click.


H: Who calls?

Unknown: Whenever you are tired, go to rest. We will call again.

H: Thank you.




5:32 a.m. Wed Dec 17

Report of a 3-way Telepathic Conference
Between Several Scientists in a Parallel Dimension, a Scientist and a Scribe
December 14, 2009


Methusaleh: Thank you for providing us with a report explaining your concept of a hover transporter. We are pleasantly surprised.


I especially enjoyed your [esoteric] ride in the craft. It is unfortunate that you could not observe the equipment in it.


Helen: Perhaps I will be able to ride in it again.


Methusaleh: Yes. Let us begin with comments from Tesla.


Tesla: With regard to the components of the craft, many components are reversible, interchangeable, and able to be modified.


What is principally necessary is a concept of the motion, of the intensity of the motion, of the direction of the motion, of obstructions that stop or alter the motion.


Spiraling, swirling, whirling, magnetism, are normal terms.


Dodeca is a new term. Although we have used this energy for a very long time, it has not been identified as Dodeca Energy until St. Germain introduced the energy to the scribe and she gave it a name.


All of us over here are pleased with its baptismal name. Well done.   This energy is very much like radionics energy, although a few things have been added.


As you know, it can form strings, rings, columns, and cobra-shaped spirals. It can form conglomerates, and when this occurs, you have the basis of matter.


You have not learned that yet. Very little of this will apply to the hover transporter except theDodeca beam. It will be easier for you and Dave to grasp the newer concepts if you will talk with us on teleconference systems.


We are moving ahead reasonably well in this field. By summarizing what you now comprehend, you place us in a position where we can move ahead in an organized fashion.


Those are my remarks.


Methusaleh: Good. And Thoth, do you have anything further to add?


Thoth: It is a delight to teach these two human beings, because they are in tune, and both grasp a new concept very readily.


The scribe works well with questions and answers, while Dave prefers a concept to be explained to him.


This works well at all realms.


I would suggest that they begin drawing models, and we shall assist them with that.


For example, draw the circular outside of the craft, and then draw a view with the top circular portion removed, so that the seats are visible.


Try to draw the funnel shape that goes to the ground. Try to draw the landing mechanisms and the front of the craft.


Whenever you have pencil in hand, and speak our name, we will push your pencil the right way.


This will be an exciting experience for all of us


Those are my remarks.


Methusaleh: Does anyone else present wish to send greetings?

St. Andrew: I am honored to be a part of this group. The scribe and I will slowly become acquainted , and we may begin with some questions. It is great to be on board.

[St. Andrew and the scribe were in Jerusalem during the life of Jesus. The three of them played together as children in Bethlehem.]


Methusaleh: Thank you, Andrew. Anyone else?

Elam: I am scheduled to come to Earth, and when I do, it should be possible for me to contact the scribe soon after I land.

[Elam was of the Elamites in the Bible.]


Helen: We would like assistance with the battery, which we will be designing once the antenna is approved.


We would also appreciate assistance with solutions [liquids] in the battery.


Will we be able to use radioactive liquid wastes in the battery, and draw neutons/protons/electrons from them?


St. Andrew: We will be able to assist with that, yes.


Helen: Thank you.


Methusaleh: Anyone else?


Ezra: I shall attempt to have conversations with the scribe. It is always a pleasure to converse with her.


Helen: Thank you.


Methusaleh: Is Albert Einstein available for a few words?


Einstein: This is my protege. As you know, she and I were once sister and brother under the tutorship of El Morya. She is my pet telepath.


Helen: Thank you.


Methusaleh: Does anyone wish to set the agenda for the February meeting?


If not, I will work directly with our budding scientists, and we shall converse again.



Thank you all for your attendance.

Peace and love to all on Earth.


 H: Thank you. Such communications are almost as pleasant as being with you.  



Helen: I heard a click.


H: Who calls? Is it Tesla and Methusaleh or Thoth?


Unknown: I could be all of us.


H: Do you have some news of great import?


Unknown: We have only one piece of news.


A breakthrough has been made.  A scientist who has not been of the

light has turned to the Light.


H: Will he be sent to us?


Unknown: He will be sent to you forthwith. I shall introduce him now.


Thoth: I am happy to introduce K……..


H: I welcome K…… Would you like to say a few words?


K: I have been attending the meetings of a scribe, an electrical engineer, and some from our side.

It is time that more of us came to their aid. I will come and help them.


H: Will you actually come to earth at this time?


K: I will come to earth at this time.


H: How will we recognize you?


K: I will announce my presence. I shall be with you in the space of one full moon. (28 days).


H: On our earth calendar this will be January 17, 2010.


K: Until we meet. Over and out.


H: Thank you everyone. Peace and goodwill to all.


Attention Engineers and Scientists:


Engineers and Scientists are invited to join this project.

Teleconferences with Engineers on Pleiades will be held regularly.

It is hoped that plans will be ready before First Contact.

Plans for the Hover Transporter will be distributed freely.




For further information on Dodeca energy and the Dodeca Beam contact:

Helen Engel @  engelhelen2@gmail.com


Credentials and intent will be checked by Ancient of Days.

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  1. Joyce Says:


    It was most interesting reading your conversations with your galactic friends!

    I have only read a small part of it, yet.

    Now I´m eager to know if I might have had some contact with some of the Galactic Federation/family members or Agarthan people in one way or another.

    My question is: Is it possible for me to get this confirmed by you, asking your friends? I would be more than grateful if you are willing and able to ask them for my account?!
    If you have the time and it´s not too hard on you I would be so happy getting this issue sorted out and hopefully get my mind clear. Any answer would do.




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