Jan 09

SPECIAL MESSAGE      (part one)


Ancient of Days reporting on


Meeting of Engineers


Received through Helen Engel


January 6, 2010


Helen Engel calling Ancient of Days.



H. What a pleasure to be in your presence — holiness, peace, wisdom. May I ask a question please?

A: What is your wish?

H: Will you please review my report of the meeting of scientists in the higher realms, attended by Dave and myself, and advise?

A: Little one, it is approved. I shall call on Thoth for a few words of confirmation.

Thoth: The sky is the limit. Skies have no limits, as you know. Let it be as it is.


 I am Thoth.



Helen: I heard a click on the wall.


H: Who calls? My station is open.

Collective: We are the Collective.


If the space craft engineers would like further information re lift-off and weightlessness, they are free to join this little band, provided that their intentions are pure and for the good of all.


All inquirers are automatically checked by Ancient of Days.



Methusaleh and Others Comment on

Meeting of Engineers

 December 14, 2009


Held in Etheric Realm

Re Hover Transporter and Free Energy Battery

Attending: Scientists on Pleiades and Elsewhere

Representing Earth Scientists – Dave

Scribe – Helen Engel





We are very solicitous that the hover transporter plans are nearly ready by the time of First Contact.


 Such plans will spark great interest in the shuttles and will reassure the public that the visitors are indeed friendly.  


  You may gather all your science friends
around you and share with them.

This is a profound time.


 Dodeca energy is a new term.



 What is principally necessary is a concept of the motion,

of the intensity of the motion,

of the direction of the motion,

 of obstructions that stop or alter the motion.



 Although we have used this energy for very long time,

 it has not been identified as Dodeca Energy until St.Germain

introduced the energy to the scribe and she gave it a name.


 Very little of this will apply to the hover transporter. 




 Dodeca units can form strings, rings,
columns, and cobra-shaped spirals. 
 The next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2010. 
This message is continued in Part Two
(available now in StarPortEarth Messages Tab)











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