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A Special Message from Methusaleh…



Methusaleh Calls…


Heralders of Peace



Messenger Helen Engel


Received December 29, 2009




I am Methusaleh who lived for almost 1000 years, several thousands of years ago.



I belong to a Collective who reside in a realm of peace and joy.



We are Heralders of that peace and joy,


and we are looking for Heralders on Earth


who will be our hands, our voice, and our feet.



When the shepherds heard the call of the Angels, they left their flock and went to Bethlehem.


We ask you to choose your talents and to go forth, telling the people on Earth that a great peace is coming to Earth, and to prepare for it.


That peace is so close that you can observe it with the rising and setting of the sun.  Soon you will see and feel that peace in the morning, and in the evening.



“What will I do?” you ask. 

Be at peace, talk peace, send thoughts of Peace, Peace, Peace.



Send thoughts to soldiers to lay down their arms. 


Send thoughts to world leaders to care for the poor in their country. 


Do good works, no matter how small.



A Heralder may be a wise man, or a child holding the hand of another child.


A Heralder may speak before large audiences, or work in a soup kitchen.



When you assist your neighbor, you are recreating the lessons of the one who taught love, charity and compassion.


The year 2010 will be remembered as the year of compassion, of caring, of promoting peace.

A meeting of all Heralders will be held on the Summer Solstice of 2010.



Everywhere, people will display the word “HERALDER”. 


It can be on bumper stickers, homes, shopping bags – everywhere!




Those who show the sign will recognize their brothers and sisters.  It will be a sign unto all.




Helen:  I had a visualization of YouTube showing many cars with the sign I AM A HERALDER on their bumper, a man in the East with the sign on his horse or donkey, on a dog, signs on people’s homes, and on shopping bags.


The above message was ready  to be sent, when I heard a click on the wall.


H:  [I heard a click.]


Helen: Who calls?  Welcome, please introduce yourself.


Jeshua~HeWho Comes

 You Must Make a Choice

There Is No Middle Ground


Jeshua:  When Babylon fell, there was an uproar. 


When the Illuminati will be defeated, there will only be peace.


 I come to my people with a two-edged sword – one edge of the sword will cut out those words of tyranny, hate, wars, fear.


The other edge of the sword will reap the fields, and bring plenty to all of my people.



 I am He Who Comes in the name of the Lord.


Great are the armies of those who plan destruction and plunder, but greater are the angels who swoop down to save a child, feed a starving baby.


Upon the entire Earth this day the battleground is ready.  The battle is against the oppressor and in favor of the oppressed.



Are you on the side of the oppressor?

Are you on the sidelines?

Are you on the side of the oppressed?



There is no middle ground.

You will be torn apart by either the oppressor or the oppressed.  You must make a choice.


This is the time.  Whom do you choose?  The good outnumber the evil.  Join hands and hearts all over the world. The coming year will be the year of






As I was editing the above I heard another click.


Helen:  Who calls?   Welcome, please introduce yourself.


Methusaleh confirms that Jeshua spoke…


I am Methusaleh.


Beloved, the words that you have typed are the words of

He Who Comes~Jeshua.



Jeshua has been clearing the evil palaces for quite some  time.  The dens of iniquity will soon be empty.


 The words you recorded are pure, they are holy.

Have no fear in spreading them to all.


I am Methusaleh.



Helen: Thank you for giving me strength.






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